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NASA Selects Three Companies to Develop Next-Generation Autonomous Moon Rovers




To establish a long-term presence on the moon, NASA on Wednesday granted contracts to three private space businesses for the development of autonomous rovers. These rovers would be used to transfer people and goods around the moon’s surface.

More lunar surface exploration might be possible with the rovers, especially as NASA looks to investigate the lunar South Pole, where ice is found in craters that are constantly shaded. Similar to how NASA’s rovers have been circling Mars for years, the rovers would continue to function even in the absence of astronauts on the moon.

The distinction with these moon rovers, though, is that the businesses will manage the vehicles in collaboration with NASA, allowing the businesses to explore business prospects as NASA works to support the establishment of a lunar economy.

The winning businesses include Lunar Outpost, located outside of Denver, Venturi Astrolab, a start-up situated outside of Los Angeles, and Houston-based Intuitive Machines, which recently made history by being the first commercial enterprise to launch a spacecraft to the lunar surface. The contracts together have a maximum potential value of $4.6 billion for the development of lunar terrain vehicles over a 15-year period, according to NASA.

on a briefing, Vanessa Wyche, the director of the Johnson Space Center near Houston, stated, “As astronauts explore the south pole region of the moon during Artemis missions, they’ll be able to go farther and conduct more science than ever before.” Imagine a cross between an unmanned mobile science platform and an Apollo-style lunar rover operated by our astronauts. The crew will be able to go much further from their landing spot thanks to this. Furthermore, that LTV will offer autonomous scientific and technology operations throughout unmanned operations.

The grants are another step toward NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to establish a lunar outpost in addition to bringing humans back to the moon.

Tens of billions of dollars have been spent by the space agency on the Artemis program over the years, which includes the building of the Orion crew capsule and the Space Launch System rocket, which will transport humans to the moon’s vicinity. Additionally, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin have been awarded contracts by NASA to build two lunar landers that will transport men to and from the surface.

The space agency is investing in new technologies and spacesuits for mining, moon homes, and energy production. One such program from Blue Origin aims to convert regolith, or lunar dirt, into solar cells.

Apart from creating technology that would enable humans to live off the land while on the moon, NASA is searching for methods to increase the amount of lunar surface that they can investigate. Astronauts “will drive to explore and sample more of the lunar surface using the LTV than they could on foot,” NASA stated in a statement last year.

NASA’s LTV program manager, Steve Munday, stated in an interview from the previous year that “one to two kilometers is about as far as you want to walk in a suit on the lunar surface, as we found on Apollo.” Thus, something else is required. For the sake of science and transportation, that range must be expanded.

However, given the duration of astronauts’ surface stays would only be up to 30 days, the vehicle must function even in the absence of astronauts. “Cargo and scientific payloads between crewed landing sites, enabling additional science returns, resource prospecting, and lunar exploration,” the agency stated in a statement about the LTVs’ planned use between crewed missions.

Before the third human landing under Artemis, ASA promised to pay for one of the suppliers to send its rover to the moon. By the end of the decade, that landing is scheduled.

In order to deliver its vehicle, the Flexible Logistics and Exploration Rover (FLEX), SpaceX has awarded a contract to Venturi Astrolab, which is collaborating with Axiom Space and Odyssey Space Research. According to founder and CEO Jaret Matthews, the company intends to make its maiden lunar landing in 2026.

“We’re at a point in history now where you can actually start to contemplate industrial-scale activity happening at the lunar south pole,” Matthews stated during the briefing, referring to SpaceX’s Starship rocket and several other new spacecraft being designed to land on the moon. Additionally, we’re working to create a platform to back it.

Following the landing of its Odysseus spacecraft earlier this year, Intuitive Machines—which is cooperating with AVL, Boeing, Michelin, and Northrop Grumman—sees this contract award as an additional step toward growing its work on the moon. CEO Steve Altemus stated, “It’s just an exciting next step to put the first critical piece of infrastructure on the surface” of the moon.

