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At NHL All-Star Weekend, Justin Bieber steals the show on the ice




One of the biggest stars of NHL All-Star Weekend was Justin Bieber, who played at a party he hosted early in the week and even skated on the ice before Saturday’s 3-on-3 competition.


Together with fellow Canadians Tate McRae, Will Arnett, and Michael Bublé, Bieber was one of four celebrity captains. He participated in warm-ups and was outfitted with a microphone.


Although it’s been a minute, Bieber commented while skating, “It’s so fun, though.” “This is a dream.”


Bieber spoke with Elias Pettersson, snapped a picture with Connor McDavid, the winner of the skills competition and the current MVP, and Sergei Bobrovsky questioned him if he was really playing. That might be going too far.


No, only for warm-ups,” replied Bieber. “If not, I’ll get hurt.”


All-Star 3-on-3 MVP candidate Auston Matthews enjoyed having Bieber around.


Matthews remarked, “Everyone enjoyed it—he obviously really enjoyed it.” “Getting on the ice and having some fun with a few guys was a cool moment for him.” Sincerely, I think that was a lot of fun for everyone


During the game, Bieber nodded to Bublé, who had stated Thursday night during the player draft that he was high on mushrooms, by donning a mushroom cloak reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers behind the bench.


According to Matthews, players were making jokes about Jim Montgomery, the coach of the Boston Bruins, wearing the coat. Instead, it remained on Bieber.


“It was fantastic,” Matthews remarked. “There’s no doubt you could pick him out of a crowd fairly easily if you were up pretty high in the stands.

Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Plans to Increase Chip Manufacturing in the United States Are Facing Challenges




The primary manufacturer of the most advanced chips in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, announced in December 2022 that it will invest $40 billion in Arizona to establish its first significant U.S. base for semiconductor production.

The much-heralded project in Phoenix, which includes two new plants, one of which has more sophisticated equipment, came to represent President Biden’s efforts to increase domestic chip production. Chips are silicon slices that are used in a wide range of devices to perform computations and store data.

Then, last summer, TSMC announced that local workers lacked the experience to install some advanced equipment, delaying the start of manufacture at its first Arizona factory until 2025 instead of this year.

The business stated last month that it will not be producing chips at the second factory until 2027 or 2028, instead of 2026, due to uncertainty around federal funding and tech choices.

In an investor call, TSMC chairman Mark Liu stated that the Arizona site’s progress is partially dependent on “how much incentives that the U.S. government can provide.”

TSMC is just one of numerous chip manufacturers that are encountering difficulties with their plans to expand into the United States. Due to pressure to control their expenditure on new infrastructure following a decline in sales of many different types of chips, businesses like Intel, Microchip Technology, and others have also modified their manufacturing schedules. The creation of new chip plants is extremely complex, requiring billions of dollars’ worth of machinery, thousands of personnel, and extended construction deadlines.

The delays occur as the Biden administration starts distributing the first significant grants from a $39 billion fund intended to strengthen the American semiconductor sector and lessen the country’s reliance on technology produced in East Asia. The administration announced on Monday that it would give the chipmaker GlobalFoundries $1.5 billion in incentives to modernize and expand its facilities in Vermont and New York, where it produces chips for the defense and automotive industries.

However, the problems that businesses like TSMC are having with their projects may overshadow this publicity and cast doubt on the viability of President Biden’s industrial policy agenda. Over the next months, Mr. Biden’s reelection campaign is anticipated to place a significant emphasis on the investments.

“As of yet, nothing has failed,” stated Emily Kilcrease, senior fellow and head of the energy, economics, and security program at the Washington-based think tank, Center for a New American Security. However, for the program to be deemed successful, some advancement and the actual opening of those plants within the following few years are required.

Federal funds under the 2022 CHIPS Act are to be distributed by the Commerce Department to promote domestic chip manufacturing. Apart from the funding given to GlobalFoundries, the government has already awarded two minor grants for production. In the upcoming weeks and months, chipmakers including TSMC, Intel, Samsung, and Micron are anticipated to get substantially greater awards totaling billions of dollars.

