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Razvan Mitroi’s Music Is A Treat For Ears



Razvan, a music artist, shares how his passion for music transformed his life.


Music can help you achieve great things while leaving an impact on the lives of many. Artists bring words to life by adding their emotions and eccentric sounds to them. Razvan is one such artist who witnessed his surroundings metamorphose into a dream when he followed his passion for music. He started going about this dream in 2019 while he was still in college. Initially, the alternate reality of failing always haunted Razvan. He decided to tackle this monster anyway, and it is evident that he took the right decision.


Razvan’s music caught the eyes of curious music enthusiasts instantly. He managed to rack over 100,000  monthly listeners and 2 million streams on Spotify. Celebrities like Sergio Ramos, Ava Max, Jamie Oliver, Nicole Sherzinger, Charelle Schriek, Zoe Saldana, Gian Simeone, Max Verstappen, Khamzat Chimaev, etc., have come forward to support this talent, and bring his beatific songs in the front and center of the music industry. His first song, “Summer Vibes” got a lot of love from the audience and became his most popular song. As Razvan sets out on this daunting yet beautiful music journey, he looks back on all the hurdles that he overcame to be here.

About His Music

Razvan started working on his first album in 2019 and decided to release it in early 2021. However, as the pandemic engulfed the world, he found more time to focus on his album. With additional efforts and hard work, he was able to release the album in June 2020. 


The first song, ‘No More Secrets’ hit all streaming platforms on 22 June 2020. The tropical vibes of this song make it the perfect tune for refreshment in summer. When Razvan revealed that he won a contest through this song, this made the audience more eager to listen to his songs.


The second single, ‘Not Alone’ came out on 6th July 2020 which invokes emotions through its mellow harmony and touching lyrics. The lyrics pierce the heart with the truth that they carry, and the listeners drown in the unrealistic sound and melody that Razvan brings to them.


Then people’s favorite song ‘About Me’ was released on 31st July 2020 which was quick to gain traction from the audience due to its upbeat chill vibes. The full album came out on 21st August 2020 under the name “Last Sunset With You.”

Music To Vibe With

Razvan’s music gives off mellow and tropical vibes. This is the best kind of music to chill in any season. His Instagram is also flooded with music producers who push him to make music by appreciating his songs.


He loves the part where he is ready to bring his dong in front of the world and see the reaction of people to it. Song creation is where his happiness lies, and he aims to bring only spectacular music with every release. To know more about his work, visit his Instagram profile.


Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Jaonere’s New Single “Pray” Is Phenomenal



Jaonere, a music artist, releases his new single “Pray” and people are hooked on its raw and honest lyrics and beats. 


Sometimes, when you hear a song, it sticks to your mind and plays all day on a loop. Mind slowly breaks down different lyrics, and searches for their meaning, which makes the song more special. These are the kind of songs that Jaonere, a music artist from London creates. With old-school R&B beats and aesthetic videos, his songs are like a throwback to the good old days of music.


Writing and singing have been an escape for Jaonere since he was young. This escape became his passion as he grew up, and now his songs are inspiring many to follow their dreams, and pave a way for success. He aims to make people realize that creating new things is something that you should not dread, but cherish. Experiences are hard to come by, and one should leverage every chance to act upon something new, even if they fail. Each step is a stride towards growth and more learning. His single “Pray” is the fruit of his hard work and implementation of true design thinking, to bring out the best of his thoughts. 


Pray Enchants The Listener

“Pray” by Jaonere was released on 13th May 2022 on all the streaming platforms. On Youtube, it has already garnered 10k views and counting. The song starts with slow, captivating beats, accompanied by a fall setting with vines and texture surrounding the background. Jaonere dons a black ensemble which instantly makes him stand out, and directs the eye toward him. 


His voice is soothing and impactful. Each word hits hard as he talks about praying and regretting any mistakes that are committed. It has chill vibes, perfect for a good listen on a rainy day, or to calm your nerves. 


Jaonere thrives on expression and loves the process of creating visuals which is evident from his videos too. It gives more meaning and emotions to his songs and helps people connect better with his vision. 


When the pandemic struck, Jaonere used this time to prosper in terms of creativity, and never let the lockdown be dull for him. 