CEO Justin Cyrus stated that Lunar Outpost is building a fleet of rovers and plans to launch its first one to the moon later this year aboard an Intuitive Machines spacecraft. The company is collaborating with MDA Space, Goodyear, General Motors, and Lockheed Martin.

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Zendaya’s Triumphs in ‘Challengers’: Overcoming Every Obstacle




In the upcoming tennis drama “Challengers,” directed by Luca Guadagnino, audiences are in for a captivating exploration of love, ambition, and the complexities of relationships. Starring Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, and Mike Faist, the film promises to deliver a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of the competitive world of professional tennis.

Zendaya portrays Tashi Duncan, a tennis prodigy whose life takes a dramatic turn when she faces a career-threatening injury. As she navigates the challenges of her injury and transitions into coaching, Tashi finds herself entangled in a compelling love triangle with childhood friends and fellow tennis talents, Art and Patrick, played by Faist and O’Connor respectively.

The dynamics between the characters are fraught with tension and emotion, as they grapple with their desires, ambitions, and the consequences of their choices. Zendaya describes the experience of portraying Tashi as an opportunity to delve into the complexities of her character, challenging herself to empathize with Tashi’s journey and motivations.

O’Connor echoes Zendaya’s sentiments, expressing his sympathy for all three characters as they navigate the intricacies of their relationships. He describes the film as a modern interpretation of the complexities of love and co-dependency, where pain and beauty intertwine.

Behind the camera, director Luca Guadagnino brings his signature style to the screen, delivering a visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinematic experience. For Zendaya, who also serves as a producer on the film, collaborating with Guadagnino provided a new opportunity to explore her passion for filmmaking.

The dedication of the cast to their roles is evident in their commitment to a rigorous 12-week tennis training program led by former professional player turned coach, Brad Gilbert. Through their efforts, they bring authenticity and depth to their portrayals of professional tennis players, further immersing audiences in the world of “Challengers.”

As the film prepares for its release, anticipation is high for the impact it will have on audiences. With its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and exploration of universal themes, “Challengers” is poised to be a must-watch for cinephiles and tennis enthusiasts alike.

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Kevin Bacon Celebrates 40th Anniversary of ‘Footloose’ at Film’s High School




Kevin Bacon has fulfilled his promise to return to Payson High School in Utah, the iconic location where the beloved 1984 film “Footloose” was shot. This momentous occasion comes after months of dedicated efforts by the school’s students, who initiated the #BacontoPayson social media campaign in hopes of convincing the actor to attend their final prom.

The students’ campaign included recreating scenes from the movie and choreographing videos, all aimed at capturing Bacon’s attention and securing his presence at their event. Their persistence paid off, as Bacon graced the school’s football field on Saturday to address the enthusiastic crowd.

Reflecting on the students’ relentless determination, Bacon expressed his initial surprise at the campaign, remarking, “When I first heard about this Bacon to Payson thing, I was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy.’ But you were all just tireless.” He commended their unwavering commitment and acknowledged being persuaded by their efforts.

In addition to his heartfelt gratitude, Bacon lauded the students for channeling their enthusiasm into a meaningful cause. As part of their endeavor to entice Bacon back to campus, the school pledged to create 5,000 essential resource kits for his foundation, which supports underserved communities. This initiative, known as “Footloose40,” aims to pack and distribute up to 40,000 kits, furthering the foundation’s impactful work.

During his visit, Bacon was presented with an honorary diploma from Payson High School and engaged in various activities with the students. He even revisited his locker from the movie, capturing moments of nostalgia and camaraderie.

“Footloose,” released nearly four decades ago, continues to resonate with audiences, depicting Bacon’s character’s efforts to challenge a small town’s ban on dancing. The film’s enduring legacy was palpable as Bacon’s return to the high school reaffirmed its significance, proving that after 40 years, the prom remains an iconic setting for getting “footloose.

