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Country Crossover Star Jessica Lynn Releases Her New Single “Roadhouse” And Prepares For Life Back On The Road



Upcoming Country star Jessica Lynn is swaying the world to her beats one song at a time. Currently being hailed as the “The New Queen of Country.” She has been touring worldwide with her band for the past four years, performing in 14+ countries, flourishing country music globally.


Jessica is a multi-talented artist. She is a musician and singer/songwriter within the country music genre. Though, her music crosses over into the realms of pop, rock, blues, and soul. Two of her songs have charted in the Top 50 list of American Country Radio. Her full-length concerts have been televised and are available on the Amazon OTT Platform. Jessica’s name has featured in the biggest magazine and blogs like Billboard, CMT to name a few. 


She is back again to delight her fans with the new single called Roadhouse, releasing on May 14. Roadhouse is one of her favorite songs. She has performed the song live on stage for countless fans but has never released the track online. 


Music As A Career

Jessica cannot remember a time when music was not part of her life. Growing up in New York with musicians and writers as parents, she was fascinated by performing arts. Watching her parents perform ignited the fire to become like them. 


As a teenager, she mainly performed rock and roll. She started exploring other genres of music as an adult and found out that she enjoyed performing country music too. She picked it up full time on a gut feeling. Thankfully for her, the decision has been fulfilling. 


Now she tours the world with her band. A band that comprises three of her family members her Dad as a bass guitarist, Mom as a background singer, and her husband as the lead guitarist. Together this family makes for a compelling band.


What Keeps Her Going?

The love for music and connecting with new people keeps her going. Meeting her fans and hearing their stories is one of her favorite things. Fans often inform Jessica how her music brought them out of a tough place. Hearing such stories fills her heart and motivates her to give her best.


Hit By The Wave Of Pandemic

Due to the Pandemic, Jessica lost her world tour, almost 100 dates in 14 different countries, two years in a row. Not to be defeated, she channeled all her energy into live streaming the concerts online. Notably, she frequently charted the Top 10 streamers list globally. She was named the Top 40 Livestreamer of 2020 and a Top 20 Livestreamer of Q1 of 2021 by Pollstar, a ticket-reporting industry giant.


As fans and followers alike are awaiting her stage performances. Jessica is planning to return on the road touring the world with her band in 2022. The events will be as per Covid Guidelines and all the health protocols. She is excited to hit the stage again. 


Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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The F-use, The Forthcoming One-Man-Band



We often come across different music bands, where we see a group of musicians playing different instruments altogether. However, it is very rare to come across artists who are a one-man band playing more than three to four instruments  altogether, during a music show. These exceptionally talented and remarkable bands are sometimes seen during street fairs and parades.


Matthew Estevez, a drummer, guitarist, bass player, and vocalist from the city of Nashville, Tennessee. Matthew goes by his stage name ‘ TheF-use’ and is a one-man band that creates eminent and influential songs. He debuted his first album in the fall of 2020 and won The Male vocalist of the year and Best Alternative Rock Song of the year on Reddit Grammy Awards 2021. He recently released a single track ‘Survive’ on 28th May 2021, which is available on Spotify and his YouTube channel.


Musical Journey

The F-use started his journey playing drums for his brother’s band, and soon he started to learn guitar and bass as well. He bought a little 4 track recorder and started recording small ideas of drums, bass, and guitar. He mumbled some unfinished notes which eventually synced into a song. After years of practice and hard work, he had full-length songs written and recorded by himself. He went to college in Nashville to learn and expand more knowledge in music. During the pandemic, he built a home studio with his friends, where they would record music for hours. He says, “The pandemic was a great time to be locked up and focused on music”.



“After recording and playing all of the instruments on my own for a few years, I’ve developed a unique way of going about music. I tried thinking about my life with any other job/ career path and none of them compared to the joy of being a musician and artist,” he says. He wants to share the feeling that he experiences while listening to his music. At certain points we all struggle with some issues, he wants to ease the pains and burdens of his listeners through his music. He quotes Dave Grohl’s lines, “You can sing a song to 85000 people & they will sing it back for 85000 different reasons” which motivates him the most about making music. Due to the pandemic, he has been unable to play in any live shows, which has put a stint in his life.


Goals & Aspiration

He is focusing on and growing his audience through social media (Instagram, Facebook. He loves interacting and helping his fans through his music amid these tough times.


