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Stack Pack Takes Control In The Crypto/NFT Space



As you may know, NFTs and metaverse have been huge and hot topic for the past year or so. Stack pack has gotten into the space and went full force. Stack has multiple avatars that are famous in the meta verse, we’re here to connect with friends. Stack pack has a bunch of NFTs on the blockchain as he collabs with projects and other artists from the community. We were checking on stack pack’s Instagram, he also launched his virtual art gallery for every single NFT and album artwork he has ever had through the years. Stack is also in a partnership with sovereign brands owned by Brett, it includes expensive tastes from Belaire, Bumboo, McQueen and Villion – all high end liquor brands. Stack pack is very active with helping his friends and connections built within the space. Stack pack Volume 3 released with a NFT-themed cover of stack as the terminator, we’re excited to see where he takes control of stack pack volume 4 and the special unlockables for the Meta verse.

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Hitesh Soni & Associates: India’s Acclaimed Law Firm Accoladed By London-Based Acquisition International



The Mumbai-based law firm, Hitesh Soni & Associates, becomes the only Indian law firm awarded the Best Corporate & Commercial Law Firm 2022 by Acquisition International.


Legal services across the globe have changed dramatically over the years. These service providers are responding to economic and social problems ranging from employment legislation to data privacy and foreign investment. With the introduction of new technologies and new threats to clients, legal firms are also actively adopting new ways to provide top-notch services. To top it all off, the COVID-19 pandemic has also played a crucial role in shaping the legal services offered in today’s time. 


In India, Hitesh Soni & Associates, a Mumbai-based law firm headed by the diligent Hitesh C Soni, is a step ahead of others to provide its clients with trustworthy legal services. The firm is well-known for its courtroom elegance which is founded on a solid client-centric ethical basis, inclusiveness and a comprehensive & integrative approach.


The Multi-Award Winning Firm

Recently, Acquisition International, a UK-based digital business magazine, named Hitesh Soni & Associates as the Best Corporate & Commercial Law Firm 2022, making the firm India’s sole representative on the winner’s list.


The editor of Acquisition International, Sofi Bajor, was quoted saying that lawyers play a vital role in every society as they swear to protect the innocent and ensure that justice is upheld. Their awards offer an insight into the firm’s success and how they work to provide their clients with the benefits of their vast wisdom and legal expertise. Therefore, Acquisition International proudly announces Hitesh Soni & Associates, India as the winner of their Global Excellence Awards 2022 for “Best Corporate & Commercial Law Firm 2022”.


But this isn’t the first time this esteemed law firm was awarded a title. In 2021, the firm was named one of the most reliable law firms. They was named a “Notable Firm” in commercial and transaction litigation by Benchmark Litigation Asia Pacific 2022. Mirror Review dubbed the firm one of the “Top Business Law Firms to Watch in 2022.” Hitesh C Soni, the founder, was presented the “Global Lex-falcon Award 2022” in Dubai for his contribution to the Global Legal Industry at the Lex Talk World Conference. Hitesh was also honored with the “Indian Achievers Award 2021” and was named the “Most Prestigious & Trusted Legal Leader in 2022.”


Hitesh C Soni And His Firm

Passionate, ambitious and undeterred by hurdles, Hitesh chased the dream that led him to become a first-generation lawyer. His energetic personality and ability prompted him to start his full-service firm in 2017 at the young age of 26.


The umbrella of the firm’s services includes corporate and commercial, hospitality, leveraging litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution, international trade & customs practice, projects, infrastructure & energy, real estate, white collar crimes, immigration laws, service laws, and labor laws. 


As an attorney, Hitesh has made a name as an extraordinary young professional due to his broad outlook and ethical conduct in the legal field. He has defended his clients in trials before the Indian Supreme Court, the Bombay High Court, and other courts around India.

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From $200 to $20,000 Per Month in 6 Months: The Crazy Journey Of Royan & Creation Of His 6-Figure Business



Royan Nidea, an entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in the sales industry helps people acquire their ideal clients through LinkedIn.