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Whispers of Pain: Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poets Department’



Taylor Swift’s latest musical endeavor, “The Tortured Poets Department,” has taken the world by storm since its surprise release. Swifties were treated to an early drop on Apple Music, showcasing the Grammy-winner’s 11th studio album in all its raw emotion and collaborative genius.

The 16-track album offers a seemingly relaxed and mellow listening experience on the surface, but beneath lies a complex tapestry of heartbreak, longing, anger, and self-reflection. Each lyric is a window into Swift’s soul, as she navigates through a turbulent sea of emotions.

One standout track, “Loml” (meaning “love of my life”), encapsulates this turmoil perfectly with the poignant line, “I wish I could un-recall how we almost had it all,” followed by the heartbreaking revelation, “You’re the loss of my life.”

Swift herself took to Instagram to describe the album as “an anthology of new works” reflecting a fleeting yet impactful moment in time. She eloquently expressed the cathartic power of songwriting, likening tears to holy ink on a page, and the freedom that comes with sharing one’s saddest story.

Collaborations with fellow artists shine brightly on “The Tortured Poets Department.” Tracks like “Florida!!!” featuring Florence + the Machine and “Fortnight” featuring Post Malone showcase Swift’s ability to seamlessly blend her voice with others, creating musical magic.

Behind the scenes, frequent collaborators Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner lend their songwriting and producing talents to the album, adding depth and dimension to Swift’s already impressive body of work.

Amidst Swift’s record-breaking “Eras Tour” and recent Grammy wins, “The Tortured Poets Department” is poised to exceed all expectations in terms of sales and streaming. Anticipation for the album reached a fever pitch, with Spotify reporting it as the most pre-saved album in the platform’s history.

Fans eagerly await the release of the music video for “Fortnight,” set to drop alongside the album. Swift’s candid storytelling and musical prowess promise to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying her status as one of the most influential artists of our time.

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Melodies of Resilience: Barbra Streisand’s New Anthem for ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ TV Series




EGOT-winner Barbra Streisand, deeply moved by an upcoming television series delving into history and contemporary issues, has crafted a new musical offering for the occasion.

Recently honored with the SAG Life Achievement Award, Streisand has recorded a poignant track titled “Love Will Survive” for Peacock’s forthcoming series, “The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” as announced by the streaming platform on Wednesday.

In her statement, Streisand expressed her motivation for the song: “Because of the rise in antisemitism around the world today, I wanted to sing ‘Love Will Survive’ in the context of this series, as a way of remembering the six million souls who were lost less than 80 years ago. And also to say that even in the darkest of times, the power of love can triumph and endure.”

Crafted by Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer in collaboration with Kara Talve and Walter Afanasieff, this marks Streisand’s inaugural recording for a television series. Accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra under the baton of William Ross, the song is a powerful testament to love’s resilience.

Based on Heather Morris’s novel, “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” stars Harvey Keitel, Melanie Lynskey, Jonah Hauer-King, Anna Próchniak, and Jonas Nay. The series recounts the poignant narrative of a Slovakian Jewish man who, amidst the horrors of Auschwitz, finds love and embarks on a courageous journey to safeguard each other’s lives.

Streisand’s musical offering, her first since her 2018 studio album, will be released through Columbia Records on April 25, coinciding with the series premiere on May 2, exclusively on Peacock.

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Drew Carey’s Generosity: Backing Striking Writers with Meal Support



gettyimages-2148645275 (1)

Last year, Drew Carey made headlines for his remarkable act of generosity during the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. As the actor and host of “The Price is Right,” Carey stepped up to cover the meal expenses for WGA members at popular Los Angeles eateries, Bob’s Big Boy and Swingers, throughout the 148-day strike last summer and fall.