He wants to start playing live shows and go on music tours as soon as the situation gets back under control. He is currently preparing more online content as well as planning his next live streams and waiting to rock the world with his music and put out the best version of himself through his music.

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A Closer Look At Pop/ Rock Artist Sarah Keyser’s Thoughts.




Music is often said to be one of the most powerful forms of entertainment. It connects to our emotions deeply, and intensely. Our body reacts differently to different types of music from rock to folk and electronic to pop. Many artists have connected to their listeners on emotional levels. Researchers have claimed that our brain triggers particular emotions and inculcates positivity in humans.


Sarah’s Hereabouts & Achievements

Sarah Keyser is a guitarist, vocalist, and multi-genre songwriter. She is a queer woman who stands for up for mental health awareness through her music. She is also a freelance songwriter for hire and has worked with a handful of R&B and pop artists in L.A.


Her works are available on YouTube and Spotify. She has also music directed a bunch of bands and has been hired to play guitar for several local bands. Her vast knowledge of different genres and music theory allows her to write in a wide array of styles. She loves to play all types of music, pop being her greatest love. The artist has around 1k+ Instagram followers who constantly shower her with love and support and is also available on Facebook.


Early Life

Sarah was born in the suburbs of Arlington, Virginia in August of 1997. Her father played piano and alto sax and her older sister played piano and cello. Meanwhile, Sarah sang in the World Children’s Choir and started forming her first band ever called “Moon-Scene”. She began taking vocal lessons when she was 13 and guitar lessons when she was 14. This eventually culminated in her going to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She graduated from the songwriting program in May 2019 and is currently living in Los Angeles releasing music under her name as a pop/rock artist & playing in a new duo called ‘brvthrs’.



Her business model is to always create and collaborate with other artists and continuously keep growing as a musician. She would love to go on tour with her band and to release more music under her own artist project. Due to covid, her shows have been delayed, but she plans to get back to doing live performances soon. Her new duo, ‘brvthrs’ has a show coming up at Molly Malone’s on June 19th, 2021, which you can check out on her website


Inspiration & Influence

She believes in being kind and honest towards her work and herself. She quotes RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else,” she believes in self-love. The biggest motivation that stuck with her throughout the years is “keep going”, she believes in taking little steps each day to further her work in the music industry. She loves to collaborate with others and teach songwriting to people of all age groups.


Growing up she was in a few bands and being surrounded by like-minded individuals really helped her build her artistry. She thinks she will inspire more people to speak their truth because her music is all about ‘wearing her heart on her sleeve and being completely transparent with her feelings in regards to her own mental health.’

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Independent Artist Rachael Wood Wants To Take The World By Storm



Rachael Wood, an independent pop-rock singer & songwriter. She recently released a single track “Be Mine” on 14th May which was quite a talk for its sonic flair. She is back again with her newest single “Not Enough” which releases June 18. The artist made her debut on June 12 with her single “Heartbreak” during the pandemic. All her singles and albums are available on Spotify under her name.


Early Life

Rachael started writing music when she was 10 and performed at various talent shows like The Voice & American Idol throughout childhood and won 1st prize in a local vocal competition. She went to high school with 153 other classmates in a small Texas town. She was unable to afford a studio back. So, she took a break in her music career during her college years.



During the pandemic again she started making music with her dad. She joined a few Facebook groups, which included “Pop Punk Kids” to advertise her work where she was contacted by Scott Milner to produce her future tracks. She currently works on her writing career, going to school full time, and focuses on creating music in her spare time.


Aspirations And Struggle

Rachael always dreamt of making and performing music. She always thought how cool it would be to hear herself on the radio. She struggled hard to figure out a way to turn her dreams into reality, even her parents suggested she tries out something else to do in case music didn’t happen. Amid the Pandemic Situation when she was furloughed from her job, she bought her first MacBook Apple computer, guitar, and microphone with the money she saved and started recording. To her utter surprise, people listened and liked what they heard and that when she knew that she could do this. She always had a knack for storytelling and loved music. So, she poured everything into writing, which gave her an incredible outlet.


Her music gives her the freedom of creating anything. “The sky is always the limit when it comes to music,” she quotes. According to Wood, one can venture in any direction one wants, which is liberating and makes her job a stress-reliever. 


She wants to prove to the world that she can soar high amid all the obstacles. She is prepared for anything that comes her way, but will never take failure as an answer. She truly believes that hard work pays off, “You can always achieve what you put your mind to.” She celebrates all her joys and expresses all her sorrows through her music and inspires her listeners to do the same. She is dedicated to her work and never takes no as an answer.


