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“This is only the beginning”; Artist Maro DēLo Gives An Insight Into His Music And His Journey As A Performer




Basking in praise of his latest release, “Untouchable”, the up-and-coming musician and songwriter gears up for his next, “Find Your Own Way”, “Magic Garden, and “Everything We Ever Said EP.” Operating on the values of honesty and transparency, his music aims to inspire the crowds to confront their feelings. Striving every day to pursue sounds unheard before, incorporating the “unskippable” factor in his songs and ensuring a rhythm unique to both the masses and his contemporaries is what sets this young man apart.


At an early age, Maro has carved quite a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. From being interviewed by Mike Wagner of iHeart Radio and BuzzMusic to appearing as a musical guest on “Yo Dan What’s The Jam” to walking the NYC Fashion Week 2021 for Johnny Abstract’s PLITZS and even auditioning for acting roles, his love for performance shines through. “There’s just something about being in the moment, ” he says, “that exhilarates me. It makes me obsessed with the idea of MORE!”


Journey Till Date 

The Philadelphia-based performer, who identifies himself as “a Pop-Rock crossover musician, performer, and songwriter who also acts and models”, relies upon the performing arts as his form of catharsis. He believes his creativity stems from his emotions, sublimating them into making himself better at any and every venture he pursues. From a young age, music for him was an escapism from the negativity around him. This safe space turned into a burning passion during his teens when he landed his first gig with a music producer. He hasn’t looked back ever since, pursuing modeling and music professionally and picking up acting and runway modeling along the way. Or as he says, “Don’t look back, you might turn to stone.”


Self-Identity and Personal Brand

Talking about his brand, he believes it all wasn’t until he discovered his self-identity. The start of high school was a big enough call for him, forcing him to figure out what it was that he actually wanted to do. After meandering around a few professions, he realized that music provided him with the clarity of seeing the road to success. Once this commitment to the entertainment industry was made, he honed his skills with hard work and dedication, and invulnerability to the artistry of his career.


Post-Covid Plans and Future Vision

Besides not being able to perform gigs, DēLo assures that the pandemic hasn’t stopped him. He is still writing, recording, rehearsing, acting, and modeling as much as he possibly can. In fact, he believes that he has produced some of his best music during the Covid-19 lockdown! His plans after the Covid depend on the cyclic nature of his music business. There is a period of creating and a period of touring, he explains, and he will continue to pivot back to creating during times of future disruptions if those disruptions include the inability to tour or require a lockdown of any sort. His vision for the next five years is anything but short. “I plan to be touring as much as possible, challenging myself to hit the big music charts, expanding my vocal range, becoming a better guitarist, maybe acting in a film, doing more runway work, and so much more. I could go on forever!”, he gushes.


On a parting note, he shares, “Not just in business, but in life itself, get to a place where you don’t need anybody to be successful or happy. Yes, it’s important to have a strong and supportive team, but placing yourself into situations where you’re entirely dependent on someone else to help push you forward or make you happy will only set you up for failure.”

Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Artist To Keep An Eye On: Fastmoney RK



The unparalleled love for music fuels the burning passion of Fastmoney RK to move beyond hurdles and pursue greatness. 


The first instance of when Fastmoney RK crossed paths with rapping goes back to the high-school days when his first song was played on the speaker for the whole school. This incident incited the power for creating music professionally, and his peers also supported his decisions. Fastmoney has a strong stance regarding his musical career and does not let hindrance become a boulder in his way to success. 


Music mesmerizes and delivers exceptional speeches in harmony. It is a source for many to vent out different life events, lessons, predicaments, or cheerful moments. Artists create and deliver magnificent stories through their compositions and give the world something to resonate with. The emergence of such high-spirited artists takes its sweet time as it did for Fastmoney RK, the up-and-coming rapper in the music industry.


An unwavering soul creates music with brazen passion and inspires the world through his meticulous lyrics. The road to this success was tough, however, after ten years of unprecedented hard work, Fastmoney is rising fast and leaving a long-lasting impression on the mind of every listener. 