The quantity and timing of the awards are the subject of intricate discussions between the government and these large chipmakers. Businesses are still awaiting word from the Treasury Department over which investments will be eligible for a new advanced manufacturing tax credit, which was supposed to be announced before the end of 2023.

Analysts warned that as the world races to lessen its reliance on semiconductor manufacturing in China, South Korea, and Taiwan, any delays in the process could be detrimental to the United States. Competing nations are providing court chip producers with their own incentives. For instance, TSMC intends to increase production not only in the US but also in Germany and Japan.

According to Jimmy Goodrich, a senior adviser for technology analysis at the RAND Corporation, “the more other geographies are going to snap up these investments, and more leading-edge investments will be made in East Asia,” the longer the U.S. government delays in allocating benefits. Thus, the timer is running out.

Rejecting claims that the Department of Commerce had been tardy to provide incentives was a Commerce Department official. According to him, the department is taking its time to safeguard taxpayer interests and encourage businesses to take further steps to strengthen the local chip supply chain.

According to a White House official, the timetable modifications made by the semiconductor makers were small tweaks that were typical of intricate projects like the new production facilities. 

Forecasts, he continued, indicated that when the plants began producing these chips, there would be an enormous demand for them.

According to a spokeswoman for the Treasury Department, officials there have clarified tax incentives for businesses preparing investments and are striving to release more guidelines as soon as feasible.

The CHIPS Act enabled tax credits for investments in factories and manufacturing equipment, along with grants and other incentives to increase U.S. chip production. According to the Commerce Department, over 600 businesses and organizations had expressed interest in receiving grants; thus far, the department has estimated that private investment pledges have totaled $235 billion.

However, the majority of expansion plans were made during a period of chip scarcity a few years ago, following a surge in consumer spending on electronics driven by the pandemic. Chip manufacturers were left with large stocks of unsold components and little urgent need for new factories when that market dried up.According to Thomas Sonderman, CEO of SkyWater Technologies, a Minnesota semiconductor company that has received Defense Department subsidies and is vying for CHIPS Act funds, “companies are rethinking how and what and when investments will occur.”

Microchip, an Arizona-based company, is one chip manufacturer that is struggling. Microchip was inundated with orders two years ago. 

It is eligible to receive $162 million after applying for CHIPS Act money to boost manufacturing. However, it has announced two separate two-week plant shutdowns as sales have declined.

According to its CEO, Ganesh Moorthy, Microchip still intends to modernize the plants in Oregon and Colorado that are going to get grants under the CHIPS Act. However, purchasing machinery to boost output will have to wait until things pick up for the company.

“We’ve put off expanding,” Mr. Moorthy declared.

In addition to increasing output, Intel has modified its procurement of expensive manufacturing equipment. The business recently stated that it had not anticipated beginning production in Ohio in 2025, as it had previously anticipated, despite investing $20 billion in two new factories there. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the adjustment.


Intel employees inside a “clean room” at a facility in Oregon in 2021.Credit…Philip Cheung for The New York Times

Intel reiterated that construction on the site and expansion plans in the United States and three other countries remained unaffected, despite external factors. Keyvan Esfarjani, the executive vice president overseeing Intel’s manufacturing operations, emphasized that the company’s strategy remained consistent over time.

While some chip manufacturers like Texas Instruments and Micron Technology are forging ahead with expanding chip production to maintain competitiveness, Intel remains committed to its course. Micron, for instance, is proceeding with the construction of a $15 billion factory in Boise, Idaho, and has plans for an even larger manufacturing complex near Syracuse, N.Y., despite market challenges in its memory chip segment.


Construction in 2021 in Chandler, Ariz., where Intel is building two factories. Credit…Philip Cheung for The New York Times

Scott Gatzemeier, a Micron vice president overseeing expansion efforts, stressed the importance of aligning construction projects with future chip demand rather than current market conditions. He highlighted the significant expenses involved in renting equipment, securing construction workers, and emphasized the need to avoid halting projects once started due to the potential for increased costs.

Some chip manufacturers are hesitant to commence construction without government funding. For instance, Mr. Sonderman of SkyWater mentioned that his company’s plans for a $1.8 billion facility in Indiana are contingent on securing funds through a portion of the CHIPS Act dedicated to research.

