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Meet New York’s Top Fashion Influencer Dive Into The World Of Olga Ferrera



Olga is named the top fashion influencer of 2020 as per Afluencer, a company that connects brands and influencers. Besides being a fashion icon, she is also a content creator, lifestyle influencer, and stylist. She truly embodies her nickname New York with her sartorial choices. Her work has been featured in Vogue Taiwan and Vogue Hong Kong.


How did it all begin?

Olga’s fashion journey began in 2013 when she started posting photos of her outfits on social media. People instantly click with her style and vibe. She liked connecting with people and exploring clothes, so she was having fun. Over time she got busy with her life and could not post as frequently as she used to. Owing to this fact, her followers reached out to her asking, why did she stop? Her followers informed her that they enjoyed consuming her content, this motivated Olga, and she realized that people were genuinely interested in her style.


Journey and milestones.

With time, as her follower count kept on increasing, so did the beauty of her photos. Olga put in extra work to showcase the best version of her world. She spends time extensively strategizing her outfits, the location, the way a picture should be composed. Today her Instagram boasts of eight thousand-plus photos, while more than two hundred fifty thousand people follow her on the platform. She not only posts her photos on instagram but also gives upcoming brands exposure through her profile.


As a fashion influencer, creating mesmerizing content brings her the most joy. She enjoys styling and putting up an outfit together. Her job allows her to travel to scenic locations wearing stunning outfits. She was featured on the cover page of Over Magazine in the April 2021 issue. Furthermore, she was featured in multiple fashion websites and magazines like Glamour, Fashion Magazine24, Medium Magazine, US TimesNow, Feroce Magazine, Fuzion Magazine, Fabworld magazine, and other cosmopolitan magazines.


Reaching beyond fashion.

With her Instagram, Olga wants to inspire people to be their honest selves and celebrate their individuality. She motivates her followers to pursue their dream and strive hard for them. She truly believes that human beings can achieve anything they put their mind on.


With a job as glamorous as her, Olga has both her feet on the ground. She believes in giving back to the community. She is part of multiple organizations that are devoted to helping marginalized sections of society. One such organization is Maya’s Hope which does relief work for children in Ukraine. Through her Social media, Olga urges her followers to practice donation. She believes that each one of us is capable of making a difference.


Olga plans to add more social media platforms under her name and grow in them. She also has extensive plans for the future. Olga wants to produce her tv show. She also plans to enter the world of fashion production and be part of massive fashion events. 


Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Margot Robbie Shines In Versace At ‘Babylon’ Australia Premiere



Australian actress Margot Robbie has once again mesmerized her fans at the red carpet for the premiere of her latest film, “Babylon,” in her home country. On the pretext of the premiere, Robbie chose a baby blue corset gown from Versace, an Italian luxury fashion brand. The floor-length dress featured a sleek satin built around and crisscross straps beautified with the label’s iconic Medusa heads. The skirt was laced with crimson lace and featured a twisted wrap pattern. In 1995, Versace displayed the outfit on the ramp for the first time. Robbie styled her blonde hair in loose beach waves and donned the dress with gold sandal shoes.

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Throughout the “Babylon” press tour, paparazzi and fans saw Robbie experimenting with bold colors and fun silhouettes. At the film’s London premiere on January 12, she wore a red cape gown from Valentino, and at the Los Angeles screening in December 2022, she wore a halter dress by Alaïa. At the 2023 Golden Globe Awards on January 10, she looked pretty in a pink dress by Chanel, which took 750 hours to make due to its elaborate details.


In the film, which was released on December 15, 2022, Robbie stars as Nellie LaRoy, a rising actress in Hollywood during the 1920s. Max Minghella, Tobey Maguire, Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt, and Olivia Wilde are also featured in the movie.