The Emotive Meaning Behind Fastmoney RK

The name ‘RK’ in the name of Fastmoney RK is a tribute to his esteemed friend Raman Kaler, who quit his life due to unfortunate circumstances in 2020. The uncertainty of life engulfed him and left Fastmoney with this way to keep him alive forever. RK also coincides with the real name of Fastmoney, Raj Khella, thus creating a perfect match.


‘Fastmoney’ is a symbol of the law of attraction and a profuse mindset that replenishes the energy to chase your dreams and never back down due to unfavorable opinions or situations.


Creation Of Wonders

The creation of Fastmoney RK’s songs is done through his talent and his producer FastMoneyMadeIt. Together, these people combine the unseen realities of the gritty environment that they grew up in and raise a voice that motivates others.


All the rap performances are devices and delivered by FastMoney while FastMoneyMadeIt handles the production and ensures that everything is in order to create a hit! With their knack for creating music, they have fulfilled the music recording for over 2 years, and you will witness several masterpieces roll out over time.


Future Plans

The impressive music by Fastmoney RK has bagged several collaborations with notable rappers like Pressa, Bandgang Jizzle P as well as producers such as Alexonweed and Byg Byrd. The principles of independence and ownership are 2 traits that shine through the songs of Fastmoney and this adds a tinge of uniqueness to his creations.

He inspires others to stay lively and positive while ignoring any negative environment and harboring kind feelings towards the world. Music is a form of escapism from the matrix of life for Fastmoney, he shares it with the world to serenade the people against the ruckus surrounding them. 

To know more about him, check out his Instagram profile.

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Meet Valenciago The Multifaceted Singer And Beauty Expert



Valenciago, the singer/songwriter & beauty specialist, brings music that will mesmerize every nerve in your body, and swoon you away.


Valenciago is your dreamy music artist that is not afraid of being candid and presenting her true self in front of this griping world. Her songs are the definition of sassiness filled with emotive boldness. She started writing at 12 years old, she was an expressive child who was brimming with an intense love for the harmony and the music that emerges from every element of this world. Her vibes are immaculate, and when you stumble upon a song from her it will hit you so hard that even your subconscious will be signaling you to sing along.


The sexy feelings are oozing from her song and even the title like “Kissin U” that was released on the 9th of September, 2021 has the prime directive of making heads groove to her BOP- worthy tones. She has written numerous songs for different people in the musical industry, then it hit her, why not write sexy compositions for herself instead? There started the journey of a queen who is ready to bedazzle the world with her musical endeavors.




The Shades Of Earth

Everyone on the Earth walks while emitting some kind of warm or cool shades of colors that defines their personality, character, their life, and empathy or apathy brimming in their life. Valenciago is more of an Earth tone of brown, green, and pastels. The one that brings happiness in lives and inspires them to be true to their dreams.


Her philosophy is not a trek that is full of hurdles; she wants people to be who they want without being apologetic. The subtle tone of pink that Valenchaigo gives off, makes her the epitome of love and elegance mixed with a tinge of chaotic energy that is a given for musical artists. Her positive vibes always make her the cheerful person in the room, hence her music is what you listen to on every occasion. 


Poignance Turned Her Life Around

Valenciago has written numerous compositions for people in the industry without taking the credit and in most cases, it brought her nothing but harm. However, after her life took a downturn in 2016, she was left only with the hope of music and 2 notebooks full of poems and feelings.


After having her 2 beautiful children, she realized the only missing thing in her life was music and how alive it made her feel. So she started writing songs that relay her story in the most relatable manner.


Boosting Feminine Energy

Valenciago inspires women to be sensual, beautiful and not suppress their true selves. The energy that you attract should make you happy, and the opinions of others should not bring you down from the success stride. 

The craving to create music had created her vision to tour extensively on a global scale in the next five years. So, be on the lookout for this wave of freshness coming to sweep away the cold demeanor of your life. To know more about this eccentric beauty, visit her Instagram profile.

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Kruttika Defeats The Conundrums Of Life Through Music



Partially sighted Singer/songwriter Kruttika talks about her debut EP release and message of strength to women in music.


Disabilities pull you back in life, that is a blatant truth, but you also possess the will to overpower the hurdles and make an example out of your life. Kruttika chose to not let her partially sighted vision stop her from being in the musical industry, and bringing the most soulful music to her audience. She is a fierce artist who does everything on her own! From writing, piano, creating, producing, singing, mixing, and even creating artwork, she is an unstoppable army.


