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Fearless And Devoted Queen Bili B Shares Her Passion For Music And Entrepreneurship



Bili B, an Afrobeat artist and entrepreneur, shows how Afrobeat music is making waves in the music industry and on social media. 


Who says one person cannot do it all? Because Queen Bili B has proven this notion wrong by building her robust brand music, cosmetic, and accessories boutique. Originally from Atlanta, Bili B fascinates us with her eccentric music and entrepreneurial spark. She is an artist that inspires people with her feat in the industry and by representing Afro music culture. 


She recently released her new song “My Heart” and also launched an amazing and versatile skincare line for her cosmetic brand  “Kiss Lane Cosmetics”. Her music is eccentric and it depicts Nigerian culture, R&B and pop. Bili B is on the path to creating a legacy that carries forward her name and her good deeds.


The charismatic woman is a multi-talented person who has a full-time career in IT besides her creative side. Coming from a Nigerian household, she has always focused on a degree, full-fledged career, and also chasing her dreams. She is an independent woman who has built and funded her own empire of music and beauty. She has always been passionate about creating new things and keeping herself busy. 


“My inspiration came naturally. I inspire myself. I discovered my abilities were endless as long as I had three things which were interest, consistency, and determination. Overall I have to give the credit to my parents. Both of them were naturally creative individuals and I see that in them, and I developed that.” – Bili B


Bili is determined to leave her footprints in the industry and her best qualities are persistence and consistency. By putting in more effort every day, she believes it’s inevitable to see positive results. Her affirmations include being kind, confident, and hard-working each day of life. She hopes to inspire people by never surrendering to adverse situations. She wants to show people that anyone can achieve success, as long as they are putting in the effort and going the extra mile to stand out. Bili B loves to explore and tells others to be curious too.


In her songs, she narrates her stories and experiences in the most beautiful manner. She believes in the quote, “Time waits for none”. So, she goes out of her way to make sure that her goals and efforts align with her timeline. Time is fleeting and she wants to make the most of it. So, without wasting any time, Bili B creates new music, hones her artistic skills, and pushes her beauty brand towards success. 


A diligent woman who prepares herself for financial perils beforehand. Her songs are available to stream on all platforms. To know more about her work and music, visit her Instagram profile here. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Hints At 2 Million Cars Production In 2023, Q4 Profits Break Record



Tesla has reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2022 and the results are in. The electric vehicle maker has beaten expectations on both earnings and revenue, with shares rising more than five percent. CEO Elon Musk even hinted that the company might be able to produce 2 million cars this year.


The adjusted earnings for the quarter were $1.19 per share, compared to the expected $1.13 per share according to Refinitiv. Revenue also exceeded expectations, coming in at $24.32 billion compared to the expected $24.16 billion. In comparison, the year-ago quarter saw Tesla posted revenue of $17.72 billion along with adjusted earnings of $2.52 per share ($0.85 adjusted for an August 2022 stock split).


The automotive sector of Tesla saw significant growth, with revenue of $21.3 billion in the fourth quarter, representing a 33% increase year-over-year. $467 million of that came from regulatory credits in the fourth quarter of 2022, a near 50% increase from the prior year in the same period.


However, the company’s automotive gross margins were at 25.9%, which was at the lowest point in the last five quarters. Operating cash flow was also down 29% from last year and down 36% from last quarter, coming in at $3.28 billion.


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Tesla acknowledged in a shareholder deck that average sales prices have “generally been on a downward trajectory for many years,” and stated that “affordability” would be necessary for Tesla to grow into a company that sells multiple millions of cars annually. This is likely in reference to the price cuts on Tesla cars around the world in late 2022 and this year, which upset customers in the U.S. and China who recently purchased new Teslas at higher prices and triggered a decline in used Tesla prices in the U.S.


Despite these cuts, it seems that they have sparked demand. In a call with shareholders and analysts on Wednesday, Musk said, “Thus far in January we’ve seen the strongest orders year-to-date than ever in our history. At present, we are having orders of almost double the size of the rate of production.”