High performance is not possible if people don’t have a dream to manifest. Sure, there are challenges that might try to shatter the faith, but people who still stay motivated through their difficulties emerge victorious and successful always. Royan Nidea understands LinkedIn and the different strategies that one can utilize to grow their business via this social platform. 6 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. This figure shows the potential it holds. Royan saw this and built a company with 15 team members. The aim of this company is to help Coaches & Consultants acquire clients through Linkedin.


His journey started early at the age of 18 years. He quit college to support his family financially. He mainly worked in the outsourcing and sales field. With extensive experience, he finally hopped on the idea to create his own company from scratch. While he was employed at a startup, a consultant reached out to ask him for help in acquiring clients through Linkedin. And 20,at that point, he thought this would be a great opportunity to test if his process will work for other coaches and consultants outside the company he was working for.


Royan was able to help his client earn $20,000 in just 60 days, and this made him really hopeful about what the future holds for his business. So, he decided to do this again with more clients. He got a coach-consultant client and helped him earn $15,000 in 30 days too!


Royan and his team specialize in simple and unusual methods that flood their client’s calendar with new client appointments from LinkedIn every day, this is without posting content or spending money on ads. Our signature offer is a built-for-you system that guarantees to help our clients consistently acquire new clients month after month.


Even when the pandemic was creating a bad streak for businesses, Royan and his company thrived as internet marketing came into demand. They spoke to a lot of clients that used to generate leads through live networking events and wanted to utilize Linkedin to network with the right people and open up business opportunities for their business. The right strategies gave the much-needed boost to Royan’s business and finally, he and his team were able to build a 6 figure business in 6 months. The future vision of his company the #1 Filipino consulting & outsourcing company For Coaches & Consultants serving 1000+ happy clients in 30+ countries.


With his unstoppable determination to help people leverage LinkedIn to the fullest, Royan and his company is on the right track to achieving all the business goals and more. They are growing fast and bringing great results for each client and their business too. To know more about his business and work, visit his website here.


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What Work/Life Balance Means From The Lens Of Blake DeLuca




What is unique about this drive is the satisfaction that each milestone renders to the involved individuals. In his bid to promote a work/life balance, Blake suggests putting the phone and work down to focus more on family. Love for work can foster a healthy relationship with colleagues. However, it can drive a wedge between friends and most importantly family. 


Love For Technology

Blake has always been keen on the innovative and ever-expansive scope that technology holds. He has worked for some of the most reputed tech giants in the world, the largest department stores via their tech department. Now, he is also working as the Senior Cloud Innovation Product Manager at one of the biggest data-driven marketing firms. 


He provides consulting on cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. He also consults with big data companies on how they should manage the data that they have today. With his solutions and a vision to ease the body and mind of pressure, he is busting many myths related to work and life. Gone are the days when people would have to work 24 hours to be successful. If you are planned, organized and have a mission to reach, work will be a breeze. Challenges become easier to recognize and diffuse. Blake’s story inspires others to follow their dreams while also making their life more happening. It shows how success is not something that burdens your mind, but what frees it. To know more about his work, visit herBlake DeLuca a Senior Cloud Innovation Product Manager,  real estate agent, and entrepreneur shows how to succeed with a holistic work/life balance routine. 


Working 24 hours and forgetting about life outside the hustle burns people out. While success for some people means money, there is nothing in this world that can compensate for degrading mental and physical health. Blurring the line between work and life is not the approach toward success or money, taking a 360-degree approach is. Blake DeLuca is an entrepreneur and a techie with various ventures and is someone who believes in a routine that leads to prosperity but without burnout. 


Blake has always been passionate about growing an empire. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age. Some of his businesses include a lawn care company, phone repair company, and a small media company. Since he was always indulged in a side hustle, he is really aware of how difficult it can be to manage both work and life. If one fails to do this, many health issues can emerge which can affect the quality of both these aspects. 