At TSMC’s Arizona site, unforeseen challenges have arisen over the past year. Construction unions raised concerns about workplace safety and objected to the employment of workers from Taiwan to install sophisticated equipment in the first factory. Delays in machine installation prompted an announcement in July regarding production delays.

In December, TSMC and the Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council reached agreements on ground rules at the site to address safety, workplace training, staffing, and other issues. Mr. Liu, who recently announced plans to retire, expressed optimism that tensions among workers had eased.

While acknowledging challenges in building the first Phoenix factory, Mr. Liu emphasized that TSMC remains among the fastest in completing such projects compared to its peers. Although the start of production at the second factory may be delayed, Mr. Liu indicated that worker skills are unlikely to be a significant factor, expressing confidence that construction of the second fab will proceed more smoothly, citing the quick learning abilities of workers in Arizona.


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While “Madame Web” Unravels, the Bob Marley film has a strong start.





Over the holiday weekend, the drowsy American box office finally opened its eyes. The heartwarming musical biography “Bob Marley: One Love” was expected to gross $33.2 million on Friday and Monday, for a healthy total of about $51 million since its Valentine’s Day premiere, according to Paramount Pictures.

On the official X account for Marley, who passed away in 1981, there was a jubilant post that said, “Excuse me while I light my spliff.”

“One Love,” which took around 70 million dollars to produce, managed to overcome unfavorable reviews because it was released in what has become known as a box office sweet spot in recent years: tales that are both fresh and nostalgic. (There has never before been a big-screen musical biopic about Marley.)

However, the film industry was generally anything from exuberant. The other new wide-release film of the weekend, “Madame Web,” which is based on a minor Spider-Man comic character, reinforced the sentiment that moviegoers have been sending out lately: the boom for comic book characters is over. As of Monday, “Madame Web” has sold $17.6 million of tickets, bringing its total revenue since its arrival on Valentine’s Day to $25.8 million, according to Sony Pictures.

“Madame Web” had some of the lowest-ever ticket sales for a superhero film, which has been one of Hollywood’s most consistent cash cows for decades. In contrast, “Elektra,” which is seen as a superhero blunder that will go down in history, made $12.8 million in its first three days of release in 2005, or almost $21 million in modern currency.




It’s not like the superhero genre is done. Rather, according to David A. Gross, a cinema consultant who writes a weekly on box office figures, “the superhero universe is no longer expanding.” He stated that the most well-known characters will always draw crowds, citing the early enthusiasm for Marvel Studios’ upcoming superhero sequel “Deadpool & Wolverine.”

In its first 24 hours of publication, the first “Deadpool & Wolverine” trailer broke all previous records with over 365 million views on the internet.

Reviews for “Madame Web” were appalling; one reviewer compared it to “Cats” among superhero flicks. Featuring an all-female cast lead by Dakota Johnson and directed by S.J. Clarkson—whose prior work has primarily been in television—the movie was also hampered by some of the same prejudice that prevented female-focused movies like “The Marvels” and “Ghostbusters” (2016). People took great pleasure in dissecting “Madame Web” in general and Ms. Johnson in particular on social media and on certain cinema websites.

It wasn’t a financial disaster for Sony, especially when contrasted with “The Marvels,” which Disney made for an estimated $220 million but only made $200 million in total last year. (Theaters keep the remaining portion of ticket sales after studios receive around 50% of them.)

“Madame Web,” a thriller aimed at young ladies, required roughly $80 million to produce, in part because it did not rely much on expensive special effects. (Clarity is the only superpower she possesses.)Over the weekend, “Madame Web” earned an additional $26 million in partial worldwide distribution.

Tickets for “Bob Marley: One Love,” which starred Kingsley Ben-Adir and was directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green (“King Richard”), were sold for approximately $29 million overseas, where it was also showing in limited theaters.

Some weekends this year, theaters have been empty, a result of fewer wide releases, Oscar-focused art films that have not made their way into the public, and big-budget failures like “Argyle” that failed to draw crowds. According to Comscore, a company that gathers box office data, theaters in the US and Canada have sold roughly $764 million worth of tickets so far this year, which is 15% less than the same period last year.