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Navigating Tough Times: How The Fashion Industry Is Coping With Economic Challenges



The global economy is experiencing a downturn, and the fashion industry is feeling the effects. The sector is currently facing a challenging end to the financial year, with several negative trends impacting the industry. Brands are laying off staff and closing stores as they try to reduce costs and manage a difficult economic environment. In addition, there is a need for change at the executive level as brands seek to innovate and adapt to the changing market. The change also includes shaking up traditional industry formats and bringing in new leadership.


One trend that is negatively impacting the fashion industry is the widespread cost-cutting layoffs that are taking place. Brands including Everlane, H&M, PVH, and Nordstrom have all recently conducted layoffs, with DTC brands being particularly hard hit. For example, Everlane laid off 17% of its corporate employees and reduced staff in three of its 11 store locations. These layoffs are driven by a need to cut costs and address overestimating the total addressable market for DTC brands.


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Another trend negatively impacting the fashion industry is the worsening economic outlook, leading to store closures. Inflation, a recession, and the war in Ukraine contributed to market disruptions and a worsened outlook for the first half of 2023. As a result, retailers are looking to build up cash reserves and reshape their value proposition, resulting in extraneous costs being focused on people and stores. For example, Macy is closing four full-line stores, while department stores, including Kohl’s and Nordstrom, are also set to shutter stores this year.


According to Dennis, if a department store retailer or brand lacks excellent value or demand, they are likely to face trouble. Brands such as H&M may be struggling less than Macy’s, Kohl’s, or JCPenney, which have had difficulty solidifying their market position. When the market experiences a downturn, the focus shifts to acquiring a larger market share.


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The fashion industry is also contending with C-suite stagnation as brands look to make changes at the executive level to adapt to the changing market. Brands such as Lacoste and Gap Inc. are moving to a collective creative model. In contrast, others like MatchesFashion and Neiman Marcus have brought in new leadership to shake up traditional industry formats. This trend is driven by the need for fresh perspectives and a desire to increase representation in the fashion industry.


The fashion industry is facing several challenges as it looks to navigate a complex economic environment and adapt to changing consumer preferences. Brands must be agile and innovative to stay competitive and emerge from the current downturn in a strong position.

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Shari Dionne’s Luxury Eyewear Will Fill You With Confidence



Shari Dionne, the connoisseur of luxury eyewear, adds more pizazz to the lives of people who love cool sunglasses.


Sunglasses serve the purpose of protecting your eyes from the merciless UV rays of the sun that won’t be considered twice while hitting your cornea, retina, and eyes with the UV (ultraviolet) light. Additionally, we all want to look hip and cool while protecting our only window to the visual pleasures of the world. Shari Dionne had the same thoughts while wearing glasses as a child, but the dilemma of not finding eyewear that patches the vivid personality always infuriated her.


When Shari saw this gap in the eyewear market, she joined forces with Will Nickens, an MBA professional with a marketing major. Their goals had aligned because both are lovers of fashion, and the integration of the talents of these people led to the creation of the Shari Dionne Brand. Shari is also a nurse by trade and a fashion expert by passion. She inspires the world by showing how love leads to the creation of a legacy that can fulfill the dreams of many. Dreams do come true, and to trigger the paradigm shift, you need to break through the boundaries of self-doubt and bring your ideas into reality.


Amorous Foundation Of The Brand

The Shari Dionne brand is a creation backed by love and care. It all started as a love story. When Shari and Will met in Dallas, they struck a chord and a short fling turned into a forever story. Will and Shari are happily married now and expecting their 2nd child too. The brand happened because of the compliments that Shari got on her style and when she wore eyewear that people couldn’t take their eyes off her. Seeing how people were so mesmerized by her swagger, Shari and Will decided to create their brand.


After conducting thorough customer reconnaissance, the couple decided that their eyewear will instill confidence and get compliments for the customer on their vacation or general events. 


This love led to many great things, and the Shari Dionne eyewear is the product of this spark that keeps igniting and brings up new ideas to transform the perspective around eyewear and other luxury products. The goal is to be the talk of the party while being protected from the harmful agents of nature. The brand has also added a new opulent swimwear collection to its range.


