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Rising Artist Elektra Prince Releases Debut Album “Elektraduction”



Elektra Prince, the rising EDM artist, leaves you in a lively trance through his new album “Elektraduction”.


Racking up thousands of views through his single, “Expectations” and engrossing the attention of the world, Elektra Prince is here with yet another ethereal album, “Elektraduction”. His love for delivering a mesmerizing experience to the audience and producing music leads to the creation of some really sensational songs and albums. 


His music gives a rush of adrenaline to the listeners and makes them drown in the syncopated beats. With a dream to make people groove, Elektra is here to take over the EDM world and fill it with the creativity that he houses in his mind. His journey started in the dorm room at the University of Arizona in 2016. He gave it all up several times during 2016-2020, but the passion never died down and that is when Elektra found that this is his calling.


In 2020, he decided to devote himself fully to the art of EDM and started honing his skills to deliver the impeccable experience that he always dreamt about. He produced over 100 songs in a short period and finally released a riveting song which has made many devoted fans of his music.


The Rush Of EDM

EDM is a music genre that has infinite creative and musical possibilities. One minute, you could be thinking about the phrase, and the second minute you can create beats that resemble it and convert them into a fabulous composition.


Elektra is determined to create a new genre that emerges from EDM like Pop Smoke or Doja Cat. His art is gleaming with a touch of the old artist like Avicii and inspiration derived from the current wave taking rounds in the musical industry.  


Unique Music For An Unparalleled Experience

The world is brimming with EDM songs that are the blend of the same repeated bass drums or four-beat measure. His new album “Elektraduction” keeps the audience anticipating what happens in the next second, and hence keeps them hooked to the sound. 


EDM is a pathway to access the peak productivity that Elektra possesses. He transports people to places that are unheard of, and where all the sorrows morph into blissful moments. He believes in hard work and is of the opinion that as long as you are passionate, there is nothing that can stop you from being successful.


Mixing Emotions With Tunes

Elektra is an ambitious being. He blends the emotions of kindness and aggression, to portray the realistic picture of a person that is strong, bold, creative, and aggressive to achieve his dreams.


He believes in taking simultaneous small or big steps towards your goals, no matter how difficult it seems from afar, but as you move forward, everything falls in line. His goal is to become a globally recognized artist for his unique music and provide his listeners with memories that they cherish forever. To listen to his song, visit here.

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Tonne Desai Gets You In The Feels With His New Single Feelings



Tonne Desai, a singer-songwriter releases his new single “Feelings” and swoons the audience with a beautiful summer anthem.


His passion is not something fickle. Tonne Desai, a talented singer, the songwriter has been determined to make it big in the music industry since he was a child. Music for him is like a spiritual awakening that activates the full potential of his mind and soul.


Tonne, has been writing songs since he was 14 years old. After writing for some time and releasing his EP “Prime”, he knew he had to become an artist and show the world what he brings to the table.


He lives in Nashville and studied music in school at Fisk University, it was in college that he was accepted into the now Grammy award-winning Fisk Jubilee Singers, where he toured and performed with the group for three years. 


The charismatic man’s mom is the real inspiration behind him to follow the art of music. Some of his favorite artists are  Micheal Jackson, Lionel Richie,  Whitney Houston,  Mariah Carey, and Luther Vandross, whose songs his mother often played on the radio. She pushed him to do music lessons, and that created a connection with music that was unwavering.


Music provides a euphoria to Tonne, a feeling that surpasses all emotions of happiness, and brings out his real personality. Through his songs, he aims to inspire people to be themselves. Being “Original” in a world full of imitators is a difficult task, but those who triumph above these challenges are living their best life.


To achieve his dreams, Tonne invested a majority of his time practising. Sometimes he was in the studio, day in and day out, just perfecting his musical skills. 


“Today where I am as a vocalist and artist is because I never gave up and fought for something I wanted. I want to inspire others to do the same. It’s not where or how you started, it was how you finish.” – Tonne Desai


His new single “Feelings” will turn up your summer spirit, and make you sway till the sun comes up and through the night! His song is all about the plethora of feelings that a human has, and how they love someone most intensely and passionately. This song meets halfway on the culmination of R&B and Pop. The synth and throbbing base combined with the drums and guitars of pop makes this a song that is the pop Ballad that we all needed to get over someone who is always on the mind.