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After ramping up production at its new plants, Musk was questioned why Tesla’s prediction for manufacturing in 2023 was only 1.8 million units. He said, “We’re saying 1.8 because there consistently appears to be some friggin’ force majeure thing that happens at some places on Earth. The occurrence of tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, pandemics, etc. is beyond our control. We have the capacity to produce 2 million cars this year if all goes according to plan and there are no major supply chain disruptions or major issues. That would also likely be in demand, in my opinion.


Although it did not provide any new forecast, the business stated in its results announcement that it was still aiming to increase output as soon as feasible in line with the 50% compound annual growth rate that it had been guiding to since early 2021.


Investors also questioned Musk about his intentions for protecting Tesla’s image and brand from any negative press stemming from his political opinions and his new position as CEO of Twitter, the social media platform he purchased in October 2022. Musk said, “I’ve got 127 million followers,” and praised Twitter as a terrific platform for connecting with consumers. And it keeps expanding quickly. That implies that I enjoy a fair amount of popularity. I might not be well-liked by everyone. However, the number of followers speaks for itself for the great majority of individuals. I probably have one of the most active social media profiles in the whole globe, at least on Twitter.

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Doja Cat Wears A 30,000 Crystals Studded Skirt At The Schiaparelli Haute Couture Show



At the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show in Paris, Doja Cat was in the spotlight with her bold and unique fashion statement. The singer created a representation of Avatar by wearing top-to-bottom red body paint and donned a red gown with a skirt studded with red pearls from the Swarovski fashion house.


Makeup artist Pat McGrath, the man behind this unique look, took to Instagram to share the process of creating the “Doja’s Inferno” beauty look, which was meant to evoke the feel of a live sculpture sitting front row at the show. “It was an incredible experience working with the extraordinarily gifted Doja Cat and Daniel Roseberry, according to McGrath. She sat with Team Pat McGrath and me for four hours and 58 minutes to complete the creation, studded in over 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals. He accredited the final product (outfit) to Doja’s incredible passion and patience and passion.”, says Doja.


Image Credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images


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British Vogue also posted a time-lapse video that demonstrated the process of applying Swarovski crystals to Doja Cat’s hair, starting with the placement of a wig cap and continuing with the addition of color and crystals.


Doja Cat has also done bold experiments with her style statement earlier, even as a child. She reflected on being called out by a middle school administrator for her “colorful, attention-grabbing themed ensembles, complete with tutus” that she wore to class. At the time, Doja favored Harajuku- and pirate-inspired looks.


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As an adult, Doja has embraced her risk-taking style and was not shy to steal the show in France with her bold fashion choices. Her confidence and dedication to her art is truly inspiring and showed that she is not afraid to be herself, no matter what others may think.

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Kylie Jenner Reveals Son Aire’s Adorable Face on Instagram



Kylie Jenner, the 25-year-old American media personality and entrepreneur, delighted her Instagram followers with the first pictures of her son, which also revealed his face. On Sunday, Kylie shared her baby boy’s pictures on Instagram since he was born in February 2022. The child, whose name has been revealed as Aire Webster, is the second child for Jenner after a four-year-old daughter Stormi Webster with her on-and-off boyfriend, the rapper Travis Scott.


In a candid photo carousel, Kylie Jenner can be seen enjoying the moment with her baby boy, holding Aire in her arms and snapping a mirror selfie of them. Other pictures in the carousel post feature the mother and son hugging as well as a picture of the baby wearing a bib at mealtime with food all over his face. Kylie’s Instagram post also revealed the baby’s name, which she wrote in the caption, “AIRE ” along with a heart emoji.


Image Credit; Kylie Jenner


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Kylie’s Instagram post was well-received by her friends and family. Kris Jenner, mother of Kylie, commented on the picture carousel, “I love you Aire Webster ❤️.” Other family members, including both aunties Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, also shared notes of adoration. Apart from that, noted American singer SZA wrote, “Omg angel 😍😍,” and Rosaliá wrote, “Que cositaAAAAA🤍.” The post attracted over 21 million likes in just one day.


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Jenner has been verbal about the difficulties she went through during her second pregnancy, in contrast to her first time pregnancy. “This experience (pregnancy) for me, personally, has been a little tougher than with my daughter (Stormi),” she said at the time. She further added, “I just keep reminding myself I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy.”