Covid affected my mental state at first as I’m sure it did for many. But I used that time to reflect and write down thoughts that had been pushed aside. I used this to clear the room so I could be more creative.” – Jaonere


He wants people to create with their instincts and not let others affect their creativity. He has future plans to work with the artists that inspire him and also release a short film about his journey. His mission is to bring the best music to his audience and make them ponder different parts of life while sharing his personal journey. “Pray” is just the start of many hits that are about to come! To listen to his new single, visit here. 


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Quille’s Music Delivers The True Account Of His Experiences In Life



Quille, a music artist creates music that does not talk about superfluous subjects but talks about what he has seen in life and other real-life problems. 


Rapping is a story narrated in a poetic manner to the audience who love to listen to life stories from people who have had diverse experiences in the world. Quille is a passionate rapper and uses what he has seen in life to create songs that keep people hooked, and bring them to new discoveries every day. 


He is a person who believes in giving and has also been working with NGOs on the side. He is also in talks with State Representative Kimberly Ann Collins and Dr. Melissa Nash of Yaetman-Liddell College Prep doing givebacks to the community during the holidays with my brand Trapwear, LLC. His inspiration behind getting into music is life’s ups and downs. He has seen different forms of heartbreak, poverty and pain. His love and passion for music are unparalleled and pushed him to get into the arts. Music is where he thrives. Besides creating exceptional music, he also ghost-writes songs for other artists and hopes to inspire people with his story. 


His Non Profit Organization, We’re On To Something has partnered with State Representative Kimberly Ann Collins and Dr. Melissa Nash of Yaetman-Liddell College Prep doing givebacks to the community during the holidays with his clothing brand Trapwear, LLC.


Inspiration For Many

Quille is an inspirational figure who is brimming with talent, creativity and a distinct personality as compared to the general crowd. 


He prays that kids watch his growth and development and take the path to success and pursue their dreams and take their hustle to greater heights. He wants to show the children there’s more support and people out here to care for them, and their dreams and inspirations. He wants to help each child to express their talent, and bring something substantial to the world. He hopes to reach hearts and inspire many people through his musical journey. 


His favorite part about music is creating and listening to it. Expressing himself on paper and then using those thoughts to bring out something meaningful into the world is his goal. He puts life into music and shows the people the real trials and tribulations of life. He hustles hard and leaves no stone unturned while speaking the truth. 


Every word in his song creates an impact and leaves the audience in thought. He has also done a few songs with CMG and BMF artists. With each song, he instills emotions in people and shows them how to never fall back in the face of adversities. You don’t need to surrender when challenges hit you, instead get ready to learn from them and use them in life. Quille is the most candid artist in the industry right now and has been taking different steps to reach his goal. 


Quille is signed with BMF the Label and has also done a few songs with CMG artists and his fellow BMF label-mates. With each song, he instills emotions in people and shows them how to never fall back in the face of adversities.


In the future, he aims to become BMF’s top artist, reach the top of Billboard charts, and the milestone of 1 million plus listeners and followers. His vision is clear, and his will to create impactful music is inspirational. Listen to his songs here. 

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“Another You” By Adam Noviello Is The BOP Of This Year



Adam Novellio, an Australian non-binary pop artist released their new single “Another You” which embodies the pretty aesthetic of pop songs. 


Legend says that when you work hard for something, the whole universe conspires to bring that achievement to you. And it is true for Adam Noviello, a musician with fire-like determination to become a renowned name in the music industry. They are a recognized artist on the Australian music theatre scene. With appearances in Matilda The Musical, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Chess The Musical, and most recently as the title character in The Who’s Tommy (to name a few), they are a prime example of what a true artist looks like. 


Adam’s latest single, “Another You” swept the crowd away with its uniqueness. This new song conquered heights as it reached #8 on the Australian iTunes Pop Chart, #13 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart as well as #7 on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Chart. Their debut single “Heretic”, a genderqueer pop banger also reached the top of the charts for the quirkiness that it exhibits. It went on to become #1 on the Australian iTunes Dance Chart, #2 on the Australian iTunes Top Songs Chart, and #5 on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Chart. This song also reeled in over 42k YouTube views on the official music video, became a part of Triple J Unearthed Pride playlist, debuted LIVE at the 2022 Midsumma Festival Carnival Day, and was performed on the channel 31 talk show ‘LIVE From St Kilda with Ben Murphy’ Season 2 premiere episode.


Start Of A Musical Journey


After starring in many musicals and also taking up the lead role in the Australian feature film “Spencer”. Their real journey took off after the release of “Heretic” which hit the number 1 spot on the Australian iTunes Dance Chart in 2022. 


