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The Complete Roundup Of The Billboard Music Awards 2021




The 2021 Billboard Music Awards were presented this Sunday, 23rd of May. Held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, the event returned seven months after its pandemic-delayed preceding edition. Hosted by Nick Jonas, it was aired live on NBC, at 8 p.m ET. 


The Weeknd, who was a finalist in 16 categories, dominated the awards show, taking home ten trophies, including the night’s biggest win, Top Artist. For his explosive smash “Blinding Lights,” he also won Top 100 Artist and Top Hot 100 Song. BTS also swept awards, winning every category in which they were nominated for their hit “Dynamite,” including Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Social Artist, and Top Selling Song. During the ceremony, the band gave the first live performance of  “Butter,” their most recent single, which was released on Friday.


Bad Bunny won four awards — Top Latin Artist, Top Latin Male Artist, Top Latin Album, and Top Latin Song — and the late rapper Pop Smoke won five, including Top Billboard 200 Album for “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon,” which earned record-breaking posthumous recognition as a finalist in ten categories. “Thank you for respecting my young warrior,” Audrey Jackson, his mother, said to the crowd as she accepted the award on his behalf.


Best Rock Artist winner, Machine Gun Kelly, showed up on the red carpet with a rather unusual fashion statement: a jet-black tongue. His social media reveals that he had his tongue painted black with a cotton bud. He made sure his tongue was noticed, sticking it out to the cameras, and touching tongues with his girlfriend, Megan Fox on the red carpet. 


Pink accepted the Icon Award from rockstar, Bon Jovi and admitted to being obsessed with him since she was eight years old, locking herself in her room for a week after his wedding. “I’m very glad you found lasting love, Jon, but you broke my heart. I take this as an apology,” she joked on receiving the trophy. She also performed a medley of her best hits from her career, but her aerial performance with her nine-year-old, Willow Sage, to their duet, “Cover Me In Sunshine,” stole the show. 


Drake bagged the Artist of the Decade award, which he accepted along with his three-year-old son, Adonis, on stage. “I’m really self-conscious about my music,” he spoke as a part of his acceptance speech, “I’ve spent an incalculable amount of hours trying to analyze all the things I did wrong, but tonight for once I’m sure as hell we did something right.” 


Find the complete list of winners below:


Top Artist: The Weeknd

Icon Award: Pink

Artist of the Decade: Drake

Change Maker Award: Trae Tha Truth

Top New Artist: Pop Smoke

Top Male Artist: The Weeknd

Top Female Artist: Taylor Swift

Top Duo/Group: BTS

Top Billboard 200 Artist: Taylor Swift

Top Billboard 100 Artist: The Weeknd

Top Streaming Song Artist: Drake

Top Song Sales Artist: BTS

Top Radio Songs Artist: The Weeknd

Top Social Artist: BTS

Top R&B Artist: The Weeknd

Top R&B Male Artist: The Weeknd

Top R&B Female Artist: Doja Cat

Top Dance/Electronic Artist: Lady Gaga

Top Christian Artist: Elevation Worship

Top Gospel Artist: Kanye West

Top Billboard 200 Album: Pop Smoke, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon

Top R&B Album: The Weeknd, After Hours

Top Rap Album: Pop Smoke, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon

Top Country Album: Morgan Wallen, Dangerous: The Double Album

Top Rock Album: Machine Gun Kelly, Tickets to My Downfall

Top Latin Album: Bad Bunny, YHLQMDLG

Top Dance/Electronic Album: Lady Gaga, Chromatica

Top Christian Album: Carrie Underwood, My Gift

Top Gospel Album: Maverick City Music, Maverick City Vol. 3 Part 1

Top Hot 100 Song Presented by Rockstar: The Weeknd, Blinding Lights

Top Streaming Song: DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch, Rockstar

Top Selling Song: BTS, Dynamite

Top Radio Song: The Weeknd, Blinding Lights

Top Collaboration: Gabby Barrett ft. Charlie Puth, I Hope

Top R&B Song: The Weeknd, Blinding Lights

Top Rap Song: DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch, Rockstar

Top Country Song: Gabby Barrett, I Hope

Top Rock Song: AJR, Bang

Top Latin Song: Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez, Dákiti

Top Dance/Electric Song: SAINt JHN, Roses (Imanbek Remix)

Top Christian Song: Elevation Worship ft. Brandon Lake, Graves Into Gardens

Top Gospel Song: Kanye West ft. Travis Scott, Wash Us In The Blood

Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Barry Szeto Reveals His True Feelings In The New EP “In My Head”



Barry Szeto, a pop and R&B artist, shares his thoughts on his new EP “In My Head”.