With the exception of the pandemic year of 2021, the slowdown was especially noticeable on Super Bowl weekend, when domestic theaters only made $38.9 million. This is the lowest amount for a Super Bowl weekend since at least the mid-1980s, when comprehensive box office records started to be compiled, according to Comscore.

In the upcoming weeks, a number of significant films, such as “Dune: Part Two,” will be released. However, the box office is anticipated to remain weak, in part because studios postponed the release of many movies until March due to the labor strikes that halted work for a significant portion of the previous year. For example, “Disney’s Snow White” was originally scheduled to debut on March 22. Disney pushed it back, citing construction problems, to March 2025.

Mr. Gross stated, “This isn’t another industry existential crisis—we’ve already gone through those. “Over the past few years, moviegoing has demonstrated its worth. Fixing this release schedule-driven, product-driven issue will take some time.

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Taylor Swift contributes $100,000 to support the family of the woman who lost her life in the Kansas City shooting




“In light of your heartbreaking loss, please accept my sincere sympathy and condolences. Love, Taylor Swift,” the musician wrote.

The family of the woman who was murdered during the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl championship parade has received a $100,000 donation from Taylor Swift. The Cruel Summer hitmaker donated $50,000 twice on Friday, February 16 to Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s GoFundMe page. Twenty-one people were hurt in the terrifying incident that happened on Wednesday near the end of the march, eleven of whom were children.


$100k is donated by Taylor Swift to Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s GoFundMe page


The Words of Support area of the page, the Blank Space vocalist expressed her condolences and sincere sympathy on your tragic loss. Love, Taylor Swift. After her donation, Lisa’s GoFundMe has so far raised $194,798 of the $75,000 target.

Lisa was a radio DJ and was 43 years old when she passed away. “An amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend to so many,” is how her page characterizes her. The appeal continues, “She is survived by her husband of 22 years and her two children.”

At first, it was stated that Lisa passed away from her gunshot wound while having abdominal surgery. But as Variety later revealed, it was confirmed that she passed away there. The source also states that one of the people shot and hurt at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory rally was her twenty-year-old son, Marc Lopez-Galvan. He was discharged from the hospital earlier.

In addition to Lisa’s son, two other relatives of the deceased radio DJ were shot. Adriana, her daughter, was also present at the location. She did not, however, sustain any injuries. “We ask that you continue to keep her family in your prayers as we grieve the loss of her life,” the campaign description continues. Her family will get much-needed financial support from this charity as they deal with this unimaginable tragedy.


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Fantastic Four: Marvel Unveils Its Dynamic Cast for the Reboot



imrs (1)


Using a cast of well-liked performers, Marvel Studios revealed its lead actors for its re-reboot of “The Fantastic Four” on Wednesday. The Disney-owned studio is attempting to recreate the box office magic of the 2005 picture.

Pedro Pascal, best known for his television parts in the blockbuster films “The Mandalorian” and “The Last of Us,” will portray Reed Richards, a super-genius who possesses the ability to bend and stretch his body, as “Mr. Fantastic.”

Richards’ spouse, Sue Storm, aka “the Invisible Woman,” will be portrayed by Vanessa Kirby, who previously starred in “The Crown” and “Pieces of a Woman.” Joseph Quinn, who gained widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Eddie Munson in “Stranger Things,” will portray her brother, Johnny Storm, aka “the Human Torch.” As Ben Grimm, also referred to as The Thing, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who received an Emmy for his performance as Cousin Richie in FX’s “The Bear,” will assume the role

The group will be appearing in the fourth major motion picture based on the Fantastic Four, who made their comic book debut in 1961 and are referred to as “Marvel’s first family.”

When 20th Century Studios released “Fantastic Four” in 2005 and “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” in 2007, they acquired the rights to the property. The two movies, which starred Jessica Alba and Chris Evans before he became Captain America, took in more than $630 million at the box office worldwide.

With a new “Fantastic Four” featuring Kate Mara, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, Fox revived the series in 2015. The movie received negative reviews from critics and made only $168 million globally. A sequel’s plans were abandoned.