It’s a special moment for Kylie Jenner as she’s introducing her son to the world and we are excited to see more of Aire Webster. The Kardashian-Jenner family has always been open about their personal lives and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of Aire in the future.

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Uk Inflation Falls, But Food Prices Hit 41-Year High



The Office for National Statistics report says that the UK’s inflation rate has dropped from 10.7% in November to 10.5% in December. Despite the fact that this decrease in inflation was as expected by economists, the majority of UK families still faced economic pressure as food and beverage prices increased at their quickest rate since 1977. The cost of eggs, milk and cheese was the primary driver of this increase.


Despite this decrease in inflation, UK policymakers warn that inflationary pressures will continue to persist as the recession is haunting workers. As a result, financial markets expect the Bank of England to raise its main interest rate to 4% from 3.5 % on February 2nd.


HSBC Senior Economist Liz Martins commented on the present situation. He said, “These numbers imply the BoE’s job is not yet done. The lower overall (CPI) rate may minimize the likelihood of a wage-price spiral.


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The inflation rate in the United Kingdom was higher than the rates recorded in the United States (6.5%) and Germany (9.6%). On the other hand, natural gas prices have fallen since last year. The rates are still significantly higher than they were in mid-2021 and this increase continues to impact the economy.


Some economists think CPI is a better way to understand how much prices are going up. In December, the Core CPI stayed the same at 6.3%, which was different from what experts thought it would be. They thought it would go down to 6.2%. The cost of services, like haircuts or car repairs, went up a lot and reached the highest level since March 1992, at 6.8%. This is something that some people at the Bank of England think is a sign that prices will continue to go up.


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Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt stated that high inflation is a “nightmare for family budgets.” It has led to reduced business investment and strikes. He added that “we need to stick to our plan to bring it down.” Despite resistance to pay demands from public sector trade unions, many of whom are taking strike action due to wages rising much more slowly than inflation, and less than the average in the private sector.


RPI, which is sometimes regarded as a benchmark in compensation negotiations, dropped down from 14.0% in November to 13.4% in December. The Bank of England forecasts that the economy will contract this year as inflation squeezes disposable incomes and unemployment rises. Some members of the Monetary Policy Committee believe that it will be a more difficult task to steer inflation back to 2% as wages are rising at the fastest rate in over 20 years.

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Sing Along With Knotboy Deazy’s Eccentric Songs



Knotboy Deazy, a music artist from St. Louis, Missouri, who creates songs that resonate with you and make you understand how life isn’t easy!


The artist evolves with the music. Music knows no bounds; when you put your heart into it, it can be a story that lives forever. People who have had a connection with music since a young age and have the flair to create new music have proven time and time again that in the time of the saturated music industry, you can still stand out with your unique stance. Knotboy Deazy, a music artist, is proving this to be true with his eccentric music.


This charismatic man has been in the music studio, grinding, working hard, and creating music for his audience. He has been doing local shows and hyping up the listeners with the talent that he brings to the plate. He’s launched many amazing songs like “Fast”, and his current single “Jefe”, that he is pushing with the veteran help of music and STL legend DJ TAB. His determination and the will to create songs that give the audience a peek into his life and how he’s risen from an aspiring artist to a renowned one with thousands of views on his songs. 


Ideas To Look Out For

Knotboy Deazy started rapping in 2016 due to his strong affinity towards rapping and to express himself in a more rhythmic and refined way. One of his biggest achievements is reaching 200,000 views on the video of his song “Light This BI**H Up”. 


Initially, Knotboy struggled with writers’ block, and even though he loves to rap and tell stories, he had to hone his skill with artful tactics. His friends and family have been his biggest supporters in the journey. They’ve helped him develop a unique identity.


Besides creating songs that are unique, thriving with energy, and gusto; Knotboy Deazy is also working tirelessly on his new clothing fashion life “Can’t Die Broke”. If his songs are not catchy enough, pair them with his clothing line, and you’ll find a combo that no one can resist. 


Like his quirky personality, his clothing line will also have elements that you cannot fathom, but your fashion sense has been tingling for it. 