She plans to reach out to her fans by shows. She is an independent artist, but wants to form a band with like-minded musicians to play on stage. She wants to make a full-length album or two and be headlining her tours.

Fans can also connect with her over her website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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KYG, A New Door Of Music, Who Will March The World With The Beats Of His Drums



Music is a form of art which interprets and untangles various intellects, love and skills of an artist. Many times we have heard that necessity is the mother of invention. But some of these necessity-seekers are found in the form of artists, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, actors and many more.


KYG, an artist from Millville, New Jersey who started as a Bass player in church with a desire to create and produce songs. He wants, “to march to the beat of his own drum” with his hard work and passion for making music that inspires others into the same. His sole objective of making music is to reach out to more souls and connect with them in the channel of beats.


Early life 

KYG was born with a knack for music ever since he was a child. The music attracted him in various forms. One fine morning while he was meditating in his room alone, his passion called out to him and that’s when he took a step ahead and decided on creating what he embraced the most, he created his first ever music.


Onset of his Musical Journey

His dedication, honesty to his passion, and love towards his music made him overcome and endure all difficulties and that’s when he started creating and producing his own music. Now he has over 18K followers on Instagram with whom he connects solely through his artwork. He quotes, “I started as a bass player in church with a desire to write and produce songs. I had no option but to practice writing and producing for myself, which turned me into becoming an artist”.


KYG says, “I love the process of making music” which reflects his love and passion towards artistry. His honesty in his work makes him more intriguing and engaging as a person. The more you listen to his music the more you get inspired. His fans across the world would say that his artwork channels a chain of relatable emotions and we are hooked into his music therefore nonchalantly. 


His beliefs

However, he is very open-minded and approachable for advice and vice-versa given the circumstances. The one life lesson that he believes in the most is to listen to the right things and the right people that he has been advised, rather than regretting not to take them while there was room for it. He says, “If you are told to do something, do it; don’t make your life hard like Jonah.” 


He has so far made some credible music and been mentioned on the mixtape of Eric Bellinger and Tank. His music is making an impact on the world and has been noticed by other musicians. KYG is a new door of harmony in the music world. KGY is a fresh wave that the world is awaiting to behold new opportunities and new angles through his music.


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“Music Is A Feeling – Not A Goal”, Says Ariah Noetzel



Music is often said to be an art of the passionate. A musician must keep on making music dedicatedly. It’s important to hold your calling with honesty and work on it.


Ariah Noetzel, a Brooklyn-based musician/Vocalist as well as a songwriter who is back with her new song ‘Get Me Back’ which was released on May 31st this year. She was a semifinalist in the New York Coffee Music Project 2018 and was also press-covered for her song ‘Gold Bottle’, which is available on her website.



Ariah’s sole objective of making music is to reach out to listeners who are struggling and empathize via music. She says, “I just love writing songs and singing. I want to share them with the world. When I write something which I’m proud of I get tears of joy and I want to spread that very feeling out in the world.”


Musical Journey

Ariah started writing songs when she was in high school. She says, “I was an awkward kid with low self-esteem who found her voice via singing.” Her dad drove her into the city every Monday to play at open mics in the east village to help her get over her stage fright and there she fell in love with performing and started booking some gigs. She continued to play at local venues in NYC throughout her time at NYU and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to record and release an EP in 2016.


Struggles & Inspirations

She had her ups and downs, highs and lows, with a 9 to 5 job at the desk, she continues to produce her music. She says, “Since releasing my EP, it seems my luck had run out as I continued to write songs and play shows with very limited money and resources to record my songs. At some point, I had grown defeated, especially during the COVID-19 wave where I was unable to play any show at all, but I was wrong. It’s a feeling – not a goal. When I started playing again it felt like reuniting with my true self. It felt amazing and I won’t give up on it again anytime soon.”


Ariah admits putting herself out there wasn’t very easy. She loved layers and collaboration in her music so she always wanted to be a member of a band. “I tried to form several bands but faced difficulties in organizing and maintaining members”, she adds. Her desire to put out her songs eventually led to solo work. She loves the chills of playing, it makes her spirit soar. She loves it when her listeners and audience connect and feel through her music.” She takes her music and aesthetic very seriously, which is the floral vintage visual theme. This theme defines her soul’s message – to keep it light-hearted, fun, silly but personable. She loves encouraging people with her awkwardness on-and-off stage, so often she jokes around with her audience and somehow that pulls off happiness for her too. 