Another unreleased 1994 movie about the team can be seen on YouTube, but that’s a different subject.

The first “Fantastic Four” movie since Disney acquired the rights to Fox assets in 2019 will be this one. The upcoming Marvel movie “Deadpool & Wolverine,” which debuted with a Super Bowl teaser that broke records on Sunday, is likewise centered around characters who were previously owned by 20th Century Studios.

The casting news ends the years-long speculation regarding the cast of “Fantastic Four,” which began when the movie was initially hinted at in 2019. Marvel rumor blogs and websites conjectured that stars like Mila Kunis or Adam Driver might play the key roles in the movie (one particularly popular rumor claimed Kunis would play the Thing, a scaly, bald rock monster).

The casting news was accompanied by a poster depicting the Four relaxing in a living room, evoking thoughts of a 1960s film noir, even though Marvel refuses to comment on the plot of the upcoming movie.

The poster also has a little robot called “H.E.R.B.I.E.” (who is unrelated to this reporter) that is supposed to hunt down the planet-eating antagonist Galactus.

July 25, 2025, is when “The Fantastic Four” is supposed to open in theaters.

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At the Oscars nominees luncheon in 2024, Ryan Gosling was captivated by Messi the dog




At this year’s annual Oscars nominees luncheon, there was a delightful twist that brought an unexpected dose of charm to the event. While last year’s gathering was abuzz with excitement over Tom Cruise and Austin Butler’s rendezvous, the spotlight in 2024 fell squarely on Messi, a lovable 7-year-old border collie who captured the hearts of attendees.

Messi, renowned for his role as Snoop in the acclaimed French courtroom drama “Anatomy of a Fall,” didn’t qualify for an Oscar nomination due to his four-legged status. However, that didn’t diminish his star power one bit. Throughout the event at the illustrious Beverly Hilton, Messi was showered with affection and attention from all corners.

Despite his lack of official nomination, Messi became the center of attention, with celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling eagerly seeking out opportunities to interact with him. Cooper, nominated for Best Actor for his role in “Maestro,” couldn’t resist being a fanboy in Messi’s presence, while Gosling, donning a distinctive purple ensemble, made a point to pay his respects at Messi’s table.

In a gathering typically dominated by Hollywood luminaries, Messi’s presence injected a delightful and heartwarming element, reminding everyone that sometimes, it’s the unexpected guests who steal the show.

Despite being a prominent figure, Messi proved to be a well-behaved companion, although USA TODAY did catch a moment of boredom with an undisguised yawn during the lengthy three-hour affair. The canine celebrity had made the journey from his residence in Paris for a four-day promotional stint for the film, which has garnered five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Producer David Thion remarked, “Dogs are adored by Americans, and Messi is universally beloved. He truly is an exceptional canine.

Unexpected Oscars Start Time Leaves Stars Astonished


The yearly luncheon serves as a chance to revel in the nomination before the live presentation of the 96th Academy Awards, scheduled for March 10th at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on ABC and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Out of the 205 nominees, 179, which includes four delegates from countries nominated for Best International Film, gathered in the ballroom to enjoy a vegan meal featuring king oyster mushrooms served over risotto.

Before the official commencement of the event, Carey Mulligan from “Maestro” enthusiastically shared iPhone snapshots with Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr., who arrived with his wife Susan Downey. Meanwhile, across the room, Margot Robbie, donning a dazzling pink suit with a hint of midriff, engaged in discussions about post-Oscar plans with her husband Tom Ackerley, before joining other nominees, including “Barbie” writer and director Greta Gerwig. Ryan Gosling made a fashionably late entrance, just in time before the meal service began.

The real star of the luncheon, however, was Messi, the beloved 7-year-old border collie from “Anatomy of a Fall,” who attracted a crowd of admirers.

Janet Yang, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, took the opportunity to remind nominees about the Oscars’ earlier start time—an hour ahead of the usual schedule. Adding to the anticipation, she noted that Oscar Sunday coincides with the beginning of daylight saving time, resulting in clocks springing forward by an hour.