Manage The Hustle

Building hustles and small businesses is a tiresome activity. Bringing a concept into reality needs a rock-solid will that fuels the passion. People should opt to build businesses and hustles that they love, so happiness always prevails. When you are excited and thrilled about the next step in your business, money and success follow. 

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Gonzalo Martinez Teaches How To Network With The Magic Of Social Media To Generation X



Gonzalo Martinez’s vision is to become a known authority in the teaching niche from Ecuador, he is here to help Generation X on how to crack the right LinkedIn and Instagram networking technology. 


Social Media is the new spot where people from all over the world meet, and networking has become an inherent part of life. Just like the morning coffee, social media has become a part of the routine. Entrepreneurship has also evolved with this change in digital outlook, and Gonzalo has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade now. He knows what to implement, and how to nurture a worldwide network of businessmen and talented individuals. 


Gonzalo has tried his hands in many industries. He has seen challenges, conquered them, and failed sometimes, but always stayed hopeful of the things ahead. After trying out many things, he finally fixated his vision on an opportunity that allows him to do business 24X7, and that is social media. He used this power of networking sites to connect with many passionate people. Following the quote, “ If you surround yourself with successful people, success will come to you.” Now, he is using his story to inspire others to follow their dreams too. He wants to serve and guide Gen X.


Keeping Up With The Digital World

Gonzalo believes that people pave their own way to success. One just needs a guide, good advice, or maybe some support. He aims to provide that and also change lives. Struggles are inevitable, but not if one keeps their spirit up. He wants people to have faith in themselves and have an action plan. Incredible things happen, and Gonzalo hopes to make that true for millions. 


The qualities of honesty, sincerity, and commitment are something that Gonzalo values a lot, and also wants individuals to inculcate them to become successful. With these values, he is also teaching the people of his generation about the use of social media. His experience says that it is not just a hobby, but an opportunity waiting to be unblocked. 


His methods are based on his journey till now. He uses the technological efficiency of Generation Z and millennials, with the experience of Gen X and creates an unparalleled road to success for people. With social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, Gonzalo expanded his businesses by leaps and bounds. He got many opportunities for his real estate, cleaning business, and different ways to build more passive income too. 


“I believe that the changes that have occurred after the pandemic have strengthened the opportunities to do business in the digital world, definitely the new trends are taking us through technology, virtual connections, remote work and you have to know how to adapt quickly to the changes, otherwise you are out of the market in a second.” – Gonzalo Martinez


Your network is your net worth. And if you know the right content, time and place to share, you will triumph in both the digital and real world. Gonzalo is on the path to transforming the lives of Gen X, and he will inspire many with his teachings. To know more, visit his Instagram profile here. 

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Business comes in top 10 selling NFTs within 10 days of launch


on, a brand new NFT project, came out this June and has already stirred up OpenSea. Within only 10 days of its launch, Troll-town has come to be one of the top 10 selling NFTs in OpenSea and consequently, the most hyped NFT collection in 2022. was released in the beginning of June 2022 as a free mint collection on Ethereum blockchain in response to the popularity of another famous NFT collection, Despite starting at the bottom, Troll-town very quickly outdid its parent project in daily volume rankings and within just 10 days, it rose from zero to 100,000+ followers on Twitter and 0.5+ETH in floor price. The project has already recorded over $2.4 million in sales over the past three days, surpassing some of the biggest projects over Ethereum marketplace. is ranking as one of the top 10 NFT projects in OpenSea right now and is currently trending all over the world.



Owing to the exceptional hype of, the project has already received massive media attention from the NFT sphere and has partnered with some of the most influential NFT thought leaders. With record sales of 12,49 trolls in just the past 24 hours, they are already outperforming some of the presently known biggest NFT collections. Given its phenomenal success, many investors are expecting the future of a blue-chip NFT from with 50+ ETH in floor price.