At the recent WGA Awards ceremony, Carey humorously addressed the considerable tab he had picked up, joking about the unexpected cost. “Honestly, I didn’t know it was going to cost me so much money,” he quipped on stage. “When the bills started piling up, my accountant called and was like, ‘Is there any way we can dial this back?'”

Despite the mounting expenses, Carey remained steadfast in his support, emphasizing that it was “the right thing to do.” He acknowledged the significant impact that writers have had on his career, particularly those from “The Drew Carey Show,” whom he credited with contributing to his financial success.

Carey’s generosity reportedly totaled an estimated $1 million, a staggering sum that underscored his commitment to supporting the writers’ cause. In a heartfelt message shared in September, Carey expressed gratitude for the outpouring of thanks, while also acknowledging the pivotal role that writers play in the entertainment industry.

“Deeply appreciate all the love and thanks. It was worth every dime,” Carey wrote. “But if you want to thank someone for those meals, thank Bruce Helford and all the ‘Drew Carey Show’ writers. They helped make me rich enough to afford it. No writers, no $. Simple as that.”

Carey’s actions serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of solidarity and support within the entertainment community, highlighting the vital contributions of writers and the enduring impact of acts of kindness.


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Zuck’s Classroom Makeover: Revolutionizing Education 📚💡




Mark Zuckerberg, renowned as the co-founder of Facebook, has emerged as a prominent figure in the quest to reshape education through technological innovation. This article delves into Zuckerberg’s strategies, initiatives, and the potential implications of his efforts on the future of learning.

Zuckerberg’s interest in education reform dates back to 2015 when he and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, pledged to donate 99% of their Facebook shares to philanthropic causes, with education being a key focus. Through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Zuckerberg has heavily invested in educational technology startups and initiatives aimed at personalized learning, data-driven instruction, and equitable access to quality education.

One of Zuckerberg’s primary projects is Summit Learning, a personalized learning platform developed by Summit Public Schools and backed by CZI. Despite facing criticism, Summit Learning has expanded to numerous schools across the U.S., offering tailored instruction and self-paced learning.

Beyond Summit Learning, CZI’s Education team collaborates with educators and developers to create tools that empower teachers and enhance student learning. From funding research to supporting the development of educational software, CZI’s efforts span various projects aimed at driving positive change in education.

Zuckerberg’s influence extends to advocacy for education reform, where he emphasizes personalized learning, technology’s role in addressing educational disparities, and preparing students for future careers. Through social media platforms, Zuckerberg fosters dialogue among educators and policymakers, sharing insights and success stories.

Mark Zuckerberg’s initiatives underscore technology’s transformative potential in education. Despite challenges, his commitment to leveraging resources for educational betterment reflects a vision for empowering learners worldwide. As technology evolves, Zuckerberg’s efforts will continue to shape the future of education.

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Son of Late Sublime Singer Bradley Nowell Performs with His Dad’s Band at Coachella




In a poignant moment at the Coachella music festival, Jakob Nowell, the son of the late Sublime lead singer Bradley Nowell, stood alongside two original members of the band, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson. Together, they embarked on a musical journey that not only paid homage to Sublime’s iconic sound but also forged a new chapter in the band’s storied history.

The significance of this reunion resonates deeply with the legacy of Sublime. Bradley Nowell’s untimely death in 1996, at the tender age of 28, left a void in the music world. His departure, just before the release of Sublime’s self-titled album, cast a shadow over the band’s future, leaving fans and bandmates alike grappling with grief and uncertainty.

Following Bradley Nowell’s passing, Sublime’s future seemed uncertain. Gaugh and Wilson, the remaining original members, sought solace in other musical ventures, including the Long Beach Dub Allstars. It wasn’t until 2009 that they reunited with singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez to form Sublime with Rome, a project that aimed to honor the band’s legacy while embracing new musical horizons.