The love and support that Tonne is receiving on his new single goes to show how thoughtful and well-delivered his song is. Every word has a meaning that connects to his life and adds a personal touch altogether. Even though all the odds are stacked against him, Tonne will not back down from his dream, much like the message portrayed in the anime Naruto.

Tonne stands by a quote from the same series, “I’ll never give up on my dreams.” And this is the message that his songs deliver too. To know more about his work, check out his Instagram profile here.

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Chris Poulson Packs The “Requisite Snarl Of The Wounded”



Chris Poulson, an independent songwriter and artist, attracts all eyes to him with his unique music and voice. 


Some people are just destined to be in the show biz, running front and center, entertaining others, and drowning in the hustle-bustle of the crowd. Music is one medium that lets you open a doorway to connect with millions of billions through relatable words, and a mesmerizing voice. However, sometimes people lack the confidence to follow through with this dream as Chris Poulson did in the initial stages of his music career. 


He knew that confidence will be more suppressed with fear, so he took steps one at a time to conquer his fear. At the inception of his entry into the music world, he used drums and played live in many concerts and shows. Gradually, it has brought him enough confidence to be his own frontrunner, and inspire people with his music. From there, he spent a few years mastering the craft of singing and songwriting, and also became the lead singer of a rock band in Los Angeles. When the band parted ways, it was finally time for Chris to shine on his own, and show his hidden talent to the world.


From all the songs he had written over the years, he narrowed them down to his top 6 favorites and spent the next several months finding the right members to complete this vision.


Once the line-up was solid, he contacted a producer/engineer to record a 6-song EP, which would also be labeled his singer-songwriter debut. After playing countless shows in Los Angeles, some of which are opening and/or sharing the stage with national headlining groups/bands such as 10 Years and Veruca Salt. Right before the group’s disbandment is when the song “Fall into Pieces” actually came to life.


He ended up writing two more songs, “Break Free” and “Joyride,” to add to the mix, and he hit the recording studio shortly after to start his journey as a solo artist. Putting the sticks down was an important move for him — not only to show the world what he has to offer as a singer-songwriter and frontman, but to follow what he was put on this Earth to do!


In 2021, he released my debut solo EP ‘Fall into Pieces,’ featuring the heavy-hitting, emotional, and gripping title track. The single, “Fall into Pieces,” shows Poulson packing the “requisite snarl of the wounded,” he explains, which offers equal amounts of emotion-drenched instrumentals and deftly conceptual lyricism. His songs hit the audience hard with the truth, and the lyrics will immerse the listener into an emotional rollercoaster. 


Chris hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams and listen to their hearts. Everyone is brought into this world to fulfill a dream, leave behind a legacy, and nobody can shape it better than the person itself. With his musical talent, Chris will deliver this message far and wide. To listen to his music, visit his Instagram profile here. 


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Buckle Up For Soulful Music By Mero M.



Emerging R&B- Pop/ Soul Artist ready to take the music world by storm after Mero’s streak in the corporate, hospitality, and airline industry.


Artists are created through hard work, cognizance of talent, an active learning and creation process. Music is the finest form of art that creates a connection that wows away the listeners and makes them a part of the journey of the artists. Mero M. is one such R&B-Pop/Soul artist who is etching a journey worth reckoning with his unparalleled talent. 


He has been in different industries for many years and has had his fair share of experience in the distinct working environment, but music is the real calling that has always been nudging him to follow the right direction. He has cooked up a great first EP “Journey”, which is due for release this fall. The excitement and enthralling reactions to his music are already coming in hot! And people cannot wait to hear what surprises are stored in his EP. 


His first single “Blame Game” will also be released the next month which is present on all the digital platforms. He is set for multiple performances in the summer to soothe the mind and body of the listeners with his enigmatic voice and music. 


The Story Of An Emerging Music Artist

When he was a child, Mero M. always used to use his free time in the classroom to write up great songs that were exceptionally good for his age. He was a passionate child who had a big red book full of songs, hooks, songs, choruses, etc. As he got older, the love for music was always alive, but it just diminished. He became a flight attendant and started traveling the world, meeting all kinds of amazing and intriguing people. He just felt like something was missing. In 2021, as he was preparing to move back home to Memphis, Tennessee from Minneapolis, he was moving some things out of his storage and he stumbled across that big red book. He suddenly felt the rush of the past sweep over him, and he remembered what he was missing. It was music. That made him decide to step in this year to become an artist.