About is an NFT collection of a total of 10,000 NFT trolls stored and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The lore of reads “trolls are here to take over the world”. It is a CCO project, meaning anybody can use the artwork on their platform in any way they like. For individuals who own a minimum of 3 NFTs, the project offers land, tokens, and a mutational serum as airdrops. Currently, the collection’s floor price has already grown to 0.5 ETH and is still on the rise. 


Media Contact


Name- Trolltown


Contact- +371 28 923 799

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Build A Brand Online With Five Simple Steps: Sahil Sachdeva



The self-made entrepreneur, Sahil Sachdeva, shared his tips on how you can get started with your brand.


The game of business is currently being changed by a movement in trends and technology. To be dubbed a brand, you don’t have to be a multi-billion-dollar corporation. The definitions have shifted all around the world. You are a brand if you are an individual who is capable of making a difference in the world, if you have the capacity to affect the world via your own presence and if experiences can have an impact. We have everything at our fingertips, and we can’t dispute that this is increasing individual exposure. Sahil Sachdeva has already mastered the art of becoming a personal brand.


Sahil Sachdeva develops elite personal brands via the use of social media and top-tier press coverage. Sahil is a capable, self-sufficient entrepreneur who has previously been linked with a number of technological achievements and has received multiple international awards. This young entrepreneur has a long and illustrious list of satisfied customers, including some well-known celebrities, and here are 5 tips on how you can create a brand on social media.

  • Find your area of expertise

Sahil suggests that one should take some time to reflect upon their capabilities and choose one that they want to be pro at. You have to become a generalist first and then choose that one area. This will only come when you try different things. People who master one field are seen as subject matter experts and they hold credibility in the market for their expertise. Social media like Instagram and YouTube would also promote an individual if all the content they share is linked up together. 

  • Update your social media accounts

The next step involves creating authentic social media accounts. Fancy usernames are not trendy anymore. The individuals who use their own name as a username are seen as more authentic and it creates a personal touch with their audience. Along with that, Sahil suggests that one should keep a headshot of their face as their profile picture, consistent on all the accounts. 

  • Regularly share the content

One should decide the pace at which they can post their content. It doesn’t have to be every day. It has to be consistent. To grow your brand, you should understand that you have to post valuable content. All the algorithms promote valuable content and people will even view you as a determined person if they keep seeing content from you in the same expertise. This way you will give them a reason to follow you. 

  • Keep your image consistent

The most important thing in a personal brand is consistency about the voice and tone that you use. You have to make sure that you stick to what you’ve chosen and you don’t keep changing it again and again just because you’re not getting instant results. Success is never overnight. One needs to put years of consistency before they can finally outshine in the world. 

  • Take help if necessary

If you’re really serious about building your brand but you lack the resources, it is advisable that you take help in building your image from someone who has already done it for themselves and others. Level Up PR is a B2B PR agency where they work with personal brands and help them stand out in today’s digital world. This helps reach targeted audiences, build a rapport with audience/leads/clients and stay relevant. 


Get started on your personal brand with Level Up PR to maximise your potential. 

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PassYourChallenge Uplifting Traders To Acquire Financial Freedom



Automated trading software helped over 1500 traders acquire up to 6 figures in funding and trading capital. 

The foreign exchange is the largest financial market in the world with a daily volume of $6.6 trillion and that is the scope for a huge customer base. But unfortunately, most retail traders lack funding and were limited to only trading their small accounts that generate very little profits, until now…


About 5 months ago, Axel Amani decided to launch an automated trading software that can help average traders in acquiring funding from proprietary firms and start trading large capital. Axel and his team developed a solid strategy that was able to generate consistent profits. They then built a team of coders and software developers to translate their strategy into an automated trading bot. 


The launch of the automated trading bot blew up the company, PassYourChallenge, and helped it become the biggest in its niche, with over 2000 clients and a dedicated community.


PassYourChallenge provides value by helping traders get the opportunity to pass their proprietary firm challenges, which in turn gives traders access to large funding and the ability to start making substantial profits through these funded accounts.