They have always been curious about arts and their musical advent began when they stumbled upon their mother’s Tina Turner greatest hits record. Since then, all they’ve ever wanted is to sing their heart out and let the people sway with their voice and lyrics. Their mother enrolled them in dance and music classes after realizing their talent, and it has been a beautiful journey since then. 


Adam believes in authenticity and wants to inspire people to be their authentic selves. The authentic streak reflects in their songs too. Everything that Adam writes comes from deep within their heart. They always want to grow and help others along the way. Only then, will they feel like a true artist. 


This self-revelation of being original wasn’t without hurdles for Adam. They once worked with someone who tried to suppress the true artistic nature of their music. It was then Adam realized that no one is vested with the power to twist your development journey, you pave your path! With the release of their new song “Another You”, Adam is getting ready to release their debut EP in 2022. And hold on tight! Because it is going to be an absolute treat to your soul and ears. To listen to Adam’s songs, visit here. 

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Hamid Saif Ismail’s Content Will Leave You Wanting More Everytime




Hamid Saif Ismail is a young influencer who is famous for his blogging and business ideas. He was born in the UAE and is a well-established blogger in Dubai. He started his career as a blogger with a dream to share his work with people all around the world. To his surprise, people got hooked on his content, and that made him realize that blogging is his true calling!


Hamid Saif Ismail is famous for his eccentric content that revolves around food blogging. He always puts in special efforts for his audience. His future plan is to open restaurants and bring new concepts to UAE and expand his business into a food portal too.


At just 31 years of age, Hamid has achieved many many great things in his life. He has built a robust reputation as a blogger in UAE. He is also an engineer and completed his schooling in UAE. Hamid is inspired by Chef Ramsay. Gordon James Ramsay OBE is a British chef, restaurateur, television personality, food critic, and writer. His global restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, was founded in 1997 and has been awarded 16 Michelin stars overall.

He inspires Hamid and keeps him motivated to pursue his passion. Just like Gordon, Hamid wants to establish his unique identity on the global food map, and wow the people away with what he has to offer. Hamid is grateful to his family and friends for supporting him on each step of this journey. His father has been an avid supporter of him and is also his role model.


Hamid is not only famous for his blogging but he is also a famous Social Media Influencer. He is famous for his lifestyle and millions of people follow him for the great content that he puts out. His experience has taught him so much and he is one of the most hard-working people that we have ever interviewed. When we asked him about the challenges in life, he told us that failures are just a bumpy road to success. Each failure has provided him with a lesson to cherish for life. He is a man who learns from his mistakes and always tries to do something better in the future.


Hamid has seen many ups and downs, but he always keeps his spirits high. He says, “Those are not problems, but are the lessons for the whole life which I have learned “. He deals with his problems with resilience and self-confidence. He says,” By practice and avoiding negative thinking everyone can achieve their goals in life.” Life is not easy, but having a positive outlook on life is the key to success for Hamid. His blogging journey is truly inspiring many to follow their dreams, and we are here for it.

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DJ Tab Controls The Crowd With His Ecstatic Beats And Talent



DJ Tab, a veteran DJ/Producer/Entrepreneur and the owner of the radio station STREETZ 105.1, wows the people with his music and record label, “Iconic Music Group”.


Music is about connection and controlling the crowd with beats and bass that are out of this world. DJ Tab recognizes this feature and has been able to amaze the crowd with his skills as a DJ, a radio station owner, and a label owner. He knows how to make the people dance, with trendy beats, or create a romantic environment. It’s all about working for the crowd, he says. He is proficient in both hip-hop and EDM genres and has accomplished a lot in the industry.


DJ Tab has created more than 30 mixtapes which include the Get-n-Tune series and an album in the works. He works hard on each creation and makes sure that the audience gets the best of his music. His album will be mystic and will make the listeners go wild when they listen to each track in his upcoming album. 


From Make-Belief Turn Tables Into A DJ


DJ Tab has always been an avid music lover. He used to create turntables on his mother’s hardwood tables with a headphone setup and pretended like he was scratching. Seeing his determination, his mom and late stepfather got him real turntables. Since that day, he has never stopped practicing and honing his skills. He used to give all his free time to practice and pave the path for a legendary future DJ. 