The musical expedition was always his destiny as both his parents were already in the show biz. He was nurtured with the skills disseminated by them in the performing and acting world. He hopes to inspire people to come out of their shell, and be the most confident and motivated version of themselves. One person is capable of it all if they put their minds to it. A person can handle everything to make their dreams come true if they recognize the power they hold to influence this world. He would go home and practice a lot of music to hone his skills. His inspirations were always legendary artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston who would keep his spirits high for the future.To know more about his work, visit his website here.

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A Leap Of Faith Reshaped Fawad’s Life



The story that began one day with a random photoshoot has evolved into the identity of this Fashion Influencer.


Good things always occur unexpectedly. We can find opportunities at any turn but whether to grab or leave them is up to our conscience. Fawad Aly, a Dubai-based influencer, is a living example of this opportunity game with an amazing success story. He not only seized the opportunity but also worked hard to squeeze the most out of and build a lustrous & beautiful life as a Fashion Influencer. 


The Journey 

The ride for Fawad Aly began five years back when his friend randomly took a few snaps of him. These shots were appreciated by many of his friends and the thought of becoming an Instagram influencer struck his mind. 


The career choice he made for himself began with freelancing part-time for two complete years. During this time, Fawad made himself well-versed with the ins and outs of the influencer industry. After two years, when his passion for his work grew more, he transformed himself into a full-time influencer. 


Fawad recollects this journey as the most adventurous ride of his life. He learned many new skills, molded himself as per the requirement, met many new people, and worked on amazing projects. He has worked with many amazing brands like Suits Supply, Four Seasons Hotels, Yamaha, Gant, Peter Minuit New York, Givenchy, etc. 


Fawad’s Vision 

Covid 19 slowed down the world. Businesses crumpled, life stopped and many ugly things took place all around the world. It slowed down his life for Fawad as well. But instead of letting the situation get to his nerves, he kept sharpening his skills. Now he is back in the industry with a vision of reaching new heights in the next five years. 


Along with his personal growth, he wishes to help other struggling influencers as well. He wants others to learn from his experiences and learnings and avoid making the mistakes he made during his journey. His advice for them is to never give up on something you believe in, as great things take time. He strongly believes in never giving up on your dreams no matter how hard it gets. 


With almost 5 years of experience in this field, Fawad still wishes to achieve more and set a mark in this line. He strives to create more incredible content that is worthy of his followers’ attention. Fawad is the rock that stands strong between his success and all the problems that become an obstacle in his journey.


Shower your love on this truly amazing influencer by following him here

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Nashville Alternative Artist, MNERVA, Grieves For The Departed With His New Single, Josh



MNERVA, a musician, pays tribute to his friend and the departed with the new soulful single “Josh”. 


Songs are more than just lyrics, it is a way to bring your emotions forward and grieve while also creating a safe place for others. The latest single “Josh” by MNERVA, a Nashville Alternative Artist, is dedicated to his friend, former bandmate and real supporter. Josh was the guitarist of his first band, “Remedy”. Josh pushed MNERVA to pursue music and also indulged him in friendly competition. However, Josh passed away due to depression, and it was the most unnerving time for MNERVA. 


It took almost 1 year for him to express his feelings for his departed friend, but when he stumbled upon the lyrics of this new single, he felt that magic that emotions can create in a song while liberating his pent-up grief. The track is produced by Andrew Gomez (John Harvie, Loyals, Lost Stars) and the team dived into the atmospheric side of MNERVA’s sound. Bands such as Deftones, Radiohead and The Fray are a huge influence on him and he has always wanted to combine Shoegaze guitars with a hip hop track. This song finally made that dream a reality and it marks the beginning of a new era for MNERVA.


A Tribute To The Loved Ones Of Many

“Josh” is not just about the emotions that MNERVA feels about his friend, but it is a song that presents the pain of all the people who lost someone close to them. The video and lyrics of this single create a dramatic effect on the listener which wraps them in agony but also consoles them at the same time. 