For more details connect to Ariah over, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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Jordan Darian’s 7700 Pennies Floor



Jordan Darian posted a TikTok video last Friday, where she is seen gluing her wooden bathroom floor with one-cent copper coins. This video of a woman sticking strenuously gluing the pennies for 16 long hours got viral on the internet when one of her viewers, happen to notice at least one Lincoln cent, which (commonly known as a wheat penny), which depending on its composition and year can be 82,500 USD, and shared it.


Jordan’s Life

Jordan Darian is a creative director and co-founder of Humble Flowers, a California-based company that deals in CBD and cannabis-infused skincare products in Humboldt. Jordan and her husband are into renovation as they enjoy the labor of love. In 2018, the couple bought a three-bed and two-bath home in West Hollywood. The couple has been posting the renovation videos ever since. In one of these DIY videos, Darian is seen redesigning her guest bathroom floor all by herself. She glues 7700 pennies to the bathroom floor assiduously with Elmer’s glue and to secure the pennies, she seals the floor with epoxy Resins which overall costs her 400 USD to redesign and renovate the bathroom floor. 


Her Inspiration

Darian also shares that the idea of the redesign was an inspiration from her mom, who always talked about a penny floor. “I love fun, decor, and design surprises in a home. When we were in the market buying our first home, I was horrified by all the cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste houses that had so obviously been flipped by someone who was just in it to make money. Very rarely do we come across a home with character and thoughtfulness. I want it to stand out in the market and with unique features like a penny floor bathroom and when we resell our home one day I want it to really wow the new buyers,” she says.


The Reason Behind The Video going Viral

When the video went viral with the rare and valuable Lincoln cent story. A website explained, “in 1996 one of these 1943 copper alloy pennies sold for 82,500 USD, and some 40 copper- alloy cents are known to be in existence which makes them very valuable.” However, there is no confirmation of the fact that one of these 1943 copper alloys has been glued to Darian’s floor or not.


Darian’s Reaction To It

Darian also admits that initially after the disclosure somewhere she regretted not checking the pennies before permanently adhering them to her floor. She says, “I had no idea a penny could be so valuable and there are at least eight wheat pennies, upside down, so we are unable to check the year. Well, there are surprises and then there are coins that should have been cashed in rather than stuck to the floor.”


Although she later shared more DIY tutorials for her viewers, who want to try the DIY flooring for themselves, and information about the exact materials she used to secure the pennies to the floor. She also explains to the queries of viewers over on-screen messages like, “the bathroom must smell like old pennies”, to which she replies that she sealed the pennies with resin and it smells delightful and fresh.

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Hallyu Wave 3.0 More Than Just An Entertainment Influence



Hallyu is a Korean wave of lifestyle, which majorly intricate Korean entertainment forms at the base. It gradually knitted its wings into the culture, lifestyle, and economy of South Korea.



It originated from a couple of movies and dramas like Siri, (1999). It found its face in 2001 with My Sassy Girl and Sonata.  Revoke of foreign travels for Koreans, reshuffling ok Korean Chaebols, increase in publicity of brands like Samsung, and LG led to the 2nd Hallyu wave. Currently, the Hallyu is under 3rd generation more popularly known as Hallyu3.0 which is the most popular cultural wave worldwide at present.



The Hallyu wave has been rapidly growing its influence over 109 countries presently. These growths somewhat increased due to a sudden exposure of K-dramas and K-pop bands like BTS and Blackpink became a music sensation in 2017. People wanted to learn more about their newly discovered celebrities. Korean Celebs as well to promote Hallyu wave stuck to their cultural lifestyle and versed in Hangul (Korean language). According to a report of Duolingo in 2020, Hangul became the second-fastest growing language which shows the overall influence of the Hallyu wave. It took to its apex with the Hallyu Pop festival where fans of  K-Pop Culture and Music connect from all over the world and show the participation of these Koreaboos and K-poppers.


Overseas fans influenced by Hallyu opted for Korean beauty brands like 3CE, Tony Moly, ETUDE House, The Face Shop as it gives more of natural-looks which is very appealing to youths. Korean food staples like Kimchi, Noodles and Soju became popular as many famous Korean Artists mentioned their food preferences over interviews.