Initially, he built his name by playing at skating rinks, school dances, etc. He got his big break in 2004 when his friend  J-Kwon included him in his team. Tab’s song with them named “Tipsy” became #1 in the country and that made him realize that his true calling is DJing!


Tab has been touring and amusing crowds all over the world with his music. He is currently signed to multiple agencies such as Scarlett Entertainment, Altus Entertainment, Push Management and Live Nation who houses some of the biggest talent in the world. He also believes in social welfare and helps the community through scholarships for high school seniors with a 2.5 GPA or better. Tab has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has his mind set on developing a non-profit organization. He wants to name it,  “DJ Tab Towards Teens”, which is set to help young people do better in school and life.  


Tab has worked with Universal/Motown, Geffen/Interscope, and SoSo Def. He has accomplished much at a very young age and continues to defy boundaries with new wins. Tab is not only a DJ but also a passionate entrepreneur with his own men’s online clothing store “Empire Clothing,” which focuses on men’s high-end fashion.  Tab also released his own energy drink the summer of 2016 “Get N Tune Energy,” which was in stores across the St. Louis and Illinois area. Tab is currently set to release his own bottle water brand called “Oasis Aqua” which will hit stores fall of 2022.  Tab has won numerous awards for his accomplishments and he continues to grow his empire every day.


DJ Tab is an inspiration for people, and he delivers the message that if you try hard enough, you will accomplish your goals and nobody can stop you from it. To know more about his work, visit his website here. 

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Michael D. Bowers reigns Supreme with his new single “The ONE” featuring Sevndeep and Kevin JZ Prodigy



“The ONE”,  Michael D. Bowers’ new single with Sevndeep and Kevin JZ Prodigy makes the audience celebrate music in unison. 


He never gives up hope in the face of challenges and keeps going until he achieves his destiny. Michael D. Bowers is the emerging Pop/R&B artist of this generation. His music has an intricate blend of passion and soul, which rings through every beat and word in his songs. Before he found this success as a music and recording artist, he kept his spirits high by doing everything he could to support his dreams. 


Moving to LA 5 years ago to pursue artistry, Michael worked a job that made his ends meet, but wasn’t his true calling. He didn’t neglect any chance to perform on big or small stages. This was a legend in making, and he took all the steps necessary to get his name out there. Aside from his talent and determination, another big factor behind his success is his family, who are prime supporters in this journey. As a young artist, he used to perform in churches, schools, and talent shows. Seeing the positive reaction from his audiences pushed him further toward pursuing music.Fast forward to his success streak as a music artist.


“The ONE” Becomes A Club Hit


The ONE, Michael’s latest song debuted on iTunes Dance Charts and instantly became a fan favorite. It is featured on many Apple and Spotify playlists. Michael attributes the song’s success to collaborators Sevndeep and  Kevin JZ Prodigy, as well as his own (outstanding) vocal performance.   His unique voice and style have garnered praise from the likes of Missy Elliott, Coko (of SWV), Lil Mo, Karen Clark-Sheard, Pepa (of Salt n’ Pepa), Bill Bellamy, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Angelica Ross, Harmony Samuels, Cece Peniston, Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, Yolanda Adams and more. He was also commended by a host of other musical artists and industry executives for his live vocal performances and recorded music. His Christmas song “Nothing’s Better Than Christmas Time” was  featured in the film “Maybe Next Christmas” and an international Ad campaign for MGA Entertainment.


Michael thrives on the happiness that performing gives him. His goal is to inspire people and give them a feeling that is comparable to the one that he gets when performing.  When he sings for live audiences, he describes the energy he receives as euphoric.


“The synergy of a live band, BGV’s, and crowd being locked in, all while being able to leave everything on the stage is a feeling that is second to NONE. Instant gratification for sure.” – Michael D. Bowers


During the pandemic, Michael learned that music can bring people together and eliminate their sorrows, even if it’s just for a while. Hence, Michael creates music that is relatable and creates an emotional connection with the listeners. He does so by taking inspiration from this quote by Maya Angelou:


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


To listen to his amazing music, visit his Instagram profile here.

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Let’s go “Up To The Rooftop” with Ra7ael



Ra7ael, an emerging artist in the music industry, makes you jump high with his latest single “Up To The Rooftop.”


A resilient soul with the name of Ra7ael has taken a successful flight in the overwhelming industry of music! His music is one to reckon with. Before venturing into his real destiny of creating music, Ra7ael has tried his hands at different spheres of his career including modeling, Fashion Design college, acting classes, and classic ballet. 