Barry Szeto’s first TV debut was on the Canadian talent search television show known as ‘Today’s Talent Time’ where he finished as the first runner-up. He has also opened up for Canadian superstars Karl Wolf and Mia Martina, and for Iranian superstar Arash, for America’s Next Dance Crew champions, Quest Crew. Additionally, he was also featured on Dragon’s Den. 


His songs breathe life into every moment, and his latest EP, “In my head” is the representation of the same. The musical journey that inspires is the journey everyone admires. Barry Szeto is an indisputable pop and R&B artist from Vancouver, British Columbia. He loves to create music that instills enthusiasm and imprints feelings in people’s minds. He loves it when people reach merrily to his music. It creates an unfaltering connection between his supporters and his art.


He has acquired many achievements in a short period through his dedication and hard work and built a robust repertoire. 


The Birth Story 

Barry started singing at the age of 14, and his sheer determination led him to move to Toronto, Ontario to pursue his dream with full zeal and zest. After getting exposure on the ‘Today’s Talent Time’, he went on a non-stop trail to make a renowned name in the music industry.


Barry is not afraid to express his views through his songs. He addresses the tumulting ordeals with zing and a sweet voice that leaves the audience enthralled. His music stirs passion for all the things that reflect the beauty of life. He puts all the cards on the table in the lyrics and even expresses the unnerving parts of life in the most charismatic expression.




New EP

Barry’s new EP “In my head” is a collection of mellow songs with lyrics that pull on the heartstrings of the lovers. It consists of songs, “8 Hours”, “Voices Of Thousand Words”, “I Won’t Go”, and “For Real”. 


His songs narrate a story of love and headache while spilling the emotions that one goes through when their loved ones are apart. The soothing voice of Barry bedazzles every listener, and brings authenticity, and focuses on the brevity of the events that are relatable to the masses.





Eccentric Qualities

Barry is a believer in genuine features that everybody possesses and wants to proudly celebrate them. Authenticity powers growth and paves a road for the life that you dream about. If you are obscuring your charming personality behind the curtains to save you from the fangs of the world, you will miss out on major opportunities. 

Barry influences people with how he has turned the pandemic situation into a fruitful avenue for his music and honed his skills. To indulge in his beautiful songs, listen to his EP here.



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“Stay The Night” By Don Mai Will Make You Catch Feelings



Don Mai, a singer/songwriter, shares the journey behind the creation of his new single “Stay The Night”.


Don Mai is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. His soothing voice with zesty lyrics leaves a long-lasting impression on the minds of the audience. His songs bring a refreshing wave of sound into our lives. His new single “Stay The Night ” will be released on all streaming platforms soon. His work is featured on many music blogs like AAAbackstage, Buzzmusic LA, Music Crowns, Xs Noize, Moggblog, etc. 


It all started as a hobby. Don learned to play the piano from a very young age which then developed into a flair for learning guitar, singing/rapping, and eventually writing songs to express his feelings. He is a jack of all trades and a skilled one at that! His perked-up interest in all aspects of music has led him to become a full-fledged singer, writer, and producer for 90% of his songs. Growing up, he had a fickle mind and tried switching to new things out of curiosity which ultimately led him to the conclusion of becoming a singer and entertaining people with thoughtful songs.



Being an independent artist is not easy. You wear multiple hats at the same time. You act as your marketer, producer, writer, singer, and manager. Juggling many roles can be overwhelming at times and take a toll on the health of the artist. This is the biggest struggle in the journey of Don.


Nonetheless, he never loses his spirit and keeps adding new skills to his portfolio. Aside from writing, he also creates and edits videos for marketing, does social media management, and focuses on the aim of delivering a top-notch musical experience to the audience at the same time.


Inspiration For Many

Don believes in following the passion and doing whatever the heart desires. If you follow your dreams, there will be no remorse for not trying. Opinion of others should merely serve as a factor in your success as nothing good ever comes from losing confidence on the whim of others.


He tells people to give everything their 100% before surrendering. The best-case scenario is that you will walk away with lessons for life. When you love the work that you do, it becomes more indulgent and pushes you to do better in life and business.


The Mission

Don’s mission is to create songs that bring relatability and catchiness to the audience and make them groove. His songs are derived from real-life scenarios that often occur in the life of every human being. He wants to bring out the emotions and create tunes that people will remember for a lifetime. To achieve that mission, Don brainstorms around different things like feeling, memories, love, happiness, and other emotions and creates songs befitting the appeal. Be on the lookout for Don Mai’s new single, “Stay The Night” which will be released on 22nd October at 12 a.m. Listen to his previous releases here.