The Hallyu Wave increased tourism to cities like Daegu, Incheon, Seoul more as more people wanted to experience the world of K-drama as their vacations. The wave led to a 1.87 billion USD capital flow to South Korea in 2019.


Pandemic and Hallyu 3.0

Due to the Pandemic, people indulged more in web series. Viewers got hooked to k-dramas, as they are generally based on relatable dilemmas wrapped up perfectly with a sweet and romantic love story with a happily ever after. These K-drama lovers are called Koreaboo, who acquire the culture of Korea, like using Hangul phrases of, adapting to cutlery, and culinary habits such as usage of chopsticks for eating as well as cooking. Hallyu wave accelerated its pace when the fashion King of K-pop, singer Park Jimin successfully penetrated and helped to spread Korean popular culture through his remarkable fashion sense and unbelievable dance moves giving out trending fashion styles and influencing many fans to follow the same.


Hallyu festival has been celebrated by the fans as well as non -Korean celebs and their fan base. Many a non -Korean celebrities who have been influenced by the Hallyu wave bring in their fandom’s attention which leads to the more spread of Hallyu. It celebrates cultural adaptation, fandom, love for art in linguistic barriers. It also spreads awareness and engages people into Korean as well as other Asian cultures which results in the growth of Asia as a whole.

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Nicky Scorpio Talks About His Journey And His Latest Single ‘Irregular’.



Nicky Scorpio is a poet, singer-songwriter, producer, podcaster, and LGBTQ ally. The California-based artist has recently released a new single called ‘Irregular’. The song deals with the feeling of being different from the crowd. It is an upbeat song with catchy lyrics. 


Beside making soulful music, Nicky is also pretty active on his podcast ‘Scorpio Rising”.  It was among the top 100 podcasts on mental health. He also enjoys creating content on mental health and the power of love with his partner in the collective called ‘The Sophisticated Psychos’. 


Choosing Music

Raised by storytellers, Nicky has imbibed the art of storytelling in his craft. His songs not only convey stories but also motivate people to accept themselves. The music of Artists like Tupac, John Lennon, and Bob Marley was part of his childhood. They have been a source of inspiration for him. Music has helped him survive some of the darkest periods of his life. With his music, Nicky wants to help people who are struggling with life.


Early Life

Growing up, Nicky had an unconventional family.  His family consisted of two mothers and a gay father. He had an artificial insemination birth. Nicky’s family separated when he was barely a school kid. His father died a few years later from AIDS. Despite all this, Nicky had a positive outlook towards life, and he was a happy child. In the subsequent years, Nicky’s mother moved him to a better town to give him a fair chance at life.


Around this time, his new peers started passing homophobic comments on him and even body-shamed him. Nicky was taken aback by all the hate. Bullys would telephone him and say mean stuff about his mothers and his upbringing. All this made him realize that he was different from his peers. It filled him with rage. Nicky struggled with accepting himself. It took a lot of time for Nicky to heal from the emotional havoc. 


Talking About Things That Matter

Nicky feels that the world is getting pretentious. People are more interested in showing off than talking about their feelings. As a community, acceptance is an all time low. Kids are seeking validation on the internet, which is unhealthy. The constant life update culture of social media has made it a toxic place. It has also given rise to the concept of influencer, which Nicky dislikes. He calls himself an anti-influencer. He constantly calls out the fakeness of social media through his podcast and songs.


Nicky also actively supports the LGBTQ community. Nicky understands the struggle of living in a homophobic world and empathizes with the community. A lot of people say that he is promoting the ‘gay agenda’ because of his upbringing. But for Nicky, ‘Gay Agenda’ means treating every human with dignity irrespective of their sexuality.  

Nicky is making strides to bring about change in society. He is having uncomfortable conversations with people. Nicky intends to promote self-acceptance. He wants people to accept their differences and accept themselves as they are. Through his latest release, he wants to reach out to every tormented soul and comfort them. You can listen to the song here.

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Jules Marie Reveals Her Vulnerable Side Through New Single Called ‘Bulletproof’



Jules Marie is back in the game with her new single called ‘Bulletproof’. In the single, the upcoming singer and songwriter talk about how we humans are so vulnerable yet so afraid to reveal it. Although the song has sad undertones, its composition is very catchy.


Jules started releasing her original songs in 2019, and  ‘Bulletproof’ is her seventh original song. Meanwhile, she collaborated with fellow artists and has been part of nine songs in the past two years. ‘Let You Go’ is her most popular single. It was streamed by 130k Spotify users. Her recent single ‘LUCKY” was also well received, and over 20k users streamed it within a week of release.