The video will be released some weeks after the song. In this video, MNERVA is seen playing the drums along with the flashbacks of “Josh” and them in the band “Remedy”. Editing this video was painful for him, but it is a journey that he had to take to honour his friend. 


 The musical journey of this passionate artist began in February 2020 when he released the trailer for “Blurryface The Musical” which is a beautiful musical featuring the music of twenty one pilots, on social media to viral success. Since then, MNERVA has released over a dozen songs, culminating in the release of his debut EP, “Talk Too Much,” and has amassed almost 400,000 streams across all streaming platforms as MNERVA.


Now that the world is going back to its natural environment, he plans on performing a lot more often and playing more out-of-town gigs in order to continue building a devoted grassroots fanbase. He says, “If the world does shut down again, I’ll just keep writing and recording with my team and keep preparing for future projects. I have so many ideas and I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride as an artist as we speak.” He aspires to collaborate with artists like Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. To listen to more of his songs, visit his website here.


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Bruce Carter: The Rising Star Out Of New Orleans LA




Bruce Carter, a musician, shares his journey which is full of struggles but he always perseveres through the hardships with the help of his music. 


Music acts like an ark for people to sustain when everything is crumbling down. And it has proved as a pivoting aspect in the life of the talented rapper and musician, Bruce Carter. He started recording music at the age of 16 and has come across many unfortunate circumstances of arrests, but music has always been his true partner. He loves helping kids and giving back to the community. His songs reflect his aspirations and talent. 


He has been featured in many prominent publications like Hype magazine,  Pitchfork magazine, Kazi magazine, This is 50 magazine, etc. He has been subjected to many struggles throughout his life, like being shot multiple times, constantly facing police brutality, but no force was strong enough to push him away from his goals of music. He created his independent label, Clips & Bandz Ent. which is doing great work in building his identity as an independent artist.


Inspiring People Through Hardships

Bruce didn’t let the bad luck and struggles sway him away from his goals. He has always been focused and wanted to inspire people to take up the challenges of life and turn them into something fruitful. He wants to help them talk to more people, experience the wonders of the world. He wants to help people make money while pursuing their passion and help them grow. He believes that if he can cope with so many hardships, so can anyone, hence he acts as an example for people to never give up. He loves writing songs that people relate to. 


When he created his own brand, things started to transform and he got more involved in learning about music and making it to entertain people. He believes the process of the creation of impeccable music is a long road that comprises making music, marketing music, scheduling plans, but on your own time with your knowledge with no help involved. It gets stressful, tiring but the goal is to never give up.


In the future, Bruce will continue to master and research the genres of music that interest him. He lives up to any challenge that life throws at him and keeps himself involved until the desired outcome is achieved. 


“I think out of the box, I’m very old school but with young thoughts, I develop techniques differently, I’m a multi-tasker, and keep small-scale thoughts out of my mind.” – Bruce Carter


With his label, he created music that swoons people. He is his own songwriter/ghostwriter and indulges daily in writing more and more music and expanding his horizons. In the future, he also looks forward to dropping his merch and further performing music live. Bruce is a resilient star rising through the fog that life is covered in. To know more about his work, visit his profile here. 


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Zhaklina Advocates For Mental Health In Her Amazing Songs



Zhaklina Spencer, an avid musician and passionate preacher of mental health, helps subside darkness from the lives of people. 


Music is not only meant to help celebrate the happiest moments of life, it is also the medium to console someone who has been in deep slumber, or stress eating them from the inside out. Life is complicated and at times people can get overwhelmed with all that goes on around them. However, artists like Zhaklina Spencer are the ones helping people stay afloat in tough times with her soothing songs. 


She has released two of her series of EPs, “17 Reasons Why” with her song “Gossip Queen” being her most popular, (32k+ on Spotify streams) and “Tattooed Roses” as well as “Pluto” (her latest singles) not too far behind.


The charismatic woman is rising like an icon in not just the music industry but the mental health community. Her brand revolves heavily around mental health advocacy, including consistent donations to organizations like “Project Semicolon” and “To Write Love On Her Arms” from her streaming/downloading revenue. She has been featured in “Buzz Music” and “Medium,” and is described as “a creative storyteller and artist all in one adoring package.”