He knew his final destination was the creation of music that people will jam with for years to come, but a lack of right connections in the music industry prolonged his start. So Ra7ael used arts as a way to get into music, and he finally moved to the U.S. to pursue his dreams. He started making music in 2019, and hasn’t stopped since!


He has always been a person with a creative mind. Ra7ael had his first real connection with art through painting and drawing. He is a talented individual with a burning passion to create something unique for the world to indulge in. He grew up with his sister blasting songs from pop icons like Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. Seeing these legends create magic on the stage made him want to be a performer too!


Inspiration For The New Generation


Ra7ael has a noble goal to fulfill with his music. He aims to inspire and comfort younger people who are struggling with their dreams/sexuality/lifestyle/etc. and give them the strength to face all the challenges that life throws at them.

Music has also been his support in life and has helped him go through the various phases. He is on the path to leave a trail that people are inspired by, just like his idols. 


He loves when he creates music by imagining beats and melodies and then materializing them into a wonderful song. His new single, “Up To The Rooftop” has an original feel to it. It has reached over 400k streams on the platforms of Youtube and Spotify. This is his first win in the line of many. Currently, he is on the lookout to collaborate with more talented artists and release single EPs before a great album. 


“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” 


This is a quote that resembles the work that Ra7ael puts in. He is always moving forward to create a name that people have a true connection with. His real stride in music is soon to start, and then this artist will swoon the minds with his voice and lyrics. He thrives on creativity, and every time he has something new to offer. To listen to his amazing new single, visit his Instagram profile here. 


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Damier Legato Gives A Glimpse Of Life’s Ups And Downs With “21 Savage”



Damier Legato, a music artist, brings his riveting track “21 Savage” and gives the audience a peek into his life. 


He is a talented artist from Columbus, Ohio. Popularly known as “GT Damier”. He is the artist to look out for. He is coming in hot with his new track “21 Savage” and everyone is here for it!


He was signed under Defjams music group “Ova500”  in 2012. But this wasn’t giving him the right vibes to go in the direction that he wanted. So Damier took a break to create songs on his own. When he released his fresh tracks, people loved it. Mostly, because his sound is something that creates a connection and stirs up the excitement because he delivers the entertainment that people crave in this era. Once his fans got a taste of his music, he released multiple songs. Recently he released the official video for his new song “21 Savage”!


In his latest track, Damier delivers nothing but excellence. His unique voice complements each beat, and listening to it feels like heaven’s harmony. The attitude matches the vibe and makes people sway in absolute joy. In his creative lyrics, Damier shares the story of how he persevered over many challenges.  He also describes how he was once a savage at 21 years, and the trials and tribunals of his life. 


He loves to bring his vision to life, and create some in hip-hop that reels in the tasteful music preferences of today. Damier’s style is fresh, unique, and something that creates a flow of continuous enjoyment. 


Pandemic was a tough time for the world, but Damier didn’t let anything come in his way. Even during the lockdown, he wrote several songs. He wrote original pieces about his life, and that led to the creation of some of his most stellar pieces of music. 


Damier is inspired by the quote, “Hold onto your life, even if it’s easier to let go.” This means that life is a rollercoaster, there are happy moments, and then there are sad ones. But, to go through it all, people need to be vigilant. 


No matter what hurdles come in your life, you have to be on guard and always extract a lesson from them for the future. Damier has a lot of plans to upscale his musical journey. He is on the lookout for great collaborations, and also has plans to release a clothing line! His content is going to be more engaging and new, as he prepares to release many great songs and videos. 


“I hope to inspire others through my storytelling and environmental wordplay that’s relatable to their story too.” – Damier


That’s how we know, Damier is here to deliver his best work from his unique perspective. “21 Savage” is already making headlines, and there’s so much more to come as we heard he will be dropping another Single and video “Fa Fa”!

To listen to his latest songs, visit here. 

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Micöl “NOVI NOV” Rankin takes center stage with his music, his marketing, and his moxie



Meet Micöl “NOVI NOV” Rankin, an indie music artist, who is starting to make some noise in the music industry and beyond for his unique style, positivity, and sound. 