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No Titles By Jae Lz Is Out Now On All Platforms!



Jae Lz, the independent rapper/songwriter, narrates his inspiring journey of music and life.


Music is more than a combination of notes and lyrics. For some people like Jae Lz, it is the most cherished part of life and something that runs in the family. He believes that if you create music with profuse love and determination, making a living out of it becomes easier and renders happiness. 


Jae Lz is an independent rapper/songwriter. He recently released his new song “No Titles” on Spotify and Apple, and it is the most cherished memory and achievement in his music career till date. His hard work reflects in every aspect of his singing career. He is a one man team who indulges in marketing, creation, recording, and releasing songs. It may seem easy on the surface, but it takes years of practice to reach a level that helps to make the dreams a reality. 


Jae has an eccentric voice that resembles a raspy tone that blends in with the instruments and mesmerizes the listeners. He aims to inspire people through his unwavering dedication and story. He narrates his emotions through relatable words. His ultimate goal is to release his album “The Feeling Is Mutual” by Jan 22.


Onset Of The Musical Journey

Jae has been singing for a very long time. He purchased the first recording program at the age of 16. He was set on his goal to pursue music, and used the software to the full of its potential, and dug deep into the basics and complexities of recording music. Once proficient in using it, he started recording his music. 


He shares his passionate music with his friends and family who love the way his music sounds. However, he had children at an early age but this responsibility didn’t let his dream sway. He has witnessed struggles, but he is of the thinking that every hardship pushes people one step closer to their goals. 


Creation Of A Personal Brand

The birth of the brand “Jae” started when he went to record with local artists and producers. He worked on every minute component to sharpen his skills and master the craft of creating music that touches hearts. 


Music instills an unprecedented enthusiasm and energy in his mind that drives him to create stellar content that makes everyone groove and feel his emotions. Jae is set upon the goal to make his music a global sensation, and he works with an unparalleled focus to achieve the same.


A Life lesson

Jae wants to convey the message to every person with a dream that they should never give up on their dreams. Yes, the path may have hurdles in the way, but there is nothing more satisfying than working for the best version of yourself.

If you take mindful steps and acquire proper knowledge about a subject, you can turn it into a substantial source of success. Jae condemns anyone who wastes time, as it is limited and dreams are fleeting if you do not put every waking moment into it. Listen to his new song here.

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Top 10 Influencers To Follow This 2021



The picture of the post-pandemic world is slowly emerging in front of us, and we can already see social media playing a pivotal role in it. The increasing influence of social media has created many career avenues like – social media managers, social media marketers, influencers, etc., and among these, social media influencers are totally slaying the internet by setting higher creativity standards and revamping the entire usage of social media by hypnotizing the people to wait and listen to what they have to say. These social media influencers have revolutionized show biz to a great extent.  


These are the people who gain more popularity and a huge number of followers, by talking on the subject they are experts at. Becoming a popular social media influencer might seem easier to some, but it involves a lot of hard work, consistency and dedication. It takes a lot of effort to create the personal brand that converts. 


Though there are many really talented influencers out there, here are the top 10 influencers who you just can’t miss!


Diletta Amenta

Diletta Amenta, a Milan-based Influencer, is a Digital Creator and Model with over 376K followers. She is known for her participation in the Venice Film Festival – Edition 75 and is also a part of the start of a humanitarian organization in the Dominican Republic. She is known for her social campaigns and collaborations among many clients. Having donned the famous red carpet during the Venice film festival in 2018, she has also slain many green carpet awards in Milan. Recently, she launched a small non-profit organization for giving support to abused or pregnant women. She is a growing digital icon for many important fashion and beauty brands, from Dolce e Gabbana to Guerlain, which has led her from Italy to France on multiple occasions. 

Instagram – @dilettamenta


Eva Savagiou

Eva Savagiou, the fast-rising fashion influencer just hit 1M on Tiktok! She is a Greece based Influencer, is a top IG bikini model with elite brands. She is a total pro at shoots, so much so that every time she gets a parcel with swimsuits from a brand, she immediately tries them out and starts picturing the shootings to highlight the best part of them! She is a fierce, confident person and knows what she does. She emerges as the top new face for the brands that are ruling the world right now. Her expressive way of bringing out the best in the products of a brand makes her the top choice for collaborations with them. She has worked with brands like Fashion Nova, SHEIN, and many other premium brands.