As Seen On Celebrities

The eyewear collection by Shari and Will is enigmatic, and the high-quality material makes it all the more desirable by renowned celebrities. 


The Shari Dionne glasses have been spotted on celebrities such as Brandi Maxiell from VH1’s Basketball Wives, Former women’s NCAA standout basketball twins, the Gonzalez twins, reality TV stars Yasmine Lopez, “Yummy”, and Charisse Mills from Zeus network TV show “One Mo Chance” and the original face of the Clubhouse app Bomani X. Our eyewear can be found in Downtown LA at a store called Raised In LA.


To know more about this brand, visit their website.


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Natalie Schramboeck – Influencing People Through A Cultural Touch



Natalie Schramboeck, a down-to-earth lifestyle influencer, brings an eccentric touch of culture through her heritage.


Influencing people does not require a life brimming with luxury but a good heart and down to earth approach towards different events in life. The eccentric touch that appeals to a lot of people includes being yourself on the platform and bringing personal stories to inspire the world.


Natalie Schramboeck is a person who grew up collecting memories from different regions of the world. She belongs to an Austrian and Syrian background and grew up inheriting rich culture from the cities of Delhi, Ottawa, and Cairo. She has amassed a great following on social media through her originality and depiction of her real characteristic traits. For Natalie, it is the place where she enjoys meeting new people and things all over the world.

How It All Started

Natalie’s friends forecasted even before her success that she was destined to be someone who would influence many. Initially, she would blow it off or ignore those claims, but slowly she stumbled upon the revelation that social media is her true calling. 


When COVID struck the world, Natalie kick-started her career as a social media influencer where she used to post her generic routine and pictures and saw immense growth over time. 

For her, having followers does not determine your worth but the actions and the value that you provide does. She shares, “Brands should focus more on the upcoming generation of “influencers”. Just because someone has 2k followers doesn’t mean they can’t be influential, your actions depict your true worth.” 

Impact Of The Pandemic

While the pandemic forced people within the walls of their homes and brought upon a wave of grievance, many people decided not to be in agony because of it and turned the situation into a positive inspiration.


Natalie decided to use this as an opportunity to nurture her personal brand and grow herself as a social media professional. Her sole aim is not only to grow a massive following but also to build a community that inspires people to express their true selves without any hesitancy and fear. 

A Life Lesson

She inspires people to shed the disguise of a people pleaser and brings in the real vibrance of nature of their character. She is a person who promotes positivity and preaches that to everybody in her life. Natalie believes in turning the frown upside down and attracting all things that are good in life. Your dreams can only become true if you are putting in unparalleled efforts and trying with unfazed focus. Results will come in sooner or later but you never have to surrender in the face of adversity.


Living in Dubai, Natalie often posts about the exquisite food and the radiant lifestyle of the city. Through her content, she has gained over 27k+ followers and she continues to gather huge admiration worldwide through her subtly pure and vivacious content. Follow her on Instagram to know more about her everyday adventures.


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The Femme Fatale of Social Media – Priyanka Arya



Priyanka Arya is turning heads with her sartorial choices.


Priyanka Arya is a Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer based in Delhi, India. She has been creating content and blogging for the last five years, and has worked with over 70+ brands. Priyanka is at the top of her game and has recently bagged the award for “Best Style Blogger Of The Year”.


She is very active on her Instagram and creates content around makeup, fashion, and skincare. Priyanka has more than 1.5 lakh+ users on the social media platform, and her content garners views in lakhs, almost every month.  Besides Instagram, she creates content for MxTaka Tak and her youtube channel.


How It All Began

Even as a high school kid, she was pretty sure of making a career in fashion and chose to graduate in Fashion designing. Priyanka recalls being often asked for fashion tips by girls around her. It motivated her to start something of her own and led to the birth of her blogging career. Blogging was a risky decision as it was not a profitable career five years ago.