Knotboy Deazy delivers his message through his music and the meaning that he embeds in the lyrics. His versatile approach attracts the audience’s attention as he doesn’t go by the generic way but creates his own path. 


He believes in the power of hustling and also remembers that persistent steps will make his career. So, he lives his lifestyle to bring his vision to life and give his audience only the stellar songs that they deserve. One quality that he never compromises on is “Loyalty”. He’s been able to embark on his musical journey because of his loyal circle and their unprecedented support. 


His goals are clear and he has his mind on creating content that revolves around his ideas about money, life, goals and ambitions. He’s as cunning with his lyrics as they come, and this is just the start of his high-impact music career. To know more about him, visit here. 


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The Iridescent Beauty of Roxercat’s New EP “Pearls” Is A Gem!



Nashville (US) based band, Roxercat and their EP “Pearls” sweeps your worries away with happiness and optimism.

Songs that exude optimism are on top of the list for New Year’s jams. Every year, people go out of their way to work on their dreams and ensure they become a better version of themselves than last year. A song that supports those ambitions needs to be a part of all playlists. Roxercat, a band that works hard to create songs to elevate your mood, is on its way to releasing its 6-track EP “Pearls” which will be full of emotional lyrics and exuberant melodies. 


They’ve worked tirelessly to grow their presence in the music industry. They’re also working on their big break—which hopefully will be a hit song to skyrocket their subscribers. Their music consists of progressive rock as the elemental focus. The band is led by singer and songwriter Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. They’re unmatched storytellers who take you on a visionary journey with their music. Recorded at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios with overdubs at Cat Tracks Studio, the EP was co-produced by Price Jones and Grammy® award-winning engineer and producer Clarke Schleicher.


Like A Spell Of Happiness

Roxercat’s music is like a serene wave that washes over your mind and fills you with love and hope. The polished musicianship of the band is not found easily in the sameness that dominates the music industry these days. 


Price Jones’ vocals are a heavenly addition to their meaningful lyrics. As the sound hits the ears, you’re reminded of a sweet memory where you feel vulnerable and your mind teleports to your happy place. The band has already released 2 singles from their EP and the positive response is overwhelming. With their unique talent, Roxercat will forge new territory, a genre where love prevails above all and the talent that enchants. 


“The songs by Roxercat discuss real-life issues like digital love, heartbreaks, dramatic shifts in life, challenges of life and how to overcome them, emotional confessions, and more. Life is about surrounding yourself with people that believe in you – and you in them – and always holding on to your dreams,” says Price.


Every lyric by Price is an experience that leaves you with memories to cherish. They inspire you to embark on a journey of self-sufficiency and leave relations that don’t serve your peace. 


The relocation of Price Jones to Nashville in 1982 marked the beginning of decades-long songwriting, recording, producing, and composing careers. Stan, Bill, and Price have been playing together since 2017. After finishing up a rock opera project they were all involved in (The Fortunate Few: the rock opera written and produced by Price), they decided to pool their talents to form an original rock band, Roxercat. To know more about their music, visit here


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Noah Schnapp Bravely Comes Out As Gay On TikTok



It’s a big day for Noah Schnapp, one of the young stars of the hit series Stranger Things. The actor took to TikTok to reveal himself as gay, sharing a video with his more than 31 million followers in which he used the famous soundbite “You know what it never was? That serious. It was never that serious” while adding on-screen text that reads, “After hiding my sexual orientation for 18 years out of fear, I eventually informed my family and friends and all they could say was, “We know.”


Schnapp, who has played Will Byers on Stranger Things since the show premiered in 2016, confirmed last July that his character is also gay and has feelings for Mike Wheeler, played by Finn Wolfhard. In a recent interview with Variety, Schnapp said that Will’s sexuality has been hinted at since the show’s beginning but was made more explicit in the most recent season. “It was hinted at in Season 1: It was always kind of there, but you never really knew. Is it just him growing up slower than his friends? They’ve made it a genuine, evident thing now that he’s older. Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and loves Mike,” he said.