Instagram: @evasavagiou


Chaimae Hammouti 

Chaimae Hammouti, a Morocco based Influencer, started her journey with drawing,  She was an influencer who used to post  drawings in her Instagram stories  and tried to create expressive paintings and publish everything related to fashion! she spent a lot of time spreading everything that was positive, During the pandemic, she was a true influencer who tried to bring joy to people by drawing the celebrities they love or by drawing them. Art always makes difficulties easier. She aspires to start her own fashion company and do a painting exhibition, and most importantly she wants to become an ambassador of happiness and wishes to help the needy, bring joy to their hearts And make her mother in the grave proud of her.


Instagram: @chaimaehammouti1


Victoria Vesce 

Victoria Vesce, a Charleston based Influencer, is a Law Student. Known to be a Monster Energy Girl and a former NBA dancer for the Charlotte Hornets, she is a brain tumor survivor as well. This brave charismatic woman was an inaugural member of the Charlotte Hornets NBA dance team, The Honey Bees. She completed three years with the team and has had the opportunity to dance at NBA Global Games in China while she also performed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. She is an alumni of NC State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications and graduating from her J.D. at Charleston School of Law this December 2021. 


In addition to law school, Victoria travels around for social media influencing and modeling. She is also in the works of her own TV show! She successfully overcame the rare tumors and wishes to inspire people with her journey to bring awareness to self-health and love. 


Instagram – @victoriavesce


Kimmy Nagpal

Kimmy Nagpal, a Delhi-based Influencer is recognized and was crowned as the Miss desert, Rajasthan in 2010. She is working with big brands like Biba, Innisfree, Zivame, Daniel Wellington, Sugar, and Yonis. This led her to New Delhi and a job in the textile business where she was deeply engrossed in her work and eventually led to influencers. She is a highly coveted international public figure, an image management evangelist, wellness and beauty advisor, and influencer. These opportunities have led her to place her foot in the complex and cash-rich fashion industry. What makes her gain momentum with each passing day is her expertise in handling social media, being an influencer on the same, and empowering young minds and many others through creating relatable, trending, and honest content that connects her with her fans and followers and influencing them the right way in innumerable genres like fashion videos, beauty videos, photography, editing, unconventional and modern fashion, lifestyle, and much more.


Instagram – @kimmynagpal3


Arina Ost

Arina Ost got her first experience in a Walt Disney production film. At 19, she was chosen as a model on an Estonian TV show, the second season of “Estonia’s Next Top Models”. She was then recognized and got many offers from brands like Nike and US & UK big brands, and magazines. She is known to have worked with Cosmopolitan and got a ten-page spread as well. Cosmopolitan has been one of her memorable moments in her career along with her portrait on a billboard. She is currently in London to study Filmmaking & TV Production at the University of Greenwich. She develops content, contacts, social media strategies, and international relations with different clothing brands. Recently, she was seen in a lead role in a movie, and also was chosen as the main girl in a music video where she danced in a duet with a famous and talented singer who has hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. 


Instagram: @hernameisarina


Adam/Jerome Bell-Bastien

Adam & Jerome are Michigan based Influencers, recently known for their singles that have been released(“N’EAUX” and “Arizona”) as well as their original Holiday song titled “Let Me Come Home”. Their single “TRN IT UP” was also played on SiriusXM channel 51 Bpm, and featured on They are also known to have performed in Madison Square Garden, The Barclays Center, and Yankee Stadium. They are now focussing on live shows, and are a part of a band called ‘The Disco Nights’ based in New York City. They have also performed at Pride festivals across the country and that is our absolute favorite! They are on their journey to continue making great music with a message to embark on our very first tour.


Instagram: @oneupduo


Jessica Jerrard 

Jessica Jerrard a Leeds based Influencer, is a Master of all trades. She covers travel, business, fashion and interior design. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also a hard-working mother too.

Known to be a fire performer and former dancer for Sky Sports, she has now turned her hand to business. This independent strong woman has come from nothing to now helping secure fortune 100 companies.

Jessica’s page is all about showcasing that it is possible to be a mum, wife, have a high-profile career, and still have fun at the same time. She demonstrates that you do not have to lose your identity when you become a mother while also keeping it real and showing the highs and lows of day-to-day life. One admirable fact about Jessica is that she is not afraid to open up to the public about all of her struggles with mental health. Definitely, one to watch out for!