She was on cloud nine when a big brand approached her for collaboration. Priyanka says, “I remember when one designer approached me for a barter collaboration. I was so happy to receive the first collaboration that I was running in my home to tell everyone.“


Initially, she created content around styling tips, DIYs, and hacks. Over the years, she has included niches such as skincare and makeup too. Today, she is an established blogger and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country. She has collaborated with biggies like OPPO, Nykaa, Cadbury, Amazon Fashion, and the likes of them. But her journey has its own share of pitfalls. Priyanka says,”I have faced many challenges in life in order to make this work, but it has been extremely fulfilling.”


Being A Blogger

As fancy and pleasant the job appears, it does come with its own sets of responsibilities. Priyanka says,”Blogging is not just about fancy profiles with pictures”. A lot of thought goes behind creating a single outfit and photo. Priyanka has to come up with creative ideas consistently to maintain her profile. She has to keep a tab on the new trends in the market and give them her own personal touch to stand out.


Priyanka is very ambitious in life which is the reason for her success. She wants to inspire people to embrace their own true style. She even crafts her content to inspire her audience to carry their style with confidence and follow what they love.


Like every other business, the pandemic affected her business too. Priyanka had to stall outdoor concept photoshoots and had to create everything at home. However, as the lockdown restrictions are decreasing across the country, she hopes to bring back concept photoshoots. She has big dreams for her future and plans to work with brands from every corner of the globe.


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Top Fashion Model Dora Rodriguez Turned Businesswoman



Dora Rodriguez Talks About Her Recent Venture, KW Publicists


Dora Rodriguez is a top fashion model who has recently launched her own PR firm ‘KW Publicists’. Dora also holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree and formerly worked as a reporter for TLN TV Network in Toronto. She had a brief pause in her journalism career as she was signed by a modeling agency that spotted her in the Miss Universe pageant.


Dora has worked with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Working with a variety of people has given her immense experience, and she knows how things go around in the industry. While working, she had some rough experiences with PR firms which propelled her into journalism again. Dora realized that there was a dearth in the number of good PR agencies in the market and decided to create KW Publicists.


KW Publicists

KW Publicists came into existence last year in the midst of the pandemic. Today it boasts of some of the most sought-after celebrities in its clientele. The firm offers services like the online press, magazine covers, Instagram verification, Google verification, and much more. 


KW Publicists make sure that PR articles are not only great but also reach their intended audience. The firm uses tried and tested methods to accurately target journalists as per beat, geographic region, industry, and journalist back-history (previously covered stories). In short, the firm writes and distributes press releases to reach targeted journalists, editors, influencers & news desks. KW Publicists makes sure to reach out to the most relevant media to ensure that the press release is effective and seen to its target audience.


Dora and her firm KW Publicists live by the quote, “The sky is not the limit, the sky is our point of view.”


The firm has collaborated with big brands like Philipp Plein, L’officiel, and FHM. KW Publicists has also liaised with magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour magazine for models and has got them on the cover of some of the most renowned publications in the world.


Dora’s Experience 

Dora was an experienced journalist, so creating a PR firm was a piece of cake for her. Even when she was modeling, she used to write and publish articles for her client. She has even created her Fashion magazine with InDesign. So her experience was smooth. Currently, the firm boasts of more than a dozen international clients amassed over a short period. 


When asked what she loves the most about her job, Dora says, “Meeting new people every day from different niches gives me a kick to work more. Through my firm, I represent all types of public figures from models to actors, influencers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and even medical professionals.“


Besides her business, Dora is simultaneously taking up modeling assignments. She is also gearing up for her appearance in an upcoming Netflix show. Dora also plans to launch a KW fashion magazine shortly. As far as her firm goes, she hopes to rope in new clients and collaborate with more brands now that the virus is in control. You can learn more about Dora and her PR firm here.