However, the spirit of Sublime never truly faded away. And now, at Coachella, that spirit was reignited with Jakob Nowell taking center stage. Despite being just 11 months old when his father passed away, Jakob’s connection to Sublime runs deep. Stepping into the limelight alongside Gaugh and Wilson, he brought a sense of continuity to the band’s narrative, his vocals echoing the raw emotion and infectious energy that defined Sublime’s music.

For Jakob Nowell, the journey to Coachella was more than just a performance; it was a profound and emotionally charged experience. In an interview with People, he expressed the complexities of preparing for this moment, acknowledging the weight of his father’s legacy while embracing the opportunity to honor it. “Stepping into this role has given me a lot of closure,” Nowell shared. “The story feels complete.”

Sublime’s impact on the music scene is undeniable. From their ska-punk roots to their fusion of California rock influences, the band carved out a unique space in the hearts of fans worldwide. Their self-titled album, released in 1996, remains a testament to their enduring legacy, a timeless collection of songs that continue to resonate with audiences today.

As Sublime with Rome embarks on their farewell tour, slated to conclude in August, the future of the band remains uncertain. Yet, one thing is clear: the spirit of Sublime lives on. Jakob Nowell, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson have plans to continue performing together, ensuring that the music and memories of Sublime endure for generations to come. At Coachella, they proved that some legacies are meant to be carried forward, transcending time and circumstance to leave an indelible mark on the world.

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Thrills and Ambiguities: Deciphering ‘Civil War’




In the whirlwind of Alex Garland’s latest creation, “Civil War,” the storyline may seem like a tapestry woven with threads of improbability. The notion of California and Texas uniting in secession appears far-fetched, yet Garland’s intent isn’t to craft a politically precise narrative. Instead, he embarks on a journey of tension and visceral thrills, leaving the viewer ensnared in a dystopian America ravaged by conflict.

While Garland’s repertoire boasts cerebral sci-fi wonders like “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” “Civil War” takes a sharp detour into the realm of danger and uncertainty. The film shadows a group of intrepid journalists, their vehicle emblazoned with the stark declaration of “PRESS,” as they navigate the treacherous roads from New York to a besieged Washington, D.C. Their mission? To document the turmoil engulfing the nation, where the White House stands besieged by enigmatic forces.

Arriving against a backdrop of amplified political discord in contemporary America, “Civil War” stands as a provocative testament to societal unease. Yet, its narrative steers clear of delving into the intricate backstories or deep-seated political commentary, opting instead for a series of episodic encounters across a landscape marred by devastation. The visual tableau, from desolate highways to haunting vistas of abandoned cars and lifeless bodies, sets the stage for an unnerving odyssey.

Amidst this turmoil, the film hints at nuanced relationships and unsettling encounters, but it refrains from fully exploring the depths of its characters or the ramifications of its premise. The mentorship dynamics between seasoned photojournalists and their inexperienced counterparts flicker briefly while chilling encounters with faceless soldiers punctuate the journey. Yet, for all its potential, “Civil War” falls short of delving into the intricacies of its dystopian America.

Unlike Garland’s previous works, which often dabble in philosophical musings or existential quandaries, “Civil War” leans heavily into the realm of horror. It thrusts viewers into a nightmarish landscape where the familiar contours of American society are distorted by conflict and chaos. As the film premieres in theaters, it invites audiences to grapple with its unspoken questions and unsettling imagery, marking a departure from Garland’s customary style.

In the end, “Civil War” transcends the confines of conventional political commentary, morphing into a haunting meditation on societal disintegration and human frailty. Its narrative may remain muddled in its political underpinnings, but its power lies in its ability to evoke a visceral response and linger in the recesses of the mind long after the credits roll.

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Aerosmith Announces Rescheduled ‘Peace Out’ Tour Dates




After enduring a nearly seven-month hiatus, Aerosmith is poised to reclaim the stage with the resumption of their highly anticipated “Peace Out” farewell tour this autumn.