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“I think the way the creators have handled Will’s story on ‘Stranger Things’ is beautiful,” Schnapp told Variety, discussing the intentions of the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer. “It would have been easy to make a character gay suddenly, but they took the time to build his story and make it feel real. People have come to me, like a 40-year-old man in Paris who said, ‘Wow, the Will character resonated with me. It made me feel good, and I related to it so much. That’s exactly who I was as a kid.’ Hearing that just made me so happy because they’re writing a real character with a real journey and struggle and doing it so well.


As soon as Schnapp posted the TikTok video, his followers showed overwhelming support. Some users wrote messages like “So proud of you!!” and “Can we all appreciate that Noah came out to the whole world and realize how much courage it takes to do that when you’re a literal celebrity.


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As for Schnapp’s next project, he’ll star in the thriller film The Tutor alongside Garrett Hedlund and Victoria Justice. At the same time, a fifth and final season of Stranger Things is in the works, but there is no word about the release date. Regardless of the future, it’s clear that Schnapp is comfortable in his skin and isn’t afraid to share that with his millions of fans.

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Dillon Forte’s Sacred Geometry Artwork Has Everyone Eager To Get Inked!




Dillon Forte, a world-renowned tattoo artist from  Austin, gives the world bliss in the form of his sacred geometry artwork, blackwork, dotwork tattooing. 


Art in the form of tattoos is sacred in itself. It’s not done on paper but on skin that remains an integral part of the body forever.


“Tattoos are a permanent commitment of passion.” ― Tawny Lara


That passion to draw stories on the body is not to be taken lightly. Dillon Forte is an experienced tattoo artist who does it for a living and his passion has stories reaching far and wide. He’s a professional artist who specializes in sacred geometry, blackwork, and dotwork tattooing. He primarily tattoos for a living with his team of other artists at his Austin based studio ,but he also does canvas art, sculptures, and creative collaborations with specialty brands.


People come to get inked with their favorite symbols, patterns, art, and other ideas by Forte, and his dedication amazes both the client and those who see it. The divinity in his art is worth a gazillion praises and clients like Usher, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Von D, Kehlani, and others have sought out his work. 


Making Tattoos Sustainable

What if we told you tattoos are sustainable too? In recent years, Dillon Forte launched Forte Tattoo Tech, a line of eco-friendly tattoo supplies aimed at other tattoo artists and their shops. This move aims to  revolutionize the tattoo industry and make the process less impactful on landfills and the planet. 


Dillon also collaborated with Inkbox, a popular line of “for now” tattoos that look real but only last for a short period of time. Many of his designs are available now on their site. He has also collaborated with Cozo, a high-end sculpture artist to create timeless pieces. 


This charismatic artist has been interested in sacred geometry since he was a teenager and shaping this into a full-fledged career is his dream come true. He was always buried in art and tattoo books to hone his skills.  The connotation of ‘sacred’ is used due to the specific mathematical ratios used in the construction of religious architecture globally, along with the mathematics found within nature.


He got his first tattoo at 16 and started working in a tattoo shop under an apprenticeship at 18. At that time, he only did what people wanted him to and it didn’t really elevate his style. After some time, he went on to exclusively cater to exquisite taste and ink the sacred geometry for his clients. Since the age of 18, he has worked in the tattoo industry, carefully crafting and evolving his unique style.


On his interest in sacred geometry, he commented, “(sacred geometry is) something much bigger, connecting the universe and everything here on our planet. It’s a lot to explain, but many of the people that come to me get these tattoos because of the deeper meaning. I hope that those discovering my art learn more about the history behind sacred geometry and find their own connection. I think it opens up a rabbit hole of curiosity and introspection, and I find it to be fascinating.” 


Dillon wants people to pursue their passion as he did. If you keep trying and take the right steps, success will come to you. To see his fascinating tattoos, visit here. 

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2023 Will Bring New Music for Alyssa Messina!



Alyssa Messina, a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada talks about new music and how she aims to make 2023 more hot and happening for her audience. 


Music makes you lose control! A catchphrase for the industry and it sure comes to life when the songs of Alyssa Messina hit your ears. She’s adamant to create unique but touching music, and her previous work is proof of that. She went viral from her cover of the song “Dancing With Your Ghost” on Youtube and TikTok. Listening to her songs and watching her videos, the audience quickly started subscribing to her Youtube and other social media platforms.  Her EP “Born Again” released in the spring of 2021 was a huge success with her song “Born Again” being one of her most popular hits today. This song alone has gained over 15k views on Youtube and brought this amazing artist to the spotlight. 