Her love of writing inspires every woman to be a queen in this male-dominated world. She inspires by guiding them through the rough patch and distasteful ordeals that every female goes through. Music comes naturally for Kruttika, as she never brainstormed her brand but the ideas keep flowing like the waves of the ocean, and she is just the medium to join them to the source that is her audience. Her main genres of music include Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Soul music. You can witness her wonder in her newly released EP “Snow” and the upcoming video for “Twin Size Bed”.


Musical Extravaganza

Kruttika’s musical career started in Mumbai where she taught young talent as a music teacher in school, and also provided private lessons to help aspiring people hone their singing skills. In 2017, she further decided to polish her skills by studying in LA at Musician Institute in Hollywood. It was an exhilarating experience and brought much more sustenance to her sound. Through her determination, she got to play at prominent venues like The House of Blues, Lyd and Mo’s studio, The Dresden, Boardners, State Social, The Study, etc., as a solo artist and a keyboard accompanist for many artists.


Music That Motivates

The musician’s brand stands for 2 pillars of motivation and perseverance. Life can beat down hard on you, but the real power is tested when you rise even more courageous than before. She was 13 years old when she lost her partial eyesight, and anxiety and poignance kicked in her life. Her physical disability made it impossible to be enlisted in some of her dream alternatives and she then knew that sequestering just won’t cut it. One of her accomplishments is starting an Open mic event, which became the longest-running open mic in Mumbai dedicated only to music. 


Her EP “Snow” is named after the first-ever song that she penned. Her songs do not follow that norm, and hence give her the edge among others. She follows the path of the heart and has used mystic minor pentatonic and 7ths, 9th and diminished chords in a very unconventional pop song progression in her EP. She has also added a touch of authenticity collaborating with her friends from India, Sheldon D’silva and Vinayak Pol. This Indo-western fusion sound with a hint of R&B  music is sure to turn heads around. Listen to Kruttika’s music here.

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Lesbian Model & Entrepreneur Lay Luscious Wins Award For Best Hip-Hop Recording Artist



Internationally acclaimed model Lay Luscious wins at life by eliminating all toxic vibes and focuses on creating mind-boggling music.


“9 Lives” by Lay Luscious kicks off the upbeat songs with the lyrics “I am a savage, you can only agree”, in context, this is befitting to the character of Lay which represents vivaciousness, boldness, valor and fearlessness. She is a multifaceted performer who has been building her brand against all the odds of the world for more than 10 years.


While it is clear that Lay is thriving in life, she is not immune from the brutality of the world. Growing up in a toxic environment that made her vulnerable to mental, physical, and verbal abuse, she found solace in the form of art and expression. Developing her zen state of mind through her sacred practice, Lay brings a vibey and provocative feel to the music and fashion world that is ready to slay every on-looker. She is an unstoppable champion that will not back down due to curves of life, and keep pushing hard to leave a mark in the world and inspire people with the same circumstances.

Reaching For The Stars

Lay has been inspired by the most ominous incidents, including when her biological mother, who was a drug addict, looked down on her by saying that she won’t be a successful and inspiring figure because of her looks.


We can all see how Lay defied this notion and is emerging as the most influential hip-hop artist of the era. She started at the young age of 15, when she shot her first commercial for the world-renowned company Nike. She also shot official commercial catalogs for DollsKill, walked LA fashion Week: Angel Brinks of love & hip-hop, & featured art exhibits, world star, WEtv, & OxygenTv, etc. These are only some of the many accolades bagged by this talented star.


Besides being a drippy music artist, she has also been featured as a model & special video guest in music videos of Ty Dolla $ign, Nef The Pharaoh, Saweetie, Priceless Da Roc & Blac Zac. Her indulging music has also won the 9Quots award for best hip hop artist.


Fire To Inspire

Lay is fed up with the atrocities of the world, and her modeling career is based on eliminating those evils of society that punish people for being different. She walks the stage with the motive to inspire people and present that beauty is an illusion. Everyone is gorgeous in their own way, and just like a flower, you will bloom in the most spectacular way.