The company understands that larger accounts mean larger profits which mean bigger payouts for their clients. The company caters for the needs of its clients by providing them with their automated trading bot.


While trading in the financial market, PassYourChallenge teaches their clients the strategy that works and the usage of the automated software. The bot helps traders acquire up to 6 figures in funding and trading capital from Proprietary Firms. 


In the financial industry, results and performances matter the most, PassYourChallenge have made a name for themselves by consistently posting hundreds of client results on their social media platforms, YouTube and other outlets. 


Currently, Axel and his team are helping traders receive funding with their company ‘PassYourChallenge’. They are also starting a brand new division of the company that will help other traders expand and start their own trading business by sharing their systems, processes and even white-label their software & services. Entrepreneurs can acquire the knowledge and tools to start their own 7 figure business and attain financial freedom with this venture. (


The company is in the process of becoming a multi eight-figure company with offices across Dubai, Miami and Toronto. 


Media Contact

Name: Axel Amani

Telegram: @passyourchallengefx

Youtube: Axel FX



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A Good Business Owner Knows How To Pivot The Unseen – Kyle Kirshner



Learnings of the business that survived Covid-19 with flying colors.


Covid-19 has been a huge setback, especially for the global economy. Many businesses sank to the ocean bed and unemployment became a widespread disease. It was a hard time for the entire world and despite people facing issues, there were some who held onto the good hope and spread it equally for others. In the year where most of the entrepreneurs regretted their decision, some of them were making history for themselves. Kyle Kirshner is one such entrepreneur who turned around things for his business last year.


Kyle Kirshner’s Journey

Kyle Kirshner started working at the age of 15 for a company that had a turnover of 20 million per year. The company has been making this money from Amazon and while working for them, Kyle thought of launching his own business. Even though Kyle was very young, he knew that he wouldn’t be working as an employee under someone. Following the footsteps of his grandfather, he wanted to launch his own business. After investing 5 years in learning about Amazon FBA, Kyle sought permission from his employer to start his own business. In a while, he opened his warehouse just across the road where he used to work.


The Pandemic Year

The year 2020 proved to be beneficial for Kyle and his business. His business blew up during the pandemic. There were obstacles like delayed shipping, clogged ports, and long shipping times that caused problems with increased sales but a good businessman knows how to pivot the unseen. As a result of this, Kyle was featured on CNBC news about his Amazon business and covid problems. Even though Covid proved to be an obstacle for many, people like Kyle knew their way out and subtly earned 7 figure income. Not only that, Kyle has coached over 50 individuals and 30 of them have successfully launched their Amazon Brands. He believes that he has never had any failures in his life. Everything so far has been just learning. 


1:1 Learning Program

After having 10 years of experience, Kyle has launched his coaching business. It is a 12-week one-on-one program where he holds your hand from the beginning. He teaches you how to establish your Amazon brand, research your product and have a private label that helps you stand out from your competitors. With that, he will educate you about manufacturing, ordering, and testing quality. Not only these but all the strategies of a successful business will also be revealed to you. The entire sales and success of this business will depend upon the keyword and Kyle will guide you through it in his mentorship program. Consequently, after these 12 weeks, you will be ready to build a fully established Amazon business that will be generating sales. 


To know about Kyle’s teaching style, have a look at his YouTube channel and go through his videos. This will help you in making the right call for yourself. 

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Shari Dionne’s Luxury Eyewear Will Fill You With Confidence



Shari Dionne, the connoisseur of luxury eyewear, adds more pizazz to the lives of people who love cool sunglasses.


Sunglasses serve the purpose of protecting your eyes from the merciless UV rays of the sun that won’t be considered twice while hitting your cornea, retina, and eyes with the UV (ultraviolet) light. Additionally, we all want to look hip and cool while protecting our only window to the visual pleasures of the world. Shari Dionne had the same thoughts while wearing glasses as a child, but the dilemma of not finding eyewear that patches the vivid personality always infuriated her.