Her sultry voice combined with deep lyrics makes her song riveting. The aura that exudes confidence with dark feminine vibes is also a sight to see in her songs. As an independent artist, she’s made scores of fans with her songs. 


Innovation Meets Mesmerizing Vocals

The songs with amazing vocals will always stay unique. One glance at Alyssa’s visual creativity and vocal talent will show you how cinematic masterpieces are created. Not only her videos, but her live performances also have unparalleled vibes. They’ll bring you to a dimension where colors, sound, and systems join to provide memories for life. Performing at various venues in Toronto and the GTA area, she’ll be opening this year up with a bang performing at The Tail of the Junction on Friday January 20th! (3367 Dundas St W, York, ON M6S 2R9) So if you live in the city, be sure to stop by! 


She believes the artist has always been inside her and she took her time to realize that music is her calling. She loves the creative process, which can be bittersweet at times and shares that, “the more you learn from music, the more your voice refines over time.” 


Follow Your Dreams

Alyssa believes in following her dreams and never backing out from challenges. Her vision for the next 5 years is to keep performing and satisfying her inner artist. She’ll keep creating songs that serve her audiences’ interests and also expose them to her exuberant visuals. 


She loves the emotional and creative process that every song brings to her. She shares that, “it’s amazing how every song undergoes its own unique journey and has messages that are hidden in between. Seeing the final song come to life is a feeling that I cannot express in words.” So, she does it through her lyrics.


“Hearing all the voice notes and demos to hearing the final song gives me goosebumps sometimes. I think this is why I am so excited about the new music that I’m working on for 2023 as I feel that it is coming from an entirely new place. I am very excited about it.” – Alyssa Messina


To know more about her songs and music, visit her Instagram profile here. 


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IMF Head Predicts Slowing Global Economic Growth in 2023



The global economy comprises the economic systems of all countries. It is a complex and interconnected system influenced by many factors, including trade, investment, economic policy, technological innovations, and demographic trends. The global economy has experienced significant growth in recent years, but it is also subject to periods of weakness and uncertainty.


According to the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, global economic growth may slow down in the current year due to weakened activity in the major contributor countries to the global economy including China, the United States, and Europe.


In an appearance on the CBS Sunday morning news show “Face the Nation,” Georgieva stated that the year ahead would be “significantly harder than the year we leave behind,” citing weakened activity in the major contributor countries to the global economy: the United States, Europe, and China. All three of these economies are experiencing a slowdown at the same time, which could have significant implications for the global economy as a whole.


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According to Georgieva, the coming months may be difficult for China due to the potential for an increase in COVID-19 cases. While she was recently in a city in China with zero percent COVID-19 cases, Georgieva cautioned that this could change if people start traveling again. This could have negative consequences for China’s progress as well as the progress of the region and the entire world.


She has pointed out that China’s economic growth in 2022 is likely to be at or below the global growth rate, which would be the first time this has happened in the past 40 years. China’s gross domestic product growth in 2021 was 3.2%, which was in line with the fund’s global outlook for 2022.


In October, the IMF predicted that China’s annual growth would accelerate to 4.4% in 2023 while global activity slowed further. However, recent comments by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva suggest that there may be further cuts to the China and global growth outlooks when the IMF releases updated forecasts at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this month.


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On the other hand, Kristalina Georgieva has stated that the United States is currently standing apart from other economies and may avoid an outright contraction, which is expected to affect as much as one-third of the world’s economies. According to Georgieva, the U.S. is “most resilient” and “may avoid recession,” with the labor market remaining quite strong.


Georgieva stated that the strong labor market in the U.S. may require the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates higher for a longer period to bring down inflation. In 2021, the Federal Reserve implemented its most aggressive policy tightening since the early 1980s, raising its benchmark policy rate from 0% in March to the present range of 4.25% to 4.50%. Federal Reserve officials have predicted that this rate will breach the 5% mark in 2023, a level not seen since 2007.

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