Her brand is a haven for all aspiring models. It is the representation that diversity is acceptable. This message is more valid as Lay is also a member of the LGBTQ+ society and a black entrepreneur who is breaking the chains of orthodox ways through her versatility, individuality, and success. “Mama I am a rich man” is her motto, and there is no end in sight for her success. To know more about Lay’s work visit her Instagram profile.

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Rising Artist Elektra Prince Releases Debut Album “Elektraduction”



Elektra Prince, the rising EDM artist, leaves you in a lively trance through his new album “Elektraduction”.


Racking up thousands of views through his single, “Expectations” and engrossing the attention of the world, Elektra Prince is here with yet another ethereal album, “Elektraduction”. His love for delivering a mesmerizing experience to the audience and producing music leads to the creation of some really sensational songs and albums. 


His music gives a rush of adrenaline to the listeners and makes them drown in the syncopated beats. With a dream to make people groove, Elektra is here to take over the EDM world and fill it with the creativity that he houses in his mind. His journey started in the dorm room at the University of Arizona in 2016. He gave it all up several times during 2016-2020, but the passion never died down and that is when Elektra found that this is his calling.


In 2020, he decided to devote himself fully to the art of EDM and started honing his skills to deliver the impeccable experience that he always dreamt about. He produced over 100 songs in a short period and finally released a riveting song which has made many devoted fans of his music.


The Rush Of EDM

EDM is a music genre that has infinite creative and musical possibilities. One minute, you could be thinking about the phrase, and the second minute you can create beats that resemble it and convert them into a fabulous composition.


Elektra is determined to create a new genre that emerges from EDM like Pop Smoke or Doja Cat. His art is gleaming with a touch of the old artist like Avicii and inspiration derived from the current wave taking rounds in the musical industry.  


Unique Music For An Unparalleled Experience

The world is brimming with EDM songs that are the blend of the same repeated bass drums or four-beat measure. His new album “Elektraduction” keeps the audience anticipating what happens in the next second, and hence keeps them hooked to the sound. 


EDM is a pathway to access the peak productivity that Elektra possesses. He transports people to places that are unheard of, and where all the sorrows morph into blissful moments. He believes in hard work and is of the opinion that as long as you are passionate, there is nothing that can stop you from being successful.


Mixing Emotions With Tunes

Elektra is an ambitious being. He blends the emotions of kindness and aggression, to portray the realistic picture of a person that is strong, bold, creative, and aggressive to achieve his dreams.


He believes in taking simultaneous small or big steps towards your goals, no matter how difficult it seems from afar, but as you move forward, everything falls in line. His goal is to become a globally recognized artist for his unique music and provide his listeners with memories that they cherish forever. To listen to his song, visit here.

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Cherish Enrapturing Moments Of Life With Music By Hamed Traore



Hamed Traore, a bassist/multi-instrumentalist and composer, is here to mesmerize you in surreal compositions and expansive knowledge about music.


Hard work and euphonious vibes are something that entices the audience towards an artist’s sound. Hamed Traore has been a bassist and a very lively composer since 20 years of age. He started building a stage name by touring with a renowned Spanish flamenco dance company, Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca. Amalgamating the beatific dance with the perennial sound of Hamed’s truly mesmerizing compositions creates a show that leaves its imprint for years to come.


Music is an integrated part of Hamed’s life. Nothing perks up his mood like the harmony of songs. Making efforts to create efficacious music simultaneously might seem like an overwhelming task to many, however, for him, it is pure bliss! His creativity knows no bounds. It expands wherever he finds the scope, hence, Hamed never stagnates on one project. He likes to explore the plethora of talent that is hiding in the vast area of the world. Therefore, he often works with many brands and groups to accompany the angelic voices and people with musical affinity. Music and Hamed are soul partners, and his future aspirations include expanding his musical achievements and doing more collaborations.


Inspiring Work

Hamed works on multiple beguiling projects. His work includes creations for Noche Flamenca’s predictions. One of the most noteworthy compositions includes “Antigona”, which is the adaptation of the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles. This composition was so alluring that it was nominated for the Bessie award in 2015. The wonders of his music disseminate far and wide, including North American and the Middle East, also to cities that include Abu Dhabi, Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Quebec City.