He is a person who wears multiple hats and excels at whatever he does. Novi Nov is a rapper, a marketing wonder, a digital designer, and a very determined person. He was the first-ever employee at Shaquille O’Neal and founded the marketing agency “Majority” out of Atlanta, GA. He has recently been garnering a lot of attention for his music and getting thousands of streams since March 2022. 


His new releases are absolute unique masterpieces which are beginning to make waves on Spotify. He started releasing music in 2022 with the New-Orleans big band inspired song titled “I’m The Best”. This was followed by Denaun Porter’s produced rap song “The Code” which he lovingly claims is a song for marriage. And he is now a featured artist on Spotify with his new pop song “Parallel Lines” which shows the enigmatic talent that he has, and the flair for creativity that he displays. Micöl has won 9 awards including several Webby Awards and multiple Clio Awards. He has a penchant to create music that entertains people and expresses his emotions at the same time. 


The Start Of His Musical Journey


Micöl grew up in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. He performed a lot of gigs there. Gradually, he moved on to bigger things like opening for Wiz Khalifa. Eventually, he made a shift to Atlanta, where he would rub shoulders with the likes of Nelly, Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, Big Sean, Jermaine Dupri and more. He is also a well-known personality in the marketing world. He even has his show called “You Are Dope” on LinkedIn which features guests like We Are Rosie’s Stefani Nadi Olson, Publicis CEO Arthur Sadoun, former Lyft VP-Brand Jabari Hearn, and many more.


Missy Elliott found NOVI NOV after hearing his BIg Sean elevator rap and now she follows him on Twitter as well. When the pandemic hit, he started to focus and nurture his creativity and hone his musical skills. For Micöll, the pandemic was like a period where he could stay at his creative peak all day without any interruptions. 


In 2019 he was struck with a tragedy when his daughter Zinnia passed away due to health problems. Since that day he has vowed to help as many people as he can, and make the most of his life. He wants to continue to grow as a leader in advertising and marketing with his partners. He intends to expand his company, “ Rankinworks” through his music promotion with NOVI NOV. And he will also continue to help families and cultures that struggle through loss to thrive and strive through his and his wife’s own “For The Love of Zinni” brand and whatever charities he can partner with. Micol is genuinely a lively soul who is dedicated to working hard and doing his best to entertain people with his music and his work. To know more about his wondrous steps in the music industry and beyond, visit his Instagram profile here. 


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Lou Celestino – From The Skies To Making Records



 Lou Celestino, an emerging Filipino-Canadian recording artist, shares how his struggles led him to pursue his real calling.


The Pandemic turned the lives of many people upside down, more so, in relation to jobs and financial status. With the wave of COVID-19, there has also been an inevitable wave of layoffs from prominent companies all over the world. This layoff has brought a revelation for many people including Celestino. He is a talented artist from Montreal, Canada, and is ready to show the world what he’s been working on this year.


Before becoming a professional artist, he was a flight attendant and was laid off during the first wave of the pandemic. He was not aware of how his life will take the right direction for becoming a professional artist once he was let go of his previous employment. For him, it came as a sign to go for the dream that he always neglected. Before the pandemic, he never really dedicated himself to music. However, he decided to write music and follow his passion with real determination and inspire people with his art. Music is a place for him to express his feelings and vent out the expressions that have long been suppressed. 


A Legendary Music Artist In The Making

Celestino has long been an ardent fan of music. His loved ones were not very supportive of his musical passion which led him to neglect his passion. However, he stands to turn the Asian conservative narrative about the arts into a more liberal one. 


His musical talent is vast, and his debut single is coming out on May 20. He also has shows coming up this summer in Montreal and Toronto. He is going to deliver a great musical experience by singing his debut single “One More Chance”, along with other songs that will be on his first EP this November.


His music is all about being himself. No matter what heights of success he achieves with his musical career, he will always go back to his roots and appreciate all that life has bestowed him with. 


The charismatic soul also wants to show men that it is okay to be vulnerable, break the cycle and show what they feel without any hesitation. His message with each song is going to be something that uplifts many people and helps them get over the dilemmas of life. 


He is grateful for all the success and failures that he has experienced in life. Because the wins show that anything is possible with enough zing to learn, and the failures just mean that one needs to keep trying. 

Celestino likes to live in the moment. He wants to make today better, so that tomorrow can be more mysterious and full of wholesome events that lead people in the right direction in life. Hence, music is something that Celestino will utilize to bring the most important matters to light. To know more about his work, visit his Instagram profile here. 

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