Instagram – @jessica_jerrard

Amanda Carluccio 

Amanda Carluccio, a New Jersey based influencer, has been gaining popularity from her Dad’s prank video that has hit over 17 million views! She is known for her TikTok and Instagram tutorials where she talks about fashion and trends. Co-owning an online jewelry brand called ‘Layed Jewels, LLC’ founded in August 2021 has been one of her top priorities. Layed Jewels is an alluring jewelry brand consisting of elegant pieces you can layer up. ( Her personal brand is a mix of fashion and lifestyle with the hilarious side of her family. Her main goal is to make people laugh by creating funny content with her Father on TikTok as well as teaching dance tutorials! She hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions and have fun while doing it!


Instagram: @amanda_jean13


Jai Winter

Jai Winter, a Charlotte based Influencer, spreads music to listeners with a heart-to-heart deja-vous. He recently hit his 6k monthly listener milestone on Spotify while he also released his album “A Life Without Color”. Most of his music is inspired from personal struggles that he wanted to share with many around the world, becoming a voice for those who still can’t find the words to express themselves. The best part that he loves about his work is recording and giving each song a structure where he engineers all his tracks himself until the outro. He aims to inspire and touch the hearts and minds of many and continue to let the creative energy run free. 


Instagram: @jaiawinter




If you’re on social media, chances are you might have already been following one of these top 10 influencers. Another influencer endeavor has been shot through for the current 2021 in making. 


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Joshua Schulman To Join The Luxury Brand Capri From September 2022



Capri has appointed its new CEO for the brand Michael Kors.


Mr. Joshua Schulman will succeed Mr. John D. Idol from September 2022, as the Luxury Brand Capri Holdings Limited. He has announced the appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the Michael Kors brand, succeeding John D. Idol in September 2022 when Mr. Idol will become Executive Chairman. Mr. Schulman will be reporting directly to John D. Idol, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cap, and will be responsible for all aspects of the Michael Kors brand globally.


With years of experience and expertise in leading the global luxury fashion brands under his belt, Mr. Schulman looks forward to leading Michaek Kors to new heights. He has led brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci.RI Holdings and brought a successful transformation into them. Before joining Capri Holdings, he was the President and CEO of the Coach brand Tapestry Inc. Before his tenure at Coach, Mr. Schulman was with Neiman Marcus Group serving as President of Bergdorf Goodman from 2012 to 2017, and assuming additional responsibility for NMG International with the acquisition of in 2014. From 2007 to 2012, he was also the Chief Executive Officer of Jimmy Choo.


Mr. Idol’s Words

Mr. Idol feels delighted and expects to see this new leadership adding to the prosperity of this brand. He says, “I am thrilled to have Josh join Capri Holdings as CEO of the Michael Kors brand. Josh is an outstanding leader with broad retail experience, industry depth, and a proven track record of successfully operating and growing luxury brands. Josh’s appointment is part of a thoughtfully planned leadership succession. Over the next year, Josh will immerse himself in the Michael Kors brand. In September 2022, Josh will become the CEO of Capri Holdings. The Board and I are confident in Josh’s unique abilities to lead Capri Holdings. His results-driven leadership style and passion for building consumer-centric global brands will be instrumental in maximizing the full potential of our three luxury fashion houses”.


Happiness and zeal of the new beginning are seen in both of them, while asked about this new opportunity Mr. Joshua Schulman says, “I am delighted to join Capri as CEO of Michael Kors. I have long admired Michael’s design vision and how the brand creates timeless fashion and embodies jet-set glamour. I look forward to working closely with him and the talented Michael Kors management team to build upon the long-standing success of the brand.”


In September 2022, Mr. Schulman will succeed Mr. Idol as Chief Executive Officer of Capri Holdings and will be appointed to the Capri Holdings’ Board of Directors. Both of the charismatic leaders will work closely and continue to provide overall leadership to the Board of Directors. When the vision of the leaders and all the employees match the vision of the organization, miracles happen. And miracles are on Capri’s way because Mr. Idol mentioned, “We believe our plan will allow for a smooth CEO transition next Fall. I look forward to partnering with Josh on the overall strategic direction for the group as well as on potential strategic acquisitions.”

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Tesher’s New Juicy Version Of Jalebi Baby Is Getting Massive Hit



 Be as weird and wild as you can be – Tesher (Canadian-Indian songwriter and rapper).