He has also been the teaching assistant for the music program at Beacon school, an elite education facility that only scouts the best talent to strike the world with unparalleled success. Hamed’s work expands over various genres including Jazz, R&B; Blues, Soul, Hip-Hop, and World Music.


Moreover, he also has a knack for teaching recording engineering and digital musical production, where he preaches students about the vast world of music engineering with industrial products which is a subject that schools are devoid of. He is based in New York City, and he and his musical group, Afternoon Men, is a five-piece that has been gaining traction. That is because of the vivid sounds that arouse the audience from their seat and command them to groove, every time that Hamed jumps on his instruments with his group, and creates a melody that stays alive forever. 


Unparalleled Passion

Hamed never backs down from hard work, if there is a project that comes his way, he will go the extra mile to ensure the top-notch delivery of work and full involvement of his skills in every step. 


 “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

― Bob Marley 

It is Hamed’s favorite quote, and he works tirelessly to create such music that makes the sorrows depart from the soul and fills it with merriment. To know more about his awe-inducing work, visit his Instagram profile.

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Kyle Mallouk’s Manny On A Mission Project About Sadness And Yet Mesmerizing



Kyle Mallouk, the passionate music artist, brings sad music that connects to the soul via Manny On A Mission projects and his new album “Schizophrenia”.


People create music with multiple motives; some want to inspire, some want to be under the limelight, and Kyle Mallouk does it for fun and passion. He hails from Milton, Ontario, Canada. This charismatic man seeps into your heart with his sad music that sounds ominous at first but is a real emotional buster for many. Kyle’s new album “Schizophrenia” is the new release in the series of many albums that he has written and released since 2005. His musical identity Manny on a mission delivers exceptionally enticing songs that capture the hearts in words and leave people with the freedom to unravel their feelings.


His new album 13 track “Schizophrenia” is the add-on to the selection of the 2019 album “Molly” and it completes the story by adding more intense lyrics along with a storyline that would bedazzle your mind. This new album steers through the overwhelming phase where a person processes the loss of a loved one and begins their unruly descent toward the path of schizophrenia. The tracks have a soft melody with apprehension-fueled lyrics that make it seem like the real ordeal.


Normalizing The Dreaded Parts Of Life

Kyle has the distinctive draft of sadness in this song. Sadness is a part of life that people often choose not to talk about voluntarily as it is not all that shiny and glittery. But embracing the emotions of depression unnerves poignance and stress which is the sign of a strong person that Kyle wants to awaken in his audience. He wants to unlock the more vulnerable side that each of us possesses.


For instance, the small track “2020” on his new album starts with a rather mellow guitar riff that transitions into a haunting yawp that accurately represents the distressing times of the pandemic that struck the world in that year.


Uncertain Excitement

Kyle’s songs are mystifying, the ethereal riffs make you feel like you are walking in the garden of roses, and suddenly you can tumble down into an unknown territory that is full of satisfying misery.


The track “Coffin” is an imitation of how death feels in a transparent fashion. He is not afraid to show how the roller coaster of emotions kick in as someone dear departs from this world. The song defines the thoughts of Manny less cryptically, and the soothing voice combined with the millennial beats of drums is a thing to be applauded for. 


Blatantly Candid

The songs on the eccentric album “Schizophrenia” are full of surprising tunes that are full of beautiful riffs, percussions, and profuse moments that help a person get over an unspeakable loss.


Even without a video, these songs from Kyle will present you with vivacious scenarios that will address the glumness of life. To know more about his album, visit his Facebook profile. 


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Kate Ellis Is Creating Nature’s Symphony Through Project Wonderland



Kate Ellis, a Folk-Americana singer/songwriter, shares insights about her new song Wonderland which involves an enthralling collaboration between the musician and a visual artist. 

This spellbinding work by Kate Ellis combines music, art, and nature to inspire change and bring a connection to the beauty of the natural world into people’s lives. The Wonderland Project is a collaboration with visual artist Geraldine Van Heemstra and joins the rallying cry for urgent government action to protect our planet at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP 26) in November 2021. This song and project bring to life the surreal beauty and fragility of nature and strengthens the call to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly ways.