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Retro Rewinds In Spring/Summer 2021



In a pandemic where everyone was stuck at home for almost a year, the world missed out on its youthful energies. It was evident in the S/S 21 collection in the fall and it’s clear as day now when you take a scroll through some of your favorite retailers. In between your hunt you will bump into the nostalgic 60’s and 70’s fashion vibe. Some rainbows printed beachy dresses, tinted tangerine eyewear, some bucket hats, and thong sandals were spotted time traveling in the 2021 Spring / Summer collection. Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci, Marc Jacobs, and Cult Gaia gave us splashy 60’s playful, beachy, floral prints, while Oscar de la Renta and Halpern brought in high Octane shimmer in the form of gowns from the disco era.


Bucket Hats 

The most fascinating throwback extra was the Bucket hats reclaiming their lost glory, which are also recent OOTD looks of celebrities like Billie Eilish, Sofia Andres, Dua lipa, and many more.


Trench Coats 

All things retro seemed a big influence on the fashion and décor industry this year. Classic trench coats can never go out of style, and S/S 21 had a very modern approach to it. Stars like Irina Shayk, and Hailey Beiber were spotted in Trench coats.


Cowboy Boots

British Singer Dua Lipa was quite the talk with her ‘cowgirl look’. She channeled a country-style look in a checkered Miu Miu jacket with jorts, red bikini with denim shorts, a rodeo-ready belt, and knee-high brown cowboy boots.


Slip Dresses

The latest spring trend taking Hollywood by storm is Slip dresses. Celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and Emily Ratajkowski pulled out the light flowing, comfortable slip dress looks with simple footwear. Hailey rocked a slinky, spaghetti strap Aym Seymour wine red dress with white Adidas Originals A.R. leather sneakers. Meanwhile, Emily Ratajkowski wore a yellow slip dress of Olivia Von Halle, with white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and a long pendant necklace to go grocery shopping in LA.


Printed Silk Scarf

Printed Scarves debuted with queens of Egypt. High Fashion brands are in love with printed silk scarves. Celebrities, Influencers, TikToker’s, the entire internet is revolving around the silk headscarf look. It’s a flexible fashion statement wrapped around necks & heads. In some cases, can make an entire outfit, as a big DIY fashion trend where silk scarves convert into cute sleeveless tops. Alicia Keys is one of the first to come to mind, who sported a double knotted head-wrap look effortlessly on the beach.


Flared Jeans 

Flare jeans have been in fashion for quite a time now. Sophie Turner wore a pair of Ukraine label Kseniaschnaider baggy, blue wader jeans with a white tank and lime green knitted heels. Sophie made a style statement for a whole new decade to catch on.

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The Tattoo Heretic: Kirby van Beek’s Idea Of Shadow And Bone



Tattoo artist Kirby gives an insight into her unique work and the inspiration behind! 

Working in a morgue, determining causes of death, is probably the last place one would find inspiration. But Netherlands-based tattoo artist, Kirby van Beek found her aesthetic there, drawn to the idea of death, the human body, and true crimes. A creative, and confident 24-year-old Kirby started her tattoo shop, “Heretic Tattoo” in 2010. Today, she has carved a niche for herself in the industry, being a highly regarded artist in the black-and-white realism movement. Currently the only tattoo artist in her studio, she provides people with custom dark realistic tattoos, portraits, and jewel tattoos. She never tattoos a design more than once, for it is essential for her that every client has a unique tattoo. Known for her designs and portraits with a dark and evil twist, she has also been featured on the Dutch version of MTV’s ‘Just Tattoo of Us.’


Choosing The Name ‘Heretic’

The reason behind the name stems from her personal experiences of always feeling like an outsider. She explains, “I could never fit in at school and always felt different. So I wanted to come up with a name that would represent rebels/outsiders. Of course, there were a lot of words I could use but I chose heretic because I’ve always been interested in religion, but I’ve never agreed with the ideas and rules it puts on people. I always try to voice my opinions against it so the word heretic would perfectly represent me and the dark “evil” tattoos I like to do.”