Tesher’s music video of ‘Jalebi Baby’, ft. Jason Derulo is finally out! Premiered on July 13, 2021, it’s driving everyone nuts or Jalebis perhaps? After the release of its original version by Tesher on November 13, 2020, Jalebi Baby topped the Shazam charts in 25+ countries and by May, it had gathered over 100 million combined global streams. It also appeared at No. one on the UK Asian Music Chart and remained on the top for seven consecutive weeks! Moreover, on February 20, 2021, it debuted at No. 20 on the Billboard’s ‘Top Triller Global Chart’ and at number 16 on Billboard’sWorld Digital Song Saleschart on May 29, 2021.


From experimenting with ‘Yummy Jalebi’, the mix of Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ and Bollywood’s ‘Jalebi Bai’ from ‘Double Dhamaal’, the Canadian-Indian singer has traveled a long way, and saw a metamorphosis from a viral to international fame! The mammoth hit of ‘Jalebi Baby’ with Derulo was overseen by Capitol Records in a unique partnership with Universal Music Group and Namah Music Group. Currently, Tesher has 626K subscribers on YouTube and 108K followers. 


About The Sizzling Journey Of Jalebi Baby 

It’s most important to enjoy your work and Hitesh Sharma aka Tesher’s “Jalebi Baby” is the perfect example for this. ‘Jalebi Baby’ is a song based on a salsa melody with reggaeton elements. It traces its inspiration back to Bollywood’s “Jalebi bai” but has Arabic drums in it. It’s also in English with a bit of Hindi and some Punjabi. These characteristics of being a blend of several cultures and music forms set it apart and don’t let it fit into any specific bucket! It was a creation Tesher created for simply having some fun and it was that uniqueness people responded to. 


While talking about the creativity poured in the song Tesher said, “As for advice, I’d say be authentic and don’t try being like anyone else. Be as weird and wild as you can be. It’s the most stereotypical thing that I could say but it’s true”. 


Story Of The Biggest Collaboration In Tesher’s Music Career

The original version had gained massive traction all over the world. The song was scaling up to number one in markets like Turkey, UAE, Algeria, and Egypt, and was finding its way up in the Middle East to North Africa and into Europe. But, it was being played a lot on platforms like TikTok and that’s the main reason why people were ‘Shazaming’ it! 


Meanwhile, even Jason was looking for something sizzling hot internationally and wanted to collaborate. He loved ‘Jalebi Baby’ when he heard it. He not only wanted to bring the record to the USA but also had plans to expose it to the mainstream in a big way.


This collaboration gained him international fame and provided Hitesh with several opportunities to learn and evolve. While talking about this, he said, “There have been a lot of learnings from Jason. Just watching him in front of the camera is an amazing experience, for one. He gives an incredible take every single time. He is such a professional dancer, and as soon as the take is over, he calms down and watches the shot to see what he can do better. He is a fun guy for sure, but when he is working, he is just working and is tuned in. He gave me a lot of pointers on how to move my body and how to work with the camera in front of me. It was my first big music video, and for me, I had to learn a lot of things which he helped with”.

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Nicolas Rannikko Leaves You Wanting ‘More’ With Latest Single



Nicolas Rannikko is here to wow the audience with his latest single, ‘More’.


The world is brimming with artists of different genres. However, only some rise above the standard and get to the peak of the pyramid. These people are the ones that dedicate their lives to passion and get the best out of their work.


Nicolas Rannikko is a young and passionate music producer who aims to leave his mark in the world. He creates astounding music while incorporating enrapturing lyrics that complement it. He started making music at just the age of 12 and needless to say that he succeeded in the most splendid manner.


The vibes of his songs are immaculate that makes people groove to every beat. He believes in always being supportive of people and creating music that takes away all the problems of life. His latest single ‘More’ is a shimmering wave of soothing beats, with melodies that combine to create a surge of energy speeding through the body of the listener.

The Onset Of The Journey

Nicolas didn’t waste time, he started learning music when he was as young as 12 years. Prior to producing music, he was already proficient in chorus and the nitty-gritty of it. Through rigorous training and burning passion, Nicolas trained himself to be the best at what he does.


He was introduced to FL Studio by his cousin at the age of 12. After downloading it, Nicolas started working and training his ears to recognize great music from afar. To create heavenly music, he dedicated most of his time to learning and getting ready to create music for the world. He kept producing and releasing singles. He also moved a lot, then he joined Berklee College of music to further chase his passion. Needless to say that he succeeded in his goal with opulent results.

An Inspiration For Others

Nicolas wants to be a supportive pillar for those who are too afraid to unveil their talent in front of the world. He wants to inspire people to work hard incessantly without failing in front of adversities. He wants to push people towards their goals and help them create unprecedented success in their field, and always be one-step forward from their competitors.