Enveloping Sadness In Consolation

Mental health is an inherent part of living a happy life and Zhaklina believes that people often go down the loop of deteriorating mental health because of loneliness and isolation. With her songs, she wants to tell people that there is always someone beside them, even in the darkest of times. Just like there is light in the darkness, there is always a way out of misery- and comfort along the way. 


She launched her artist journey after winning a singing competition with Hudson Valley’s radio station, K104.7, performing at KFEST in front of thousands of fans. Her music has been played on radio stations and podcasts, featured on dozens of playlists, and shared all over the world reaching churches, bars, restaurants, schools, clubs, and homes alike. 


Her life has been dedicated to music for as long as she can remember. A passionate artist, she strives to create a unique identity in the music world and does it all by inspiring others too. As a child she would often sing her heart out to the classic “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion, just floating away with the moment and blending in with the sweet melody. Her aunt Tara also had a big hand in pushing her musical talent to unparalleled heights, as Zhaklina was compelled to write songs after receiving a songwriting book as a gift from her. 


She has been in and out of therapy for years with the last two years being the most consistent. She has suffered from Complex PTSD and Psychological Abuse which has led her to write more transparent and challenging music as of late. Zhaklina is an individual who doesn’t let her struggles define her path but chooses to grow through them. She slays her demons with the power of music and helps others cope through difficult times as well. Listen to her music by visiting her website here. 


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Crow Speaks Turns Past Trauma Into Beautiful Therapy With His Songs



Crow Speaks, a musician, shares his journey and how he uses music as an escape to a serene environment. 


Music embodies the events that happen in one’s life. An artist creates songs that are derived from their life in one way or another. Crow speaks is a musician whose story will touch hearts. His music is a way of coping with untreated childhood trauma, un-diagnosed major, bipolar, manic depression, and being raised in the midwest. The creation of this artist began when Edgar Sopper stumbled upon a $20 Tascam MKII Portostudio four-track cassette recorder in a Goodwill store. It marked a befitting end to a 3-year relationship and a stint in the Pacific Northwest. 


Crow Speaks is the personality of Edgar Sopper that is channeled through his frustration, depression, and the unruly events of life. Music puts up a strong fight with the demons in his life and helps him to be unbothered by the bad things. 


The talented artist recently released his EP. “Crow Speaks” is a compilation of 5 tracks that are written from 2015 to 2019. Edgar Sopper began working on his self-recorded, written, performed, and mixed EP in December of 2020, where he would work tirelessly to create something unique that was later released on February 20th, 2021. 


Unprecedented Talent

Music is the only thing that kept Crow Speaks going all these years with untreated depression and trauma. Instead of leaning into addiction, he decided to turn his life around. His inspiration for creating songs stemmed in the form of therapy which he could never actually take out the time to treat. 


The charismatic soul tells his story with the help of words and soothing music that touches his heart. His music has a dark undertone which gives an edge to each song. In a way, it signifies how he triumphed over all the darkness with one thing in mind, creating great music. 


He constantly plays with elements of fusion to create something unique and combine the hazy lyrics by Edgar Sopper into the beatific guitar riffs of “Crow Speaks”.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world went into despair. But, Crow Speaks kept his head high and reigned through the problems by using the pandemic as a motivation to create more and more music. 


With a striking voice and a talent that has unprecedented potential, Crow Speaks leaves the people in the trance of his songs.


On the inspiration behind his music, Crow comments, “Music was the only thing that kept me alive for many years. Creating songs was the only therapy I could afford. It was a place I could confide in. I sing my pain. Tell my story through music, and as terrifying and uncomfortable it may sound, it’s far worse to keep it hidden inside. Only by letting a little fresh air and sunlight in can it heal.”


This artist has the blazing passion to become one of the top musicians in the industry and it is safe to say that he is on the right path. To know more about his work and music, visit his profile here. 

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Dorian: An Air Force Veteran Reigns Love



With his soothing music, this Maryland native is on a mission to heal the world.