Early Life

Music is something that has always fascinated Jules. She remembers being an active member of her school choir group and attending every musical fest in the town. Jules even made a youtube channel wherein she used to upload song covers of her favorite pop stars. Jules envisioned becoming a pop star but never had the confidence to say it out loud. She felt her career choice was an untraditional choice and invited mockery.


Jules was diagnosed with depression at the age of fourteen, which severely affected her mental health. Tasks like waking up and doing basic chores became impossible for her. She overcame it with the help of her family, friends, and music. Jules had not yet given up on the dream of becoming a singer and applied for a singing course in her town’s community college. However, one semester into it, she hit rock bottom and decided to quit her education and dream. 


Jules then worked multiple jobs for the subsequent year. After the end of her shift, she often found herself writing songs in the driver’s seat of her car. She realized that her passion for music was far from over. However, Jules was not confident about putting herself out again. She started collaborating with fellow singers and assisted them in composition.  Finally, when Jules felt confident in her skills, she released her first single called ‘Breathe’ in 2019. At that time, she went by the stage name of ‘Jules.’, she later adopted her full name i.e. Jules Marie as her stage name.


Living Her Life Through Her Passion

Jules has performed at The John F. Kennedy Center and even had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. Jules is already making waves in the music industry and is aiming to be a Recording artist member and hopefully Grammy nominated by 2022. 


Jules says that performing and watching people enjoy her music has been one of the most fulfilling things of her job. She terms it as ‘pure magic’. Jules wants to inspire people to follow their dreams while being open about her struggles. Shortly, she plans to release more new singles and perform at bigger venues. She is also in the process of launching her own merchandise and is currently setting the base for it. Fans can expect a lot of exciting things from Jules. 

You can check her and her new release out on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and on Instagram @JulesMarieMusic

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Daric Carvajal Is The Latest Rising Star On The Horizon



Daric Carvajal is a 27-year-old content creator and musician. He is the singer of the singles ‘Quaran-Thing Freestyle’ and ‘Quaran-Thing Freestyle  Pt. 2’. Recently he gave a phenomenal performance at the KSFS Radio Entertainment Festiva virtual show. 


Daric was also the recipient of the BECA Fest Becky Award for Radio Commercial/PSA 2020 for the B.O.B.A Show. His latest single titled ‘365’ is also getting rave reviews for its ‘sickening beats’.


Early Life

Daric has always been a performer. As a kid, he was holding a mic even when he could barely walk. He performed with his sisters at community functions and festivals across Nevada, California, and Hawaii under the band name ‘those kids’. Daric liked creating sketches, skits, song covers, remixes, and original songs with his friends from his school, Natomas Charter School. He published this content on Youtube. Daric had no intention of becoming a content creator. However, he enjoyed the process of creation. Over time he has built a small community of 1400 subscribers on Youtube. 


After finishing high school, Daric decided to pursue his passion. He moved to Santa Monica, California, to pursue music. Over time, Daric realized that he should finish his education and then follow his dreams. He moved back with his family to complete his graduation. He graduated in Arts with an emphasis on Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University.


Now that he has graduated, Daric has decided to devote his complete attention to Content creation and creating new music. He is producing new videos for his Youtube, churning out content for Tik Tok, and working on his music.


Creating Music

Daric released his first song called ‘Quaran-Thing Freestyle’ in 2020 amid a pandemic. The song talked about how the pandemic had influenced our lifestyle, sleeping patterns, and eating habits. It mentioned the Tiger King and likewise pop culture references. It was an upbeat take on pandemic life. 


His second single came around the time of the rise of social injustice in the United States. Daric felt that putting a black square on Instagram in support of the movement was not helpful. He had a lot of feelings about the Black Lives Matter Movement. He decided to put them into words for his second single called ‘Quaran-Thing Freestyle  Pt. 2’. The song talked about the anguish of the black community and asked people to move together as a society.


Inspiration And Aspiration

Artists who have emerged from nothing and created their path in the industry inspire Daric. They fill him with hope and motivate him to do his best.  Some of the music giants he reveres are Jon Bellion, Kanye West, Drake, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber.


Daric aspires to tour the states and perform at Coachella. He intends to create music that is upbeat and fun.  Daric is consistently working on his craft and producing music that resonates with him. He is currently working on his first album and will release it soon. 


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