Her idol and her motivation is Kat von D. A badass businesswoman with an alternative style, who runs her tattoo shop, all the while being completely accepted by the public is what gave Kirby the confidence to pursue her dream as well.


The Struggle And Her Determination

Kirby taught herself to tattoo when she was 18 and continued pursuing it along with her education and job. She studied forensic science from the age of 18 to 21. For the next 1 year, she worked in the morgue during the week while studying for pre-university graduation. Normally this takes 2 years but she completed it in 1 year. She kept tattooing on weekends and her spare hours throughout. Though she later worked as a tattooist at many tattoo studios in the Netherlands from the age of 22 through 24, things weren’t easy for her. 


“I really struggled to get into tattooing. I was creative from a young age and spent a lot of time drawing. But the tattoo industry sadly is a really closed community. So it’s very hard to get a place where you can start an apprenticeship.” Not the type to be working for a boss, she constantly struggled with doing what was ordered during her time as an apprentice.  “Being an apprentice involves a lot of dirty jobs, like only cleaning the shop for the first year before they teach you anything. For me this was a waste of my time, I wanted to learn how to tattoo, not how to mop the floor,” she recalls. Eventually, she quit the job and took matters into her own hand. Her parents were supportive and brought her a tattoo machine, her father letting her practice on his arm. She learned the art by getting tattooed herself, watching the tattoo artists’ work, and picking up the skill. The strong young lady persisted and worked hard to earn the reputation she holds today.


Future Vision And Upcoming Projects 

She might be onto many things at the moment, but tattoos take a central position in her life.  She loves meeting different clients and getting to know them on a personal level during a long tattoo session. “There is nothing more rewarding to be able to tattoo people who love my art so much they are willing to wear it on their skin for life,” she exclaims. Currently working on a YouTube channel where she aspires to combine her dark realistic tattoos with a narration of true crime stories, she is also working on a high fashion clothing line. She aims to expand all her ventures over the next few years.


Message And Personal Motto 

She believes in living a “life full of ‘wow I did that’ instead of ‘why didn’t I do that!” Her story aptly sends out the message she wants to put out, “Never give up. Be good to your loved ones and fuck what everyone else thinks. If I would have listened to all the haters in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today.”



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Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza Takes The Crown At The 69th Edition Of Miss Universe



The 26-year-old software engineer became the third ever from her country to bag the prestigious crown on May 16th, 2021. The pageant made its return after a year, the 2020 ceremony standing canceled owing to the pandemic. The glamorous night, held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, was hosted by American actor Mario Lopez and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. 


“I am so honored to have been selected among the 73 other amazing women I stood with tonight,” she gushed on after her win, “It is a dream come true to wear the Miss Universe crown, and I hope to serve the world through my advocacy for equality in the year to come and beyond.” Miss Brazil, Julia Gama, and Miss Peru, Janick Maceta Del Castillo were placed second and third respectively. 


The Winning Answer

After a stellar performance by the representatives of Myanmar, Brazil, India, and Mexico, the competition wasn’t easy. But Andrea’s winning answer made her the new Miss Universe. Utilizing the Miss Universe platform to convey a message, Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was asked about changing beauty standards and came up with an inspiring answer. “We live in a society that is more than advanced, and as we advance as a society, we’ve also advanced with stereotypes,” she said. “Nowadays beauty isn’t only the way we look. For me, beauty radiates not only in our spirit, but in our hearts and the way that we conduct ourselves. Never permit someone to tell you that you’re not valuable.” 


Miss India Adline Castelino, who made it to the top 5, too left an impact with an impressive answer in the final round. On being asked, “Should countries lockdown due to COVID-19 despite the strain on their economies, or should they open their borders and risk a potential increase in infection rates?” Adline replied, “Good evening universe. Well, coming from India and witnessing what India is experiencing right now, I have realized something very important that nothing is more important than the health of your loved ones. And you have to draw a balance between economy and health. And that can only be done when the government works with the people hand in hand and produces something that will work with the economy. Thank you.”