Kate and Geraldine are lovers of the force and beauty of nature, and are scared and saddened by the current exploitation and depletion of its resources. This project is their way of processing and communicating those feelings and connecting with other like-minded individuals. Through the song, the music video, and the sketchbook of watercolors and charcoal drawings, Kate and Geraldine hope to add artistic emotion and musical voice to the growing chorus urging world leaders to be brave and do what needs to be done to safeguard the future of our environment. 


The Inspiration

The inspiration for this song struck Kate during a walk in a city park, where she glimpsed flashes  of how alive, beautiful and powerful nature is and how indivisibly connected we are to the energy that runs through the veins of the Earth. 


In Kate’s words: “Wonderlandis about how perceiving nature in a viscerally connected way gives us a deeper appreciation of it and a deeper sense of loss for what we’re putting at risk. Geraldine’s artworks are the perfect expression of this.” The intangibility of the natural world is represented perfectly in this collaboration between music and art that brings out the vivid colors and shapes hidden among the elements of nature.


The Video

The entrancing video for “Wonderland” was created by filmmaker and multidisciplinary designer Yorgo Lykouria. It follows the beautiful process of Geraldine creating a sketchbook full of vibrant watercolor paintings and charcoal sketches in one day spent together with Kate in nature.

Her artworks take you through a journey of exploration observing how raw natural elements from the landscapes that surround us. The video follows her as she immerses herself in this activity, intercut and overlaid with Kate performing the song among the same landscapes that Geraldine is painting.


The Campaign

The book of original paintings (containing a letter to world leaders and a digital link to the music video) will be brought to COP26 by friends at the Letters To The Earth campaign and presented to delegates as a small gift to inspire them to reconnect with the wonder of our natural world.



Kate has also created a new playlist “Our Wonderland” filled with songs about the wonder and fragility of the natural world, including tracks by Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash, Talking Heads, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles!


Meanwhile, the music video will be shown as part of the Cop26 United Nations Global Media Network programming and the project is backed by many renowned environmental organizations and NGOs that are working tirelessly to bring back the Earth to its former sacred state. This thoughtful, inspiring song and initiative is a call to save our humble Earth and its gifts.

To learn more about it visit

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PHOTO: Jesse DeFlorio

Indie-pop sensation CLOE WILDER is back with a new music video, “In the Next Life.”

Filmed in Lancaster, California, the ethereal video portrays a beautiful, emotive and melancholy picture of Wilder singing about the loss and love she has for her late grandfather. “I didn’t want to say goodbye / I love you, but this life’s unkind / You’re not mine to keep / So I made a deal with the other side / So I can find you in the next life.”

Directed by Bobby Hanaford, who also shot Wilder’s videos for “It’s True,” “Call Me if You Need Me,” and “I Wanna Be Alone with You,” the music video reflects the heartbreak mood of “In the Next Life”— bringing the cinematography to life.

“This is an entirely alternative video from what I had originally planned to use. We shot this in one-take between other shots for fun, but it ended up being my favorite,” explains Wilder. “It’s the last one off of my debut (“Teenage Lullabies”) EP, so it feels nice to close with something this simple. It feels a little more like me. I’m so grateful for the warm welcome that this project has received. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is much more where that came from.”

The 15-year-old singer, songwriter and pianist features the studio version of “In the Next Life” on her January 27, 2021 “Teenage Lullabies” EP—a project which showcases the innately gifted chanteuse weaving effortlessly through high and low notes on her well rounded, picturesque seven-track offering.

LISTEN TO ” Teenage Lullabies” EP HERE

In addition to shooting her new music video, Wilder has performed shows at Madame Siam in Hollywood on October 12th as part of the Breaking Sound L.A. Showcase, and The Mint in Los Angeles in June.

Recently, on October 10, 2021, “World Mental Health Day,” the singer partnered with Cameo for their #CameoCares benefit. Wilder, along with JP Saxe, Cedric The Entertainer, Michael Franti, and others joined to help support mental health awareness. Proceeds went to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), The Jed Foundation, and Backline—all nonprofits working to raise awareness for mental health.

In between gigging, Wilder has also released a new live video each week on her YouTube channel since mid-September. Part of the performances of the songs off her EP (“Teenage Lullabies”) were filmed in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida, at the historic landmark Capitol Theater, while others were shot at West Hollywood’s legendary Troubadour.