He knows that everything is possible through hard work, and if someone is going through conflicting opinions about putting their work out there, Nicolas is always there to cheer for them. He shares, “I think there’s a lot of untapped potential in the world of music out there. I want to be the person to speak up for the people who are afraid to put their creative work out to the world.”

An Eccentric Quality

Nicolas is a free spirit who creates unique music that resonates with his character. He is constantly releasing music to diversify his portfolio while dipping his feet in various genres to gain more experience as well as recognition.

His hard work is also a quality that pushes him to greater heights. His music hooks makes you groove, and creates an immaculate lofi environment. To know more about his latest track ‘More’, visit his profile here.

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The Safety Word Resurrects 80s Nostalgia With – Perfect Diamonds EP



The Aussie duo shares the story of creation of this electrifying composition. 


John Rousvanis and Simon Quinn of ‘The Safety Word’ have channelized their energies to create masterpieces like ‘Perfect Diamonds’. 


The Safety Word is an Atmospheric Synth-Pop duo from Melbourne, Australia. John Rousvanis and SimonQuinn who have performed in several live shows. They have released over 58 songs that include original songs, remixes, and collaborations. Their compositions have also ranked on Spotify. They strive to connect to their audience through music. 


They say “Connection is something really important to us. It allows us all to share and learn about everybody’s experiences, and for them to feel part of something greater: the paths we are on in our journeys and interpretations of life. We want everyone to be able to escape into our cocoon of blissful sounds, and help them be transformed.”


About ‘Perfect Diamonds EP’ 

This iconic band has recently paired up with Zak Vortex to produce their soothing and nostalgic hit, “Perfect Diamonds”. With massive pad chords, shimmering arpeggiators, and a deep Moog bass, the track truly stands out as a bewitching experience. The song opens with a chilling bass-like synth accompanied by a shimmering key melody, which is later overtaken by a stomping drum arrangement and retro-inspired synths that float down from above. The spell begins to conjure when John Rousvanis’ comforting voice begins to paint serene pictures of two young lovers completely lost in each other’s presence. 


The Spiritual & Musical Journey Of ‘The Safety Word’

The story of this popular band is very dramatic and makes you believe in serendipity and the concept of destiny. Before forming a band, John and Simon were walking on their different paths. The only thing holding them and connecting them was their love and passion for music. 


While John was halfway through a European tour with one of his previous bands, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t hear properly. There was just a maddening sound ringing continuously. The tinnitus he had been suffering during a year of touring had now turned into hyperacusis and he felt physically debilitated.


He was lost and heart-broken because he had poured his heart and soul into that band, and it was now killing him. John says, “With tears in my eyes, I remorsefully stepped down from being the frontman of that band, but remained on the tour bus for the next two weeks. I desperately wanted to go home, but didn’t have the finances…it was hell…and I was at my absolute breaking point. In my darkest loneliest moment, I felt a vibration in my pocket. It was Simon calling from Australia.” 


This phone call was the beginning of it all. After healing from the tragic incident, John and Simon have tapped into something very powerful that allowed them to make deep connections with audiences all around the world and create the magic they create through their music. 


The Covid Impact 

Just like any other industry, the music industry also witnessed a tremendous downfall in the pandemic time. The speeding caravan of The Safety Word felt a sudden jolt in 2020.During this time, they ended up constructing 4 remix EPs of their material with diverse collaborators from all corners of the world and started streaming online from their house. 


They proactively responded to every comment they received on the social media platforms, asked questions to their audiences, and aced the online world. They also started releasing new vocal tracks every 4-5 weeks. This kept their audience in the loop and gained traction on their social media handles. They have many collaborations and projects in the pipeline and are enthusiastically working on them. 


To know more about their plans and merch, please visit their website


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Razvan Mitroi’s Music Is A Treat For Ears



Razvan, a music artist, shares how his passion for music transformed his life.


Music can help you achieve great things while leaving an impact on the lives of many. Artists bring words to life by adding their emotions and eccentric sounds to them. Razvan is one such artist who witnessed his surroundings metamorphose into a dream when he followed his passion for music. He started going about this dream in 2019 while he was still in college. Initially, the alternate reality of failing always haunted Razvan. He decided to tackle this monster anyway, and it is evident that he took the right decision.