Other countries also voiced their concerns about important issues. Miss Myanmar drew attention to the ongoing military coup in her country by walking on the runway with a sign that read, “Pray for Myanmar.” Miss Singapore, Bernadette Belle Wu Ong, chose to walk the stage wearing a red bedazzled bodysuit, cuissardes, and a red and white dress in the colors of the Singapore flag with the message “Stop Asian Hate” for the national costume preliminary round.


More About Andrea Meza

Meza holds a degree in software engineering and is also an activist. She is associated with the Municipal Institute for Women, an organization that aims to put an end to gender-based violence. She was also the runner-up in the Miss World 2017 pageant.


Additionally, Meza is also a certified make-up artist and model, and the official tourism brand ambassador for her hometown of Chihuahua City.


Previous Crown Holders and Contestants

Previous winner, Zozibini Tunzi, a public relations professional and the first Black woman from South Africa to hold the title, passed on the crown to her successor. Former Miss Universe contestants Cheslie Kryst, Paulina Vega, and Demi-Leigh Tebow (who won the title in 2017) served as competition analysts and commentators. 


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Thrifting: The Gen-Z Idea Of Sustainable Fashion



The urge to curate an ethical closet is at an all-time high, thanks to the devastation inflicted upon both natural and human resources by fast fashion brands. However, with only luxury brands partaking in the sustainability trend, a single piece of an ethically sourced garment can deprive the broke millennials and Gen-Zs of paying their monthly rent. This dilemma between saving the planet or saving your money led to the current TikTok hype: Thrifting.


As Stavia Savasuk says, “Second-hand doesn’t mean second rate!!

It means… there’s a system in place for a community to reduce the amount of perfectly good stuff that would otherwise find its way into a landfill.

It means, the sharing of resources.”


Thrift is the perfect example of reuse, reduce and recycle. You get what you need without having to spend a ton of money and save the environment from a potent assault. The Student Environmental Center at the University of California Berkeley believes that “buying secondhand clothing means that you’re keeping plastic out of so many landfills and joining many other people to reduce the amount of waste and the worldwide demand for textile factories.” It is the future of sustainable fashion. Stylish, Chic, and Slow.


While the concept of thrift stores is relatively new, this idea definitely isn’t. The early eras of economic recession, especially the wars, prompted our grandmother’s generation to cut down on household expenses. One such method was reusing clothes. A simple t-shirt was passed down to the younger siblings until it survived. Even when it was no longer fit to be worn, it was turned into a dust cloth. This idea of reusing is what fuels the concept of thrift stores. An outfit in mint condition, no longer required by the previous owner, is sold to a consumer for less than peanuts. 


Thrifting has also enabled the practice of upcycling; tweaking and upgrading clothes bought from thrift stores. People have also successfully made a business out of this practice, selling these clothes on sites such as Depop. Apart from the financial independence thrifting provides to a large community, the feel-good factor of doing something for the environment also increases the benefits and popularity of this newly emerging trend.


Thrift stores offer a wide variety of clothes at a minimal price, hence establishing instant popularity among the experimenting and broke teenagers. Young people of this generation are Instagram users and feel the urge to have multiple outfits to post with; they desire to have a wardrobe that defines them, unique as they are. Since thrifting allows you to get one-of-a-kind pieces, influencers and normal users alike are taken with this trend.


Today, thrift stores are part of a $14.4 billion industry according to an IBISWorld report on the state of the market. The sudden surge in the popularity of the Y2K fashion aesthetic amongst the youth and the “ThriftFlip” concept garnering increasing views on TikTok are testaments to the bright future this industry promises. With Generation Z showing consumer characteristics that make them adopt second-hand items 2.5 times faster than any other consumer generation, the thrift-shop model won’t fall out of fashion any time soon.


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