Wilder has a voice way beyond her years, managing to create melancholic, relatable songs steeped in vulnerable storytelling. Citing Lana Del Rey and Phoebe Bridgers as two of her primal influences, the rising star has garnered praise from music bloggers, the industry and fans alike. Making her debut into the music business three years ago, she has amassed more than one million streamed songs on her Spotify page to date, and has a robust following of 40k+ monthly listeners. She has worked with Grammy winners Rob Kinelski and John Greenham (Billie Eilish), and Eric Scullin (RZA, Mark Needham [The Killers] —her musical director/keyboardist/guitarist, who produced as well as co-wrote the single “Crying When I Shouldn’t” with Wilder.


About Cloe Wilder:
From an early age, Wilder’s artistic talents started thriving as she started taking piano lessons which consequently helped her to discover her passions for singing, surprising her family and anyone around her. In December 2018, she started her YouTube channel where she began to cover songs by Halsey, Alessia Cara, Billie Eilish, Sasha Sloan, and more. She kicked off 2020 with the release of “Crying When I Shouldn’t,” co-written and produced by Eric Scullin (RZA, Mark Needham [The Killers]), and mixed and mastered by Kinelski and Greenham (three-time GRAMMY® award-winners and Billie Eilish’s mixing/mastering team). She followed up with her next release, “You & Lonely,” co-written by her and produced by Jayme Silverstein (Alicia Keys, Miguel, Estelle). In January of 2021, she released her seven-track debut EP Teenage Lullabies, which was co-written and produced by Sam Nicolosi. The project rolled out more popular singles, including the anthemic “I Wanna Be Alone With You,” the dark and moody “Call Me If You Need Me,” and the ethereal “In The Next Life.” The EP release was followed up with an intimate video series entitled “Backyard Sessions.


Connect with Cloe Wilder:
Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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Veesugee Debuts A New Song ATLM On Her Second Album Release



Veesugee, a music artist, is here to leave the audience in awe of her new song ATLM and album release – Anti the Learned Machine.


Music connects souls. It is the language that evokes emotions and lets people open up about things that they often suppress in a verbal conversation. It helps to express different situations in a beautiful way that resonates with millions of people. Nashville-based singer Veesugee recognizes this beauty and channels all her passion into creating surreal songs.


Her voice is beatific that leaves an impact in the mind of the listeners. Her lyrics and vocals are unfathomably enticing. Her music style is quirky because of the incorporation of a dreamy voice and haunting effect that makes people curious about her. The songs she creates have a new essence to them, something that listeners don’t usually listen to but long for since it is not very common. Her unmatching dedication is inspiring. Her new song “ATLM” is the perfect jam for the audience. Accompanied by the cryptic name, her new album, “Anti The Learned Machine” is something that every music fanatic will adore.


Breakfree From The Norms

Veesugee brings uniqueness to the stage. She does not believe in following the generic norms of sound, and is a leader in what she is doing right now. Her dark yet soothing songs intrigue the people. Her goal is to leverage her gift and create something substantial and not just make music for the sake of it.


She wants her music to penetrate the minds of her listeners and leave a long-lasting impact. She empowers and motivates society through melodies and harmonies. 


A Lesson For Life

Veesugee’s pledge in life is to keep moving on regardless of the hurdles and curves that life throws at you. Even when you think that there is only a dead-end, remember that there is always a plan for you. Everything and every person influences you in some way or another. You have to ignore the naysayers and embrace the positivity that you encounter. 


Your path might not be easy, but the destination is beautiful. Veesguee wants people to keep creating and exploring the depths of their potential and the opportunities of the world. Her knack for creating music has transformed her into a wise person who leads people through her voice.


New Music 

You can find Veesugee’s “Anti The Learned Machine” on all major streaming platforms. You can also stream or download her album, “The Sober Man’s Heroin(e)” from her website. It all started when Veesugee was leading a band in Nashville, it was some of the prominent bands at that time. Veesugee felt she was drifting apart from her calling, so she decided to cultivate her talent in solidarity and bloom like never before. 

The response from the audience on the release of her song was overwhelming, and her new songs represent her character even more clearly, so get ready to be swooned by Veesugee’s voice. Visit her Instagram profile for more information.

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