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Guidelines For Easy Adaptability To Publish Articles In Level Up Magazine

• Original unpublished content only can be used. Avoid plagiarism of any type.
• Republishing is not allowed, however, you can tag or promote your writing in any of the social media platforms.
• Word count of an article should be a minimum of 500 words.
• Title, headings, and subheadings should be in the Title case.
• Create an attractive and non-promotional title for each article.
• Grammar usage should be checked with premium sites like Grammarly, MS word and Google docs.
• A maximum of 2 links can be added in an article, leading to an external site.
• We encourage using internal links within the same website.
• Do not support any political, religious or community-centred volatile thoughts that could affect the reputation of the magazine.
• Do not create promotional or super-technical articles that would hinder the readability of a regular reader.
• Featured images should be used in the article and it must be less than 1000 pixels wide. Avoid using images with copyright violations.
• Accuracy, copyrights & fact checking is highly recommended and a must.