Razvan’s music caught the eyes of curious music enthusiasts instantly. He managed to rack over 100,000  monthly listeners and 2 million streams on Spotify. Celebrities like Sergio Ramos, Ava Max, Jamie Oliver, Nicole Sherzinger, Charelle Schriek, Zoe Saldana, Gian Simeone, Max Verstappen, Khamzat Chimaev, etc., have come forward to support this talent, and bring his beatific songs in the front and center of the music industry. His first song, “Summer Vibes” got a lot of love from the audience and became his most popular song. As Razvan sets out on this daunting yet beautiful music journey, he looks back on all the hurdles that he overcame to be here.

About His Music

Razvan started working on his first album in 2019 and decided to release it in early 2021. However, as the pandemic engulfed the world, he found more time to focus on his album. With additional efforts and hard work, he was able to release the album in June 2020. 


The first song, ‘No More Secrets’ hit all streaming platforms on 22 June 2020. The tropical vibes of this song make it the perfect tune for refreshment in summer. When Razvan revealed that he won a contest through this song, this made the audience more eager to listen to his songs.


The second single, ‘Not Alone’ came out on 6th July 2020 which invokes emotions through its mellow harmony and touching lyrics. The lyrics pierce the heart with the truth that they carry, and the listeners drown in the unrealistic sound and melody that Razvan brings to them.


Then people’s favorite song ‘About Me’ was released on 31st July 2020 which was quick to gain traction from the audience due to its upbeat chill vibes. The full album came out on 21st August 2020 under the name “Last Sunset With You.”

Music To Vibe With

Razvan’s music gives off mellow and tropical vibes. This is the best kind of music to chill in any season. His Instagram is also flooded with music producers who push him to make music by appreciating his songs.


He loves the part where he is ready to bring his dong in front of the world and see the reaction of people to it. Song creation is where his happiness lies, and he aims to bring only spectacular music with every release. To know more about his work, visit his Instagram profile.


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CARRÉ: Enlivening The World Through Electrifying New Single – Turn Down The Choir



This band is creating music that makes people tap their feet with supreme energy. 

Double drum trio CARRÉ is setting new milestones by experimenting with music. This double-drum trio-led band was born out of the need and will for creating a dancy electronic and rock n’ roll band. They have recently released a new single “Turn down the choir” on August 20th that perfectly describes the battle between the subconscious and the conscious.


Beginning Of Musical Journey 

CARRÉ started as a concept band in 2019. It was brought to life in Los Angeles, CA, by two former French artists/musicians/producers Keveen Baudouin & Jules de Gasperis, and a drummer based out of Paris, France. The double drum trio released a couple of singles/videos and their first EP in the Spring of Summer 2020. This trio wanted to create a band that blended their electronic influences from French Touch and psychedelic rock’n roll. To make the music electrifying that could make people dance to their feet, CARRÉ came to life with the two drummers’ idea to produce the tight groove dance feeling to the music.

Their strength lies in the unique talents they have. Each of them came to the table with different influences ranging from electronic and modern rock by Jules De Gasperis to a more psychedelic-industrial and noise experimental vibe by Keveen Baudouin to hints of pop, world music, and percussion was brought to the table by Julien Boyé. 



Every beautiful creation we see today is inspired by something, and the same is the case with this band. Experimentation – the greatest inspiration, pushed them to blend the French and Anglo-Saxon influences by mixing up electronic music with rock n’ roll. The Los Angeles music scene doesn’t have that. This scarcity and the want to fulfill it through their creation were the two greatest motivating factors that inspired them to create the music that fulfills the craving.


Global Pandemic, CARRÉ & Its Future Plans

The band says, “Covid 19 impacted us as we were supposed to play our EP release show in Los Angeles, CA, during the Spring of 2020 with a series of European shows right after that. We ended up sticking to our release calendar and put out the two first singles and video clips in April and May 2020 followed by our self-titled EP in late July 2020”. Anything but time can wait for us, but time is the thing that flies by. Utilizing it with utmost care is what one can do, if Pandemic doesn’t stop. If it carries on its work, how could we rest? That is the ideology behind the band’s unceasing work.   

They plan to keep producing and creating music and keep releasing new tracks. They don’t wait for the opportunities to come, they believe in creating them. They believe that “The shows will come when they’re supposed to. Forcing destiny never helped anyone so we are patient and meanwhile, we’re building a following and an interest in our music.” 

As their music is not formatted to some kind of song shape, they are expecting the cinematic and trance aspect of it to hopefully help bring CARRÉ some love in the movie soundtrack world. It will help them keep everything and everyone together to create more, bring that project on stage in front of a crowd than on tour. Because at the end of the day, live music is the answer.

To listen to all their compositions please click here


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