When Shari saw this gap in the eyewear market, she joined forces with Will Nickens, an MBA professional with a marketing major. Their goals had aligned because both are lovers of fashion, and the integration of the talents of these people led to the creation of the Shari Dionne Brand. Shari is also a nurse by trade and a fashion expert by passion. She inspires the world by showing how love leads to the creation of a legacy that can fulfill the dreams of many. Dreams do come true, and to trigger the paradigm shift, you need to break through the boundaries of self-doubt and bring your ideas into reality.


Amorous Foundation Of The Brand

The Shari Dionne brand is a creation backed by love and care. It all started as a love story. When Shari and Will met in Dallas, they struck a chord and a short fling turned into a forever story. Will and Shari are happily married now and expecting their 2nd child too. The brand happened because of the compliments that Shari got on her style and when she wore eyewear that people couldn’t take their eyes off her. Seeing how people were so mesmerized by her swagger, Shari and Will decided to create their brand.


After conducting thorough customer reconnaissance, the couple decided that their eyewear will instill confidence and get compliments for the customer on their vacation or general events. 


This love led to many great things, and the Shari Dionne eyewear is the product of this spark that keeps igniting and brings up new ideas to transform the perspective around eyewear and other luxury products. The goal is to be the talk of the party while being protected from the harmful agents of nature. The brand has also added a new opulent swimwear collection to its range.


As Seen On Celebrities

The eyewear collection by Shari and Will is enigmatic, and the high-quality material makes it all the more desirable by renowned celebrities. 


The Shari Dionne glasses have been spotted on celebrities such as Brandi Maxiell from VH1’s Basketball Wives, Former women’s NCAA standout basketball twins, the Gonzalez twins, reality TV stars Yasmine Lopez, “Yummy”, and Charisse Mills from Zeus network TV show “One Mo Chance” and the original face of the Clubhouse app Bomani X. Our eyewear can be found in Downtown LA at a store called Raised In LA.


To know more about this brand, visit their website.


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American Fast Fashion Brand Forever 21: Plans To Return To China Soon



Forever 21 had filed for bankruptcy in September 2019 and is now to return with a new strategy.


A post on the company’s official Weibo account stated that the American fast-fashion brand Forever 21 plans to return to China after leaving in 2019. The company has now allowed Lasonic Limited Xusheng Co. Ltd and its subsidiaries Xusheng Electrical (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd to handle the brand’s Asian business. The brand is currently available on some electronic retail platforms such as Vipshop and Pinduoduo in China. Moreover, the company also mentioned that it plans to open new stores across China and strategically market its products through China’s e-commerce channels.


The company has left China three times till now. The latest comeback is Forever 21’s third entry into China was after opening a store in Changshu back in 2008, which closed within a year.  The brand returned in 2011 and operated 11 stores around China by the time it announced its withdrawal in 2019 when it filed for bankruptcy in September 2019 and was acquired by global brand development, marketing, and entertainment company Authentic Brands Group (ABG) in February 2020.


The Reason For Failure In China

Forever 21′s failure in China has been largely attributed to its negligence and slow approach to expansion and a digital marketing strategy that left it less visible to young consumers than its high street competitors. Again, a perfect example of why brands need to reach the right audience and how the right agencies can help you with it. Rather than opting for the kick-ass digital marketing and branding strategy, the company trusted its retail strategy that focussed on huge stores in China’s most expensive shopping streets. It required a major capital investment that proved difficult to recoup.


The Brand Story 

It began when Forever 21’s founders, two Korean immigrants, Do Won Chang and his wife, Jin Sook Chang, founded the first Forever 21 store in Los Angeles, California in 1984. Before opening their first store, Do Won Chang worked as a janitor at a gas station and a coffee shop hard to make ends meet. They started the chain with an aim of providing fashionable pieces at more than reasonable prices, to the kids and teens. In their first year, the company raked in USD 700,000 in sales. Now it operates over 790 stores, selling men’s and women’s clothing across the U.S, Canada, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and across Asia.

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