In an Instagram post shared on the band’s official page this Wednesday, the rock legends expressed their exuberance in revealing the rescheduled itinerary for the tour. The announcement marks a significant milestone for both the band and their legion of devoted fans eagerly awaiting their return.

Commencing on September 20 in Pittsburgh, PA, the tour is slated to traverse the country until February 26 of the following year, culminating in a momentous finale in Buffalo, NY. Adding to the excitement, The Black Crowes are set to reprise their role as special guests throughout the tour, promising electrifying performances and unforgettable memories for concertgoers.

The journey to this moment has been marked by challenges, particularly stemming from an unforeseen setback in September 2023. It was during this time that Aerosmith’s iconic frontman, Steven Tyler, encountered a vocal cord injury, prompting the band to halt their tour after just three shows. In a heartfelt statement shared on Aerosmith’s Facebook page, the severity of Tyler’s condition was revealed, including a fractured larynx, necessitating meticulous care and recovery.

Tyler expressed profound disappointment in a personal message to fans, lamenting his absence from the stage alongside his bandmates and The Black Crowes. Nevertheless, he reassured fans of their imminent return, promising to reignite the rock ‘n’ roll fervor as soon as circumstances allowed.

Now, with the unveiling of the rescheduled 40-date North American tour, Aerosmith enthusiasts can anticipate a celebration of the band’s unparalleled 50-year legacy, coupled with a poignant farewell to the touring circuit. The tour represents not only a testament to Aerosmith’s enduring influence but also a poignant reflection on the profound impact they’ve had on generations of music lovers worldwide.

For fans who had previously secured tickets, there’s good news: all previously purchased tickets will be honored for the rescheduled shows, ensuring that loyal supporters will have their chance to witness Aerosmith’s historic farewell tour firsthand. Tickets for the rescheduled dates are set to go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. in the respective time zones, offering enthusiasts a fresh opportunity to secure their place in rock ‘n’ roll history.

As the countdown begins to Aerosmith’s triumphant return to the stage, anticipation mounts, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey through decades of timeless music and indelible memories. With each chord struck and each lyric is sung, Aerosmith’s farewell tour promises to be a fitting tribute to a band that has left an indelible mark on the annals of rock music.


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Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn Offers Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Comfort in ‘Folie à Deux’ Trailer, Easing His Sense of Isolation




Lady Gaga’s eagerly awaited debut as Harley Quinn alongside Joaquin Phoenix’s return as his Oscar-winning Joker is showcased in the first trailer for “Joker: Folie à Deux,” which dropped on Tuesday.

The teaser kicks off with Phoenix’s Joker, Arthur Fleck, restrained and expressionless, being escorted through what appears to be a facility. In a poignant moment, his eyes meet those of Gaga’s Quinn, who stands in what looks like a choir room.

“I’m nobody,” Quinn later utters, mimicking a gun to her head as she speaks to Fleck. “I haven’t accomplished anything like you have.”

The trailer then unfurls with glimpses of the duo, infamously entangled in love, strolling through the streets, dodging explosions, fleeing from mobs, and exchanging kisses through Fleck’s jail cell bars. All of this is set against a haunting rendition of the classic tune “What the World Needs Now is Love.”

“I’ll tell you what’s changed,” Fleck asserts at one point. “I’m not alone anymore.”

In the lore of DC comics, the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn has often been depicted as one of twisted love, with Quinn initially introduced as the villain’s therapist at Arkham Asylum.

While director Todd Phillips’ treatment of these iconic characters remains shrouded in secrecy, his previous portrayal of the Joker in the critically acclaimed 2019 film suggests that “Folie” will offer a fresh interpretation of the established comic narrative.

In addition to Phoenix and Gaga, “Folie” also features performances from Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener, and Zazie Beetz, who portrays Fleck’s neighbor Sophie.

Following the immense success of “Joker,” which earned Phoenix an Academy Award for Best Actor, “Joker: Folie à Deux” is scheduled to premiere in theaters on October 4th.


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