Although a “newcomer”, when it comes to releasing music, Dorian has impacted music streamers around the world already amassing over 200k streams across various global streaming services. He has been featured by several noteworthy publications such as :

Vents Magazine, Daily Music Roll, New Street Society, Aipate Magazine, Hip Hop Magz, and more! Today, he is a well-known social media content creator and performer who also runs his venture Dorian Christian Inc. 


Incredible Story Of Dorian 

Dorian’s musical journey began by singing in the church choir at a young age through his teens. In his late 20s, he realized his passion for music and left the military to pursue it. He released 2 EPs – Songs in the Key of Love Pt. 1&2, and a debut album “Dream World”. These creations quickly became critically acclaimed. His first music video garnered over 100k views on Facebook alone.


Soon, Dorian made a buzz not only on various internet blogs around the globe, but on radio stations such as 160.3 Atlanta, and Amazing Radio (US & Overseas) — where listeners enjoyed the sounds of his smooth new single “Reign Love”, which he deems very appropriate for the times this world is in.


His music has roots back in his childhood, where he struggled to accept the truth of his sexuality for many years due to his childhood upbringing and family Christian religious views.


His music became a way for him to express his pain and his story. Then he became aware that his testimony was a personal experience that he wanted to share with the world; hoping that those who resonate with his story can be touched by the love he pours into every lyric and song.


In a space in music where the substance is fleeting, Dorian drives messages of love and healing into every song he creates. This ability to keep his uniqueness intact is what makes him stand out from the crowd. 


About Reign Love

This sensational artist has released his brand new Single “Reign Love” which is all about explaining the true meaning of love and is the elixir for the wounded souls.


“Reign Love” is the official kick-off to a brand new era for Dorian, and is the follow up to his 14 track- debut album “Dream World” (2021)



Dorian firmly believes in the quote “Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you, and for me, and the entire human race!”, and is consistently working towards making it a reality. He believes in love and music and is the driving force that unites the world; inspired by artists like Michael Jackson who was also committed to that purpose. He wants to become a ray of hope for those who have lost themselves in the dark. 


Check out more about Dorian and his music here.

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Barry Szeto Responds To Toxic People Through His Latest Single – Sorry Who Is This



This Toronto-based artist is all set to defeat the toxicity brought to his life by toxic people. 


We all have met toxic people at some point in life but dealing with them and staying unaffected is the toughest part. Barry Szeto has found a perfect way out of this situation. This new cheeky and sassy song is about how he would respond to these toxic people. Anyone who had to let go of a friend, a partner, etc., can relate to this song. He is a well-known Canadian R&B artist who has performed all over Canada and opened up for Canadian superstars, Karl Wolf and Mia Martina.


The Inspiring Journey of Barry 

Barry Szeto strongly believes that the substantial amount of dedication he put into his craft, got him where he is today. His passion for music and singing began when he was 14 years old, performing in a local talent show. Afterward, he moved to Toronto, Ontario, where he started his professional music career. He made his first television debut on ‘Today’s Talent Time’, a Canadian talent contest, and finished as first runner-up. 


Every time Barry creates a piece he tries to make it his identity. This ability to connect with art makes his creations sensational. He lucidly brings his life’s vulnerable aspects in front of his fans and this is what makes him the center of attention. He is always on the quest to expand his creative mind through unique approaches to his musical stylings. 


Barry has been pursuing music since he was young. Just like other artists, he struggled to sustain and become the best in the industry. But more specifically, being a minority artist in North America was the toughest part of his journey. Therefore, he always had to put extra effort to make himself known and respected in this industry.


The Pandemic bought Barry some window of time to reflect on himself. He took the opportunity and didn’t leave a stone unturned to make himself a better version.


Barry’s Aspirations

When asked about his ambitions, Barry said, “I hope to inspire other artists with my music and my authentic sound and style. My goal is to show people it’s ALWAYS about the art, which is music for him. Fame and fortunes come and go. But your craft is what stays with you forever.”


His idea of art is totally unique. He performs to help & inspire others. He doesn’t consider other artist competitors. He believes that, “We, as artists and creators should always support each other and rather than seeing each other as competition, we celebrate each other’s unique artistries”.


The purity of his heart reflects in his new single “Sorry Who Is This”, where he has tried to show how one should react to all the toxic people in one’s life. 


Listen to his latest single “Sorry Who Is This” and shower your love on this sensational artist. 

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