As Yang assured attendees that sacrificing that hour of sleep would be worthwhile, the audience responded with audible groans, indicating the collective adjustment to the change.

Yang concluded her remarks with the timeless plea for Oscar speeches to be both meaningful and concise. She reminded winners that they would have a strict 45 seconds upon reaching the podium to deliver their speeches before the notorious cue music begins.

“For those inevitable forgotten thank-yous, we’ve set up a ‘thank you camera’ backstage where you can express gratitude to anyone you wish,” Yang added. “And there’s no time limit there.”

The luncheon concluded with a traditional class photo of the 2024 Oscar nominees. Each nominated star was called forward, one by one, to assemble on risers for the group picture. Robert Downey Jr., nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Oppenheimer,” was the final name called, joining the ensemble with a triumphant smile.

Diane Warren, recognized for her song “The Fire Inside” from “Flamin’ Hot,” has been a consistent presence at the luncheon, attending nine out of the past ten years. Despite her impressive track record of 15 nominations without a competitive Oscar win, Warren remains undeterred. She expressed delight in conversing with “American Fiction” star Sterling K. Brown and was pleasantly surprised to see Steven Spielberg, producer of “The Color Purple” and “Maestro,” capturing her moment from afar.

Reflecting on her experience, Warren shared with USA TODAY, “This never loses its charm. Simply being present at this event feels like a victory. From now until March 10th, you’re riding high, and then the dynamic changes. But even then, being nominated signifies being among an elite group of five in your field. That’s worth celebrating wholeheartedly.”

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Thomas Orlina, The Rising Filipino-American Entertainer Who Is Taking His Career To The Next Level



Thomas Orlina (1)


An artist comes from within. They focus on their craft and use their imagination to reimagine their vision with hopes of entertaining their audience and striving to have a long-lasting impact on the world. Performers spend their careers perfecting their work in hopes of inspiring their fans and pushing their creative abilities.


Thomas Orlina is a singer, songwriter, producer, advocate, and host from Los Angeles, CA. He became one of the first openly gay entertainers on the YouTube platform and was named one of the 75 most influential Filipino Americans. Since the start of his career, Orlina’s mission has always been to lead with kindness and inspire those around him with his uplifting positive business ventures. 


His Journey


Thomas began his entertainment career over a decade ago, working for the biggest studios in Hollywood, working the red carpet, interviewing celebrities, and hosting at a broadcasting network for his mentor, Emmy winner, Maria Menounos. His desire to further his hosting career led to the debut of his successful YouTube series, “Your Time With Thomas,” which launched in 2017 with a huge response. His show was recognized internationally on platforms like CNN in Asia and his follower count rose.


Orlina began developing his music career with his management team in 2020 and has continued to progress since then. He debuted his single “Brush It Off” which had a huge response being featured in Forbes and GLAAD and many more. Since his debut, he has released pop dance hits, “Journey” and “I Want It Right Now.”  




Thomas Orlina - Performance 2 (1)


Last year he gained more notoriety performing live for the first time at the OC Fair and solidified himself as a bonafide entertainer performing a medley of his songs live on television in San Francisco. His optimistic, hard-working personality has set him apart from his peers and competitors. “I believe my career has come this far because of self-belief and a desire to keep striving for excellence. I’d love to keep producing more uplifting messaging through my artistic work and continue to push my creative boundaries to the next level.




Thomas is gearing up for a very busy year with newly recorded music waiting to be released, brand new music videos, a live performance in Los Angeles, his documentary, business deals, and launching a new podcast with his partner Aaron Sher titled, “Just The Vibes”. He’s since interviewed global influencers such as Stevie Mackey, whose following surpasses over half a million, and fashion designer, Michael Costello, who’s designed for household names like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and countless others. Orlina recently signed with a brand new talent agency and management team to expand his career opportunities. 


Orlina hopes to become a household name with his creative work, music, content creation, and more. He aspires to be one of the first LGBTQ Filipino Americans to reach mainstream media globally and on television. With his drive and ambition, there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon. 


To learn more about Thomas Orlina, connect with him on his website, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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Jaonere Unveils Sensational New Single “See Me” – A Journey through Love’s Labyrinth




London-based singer and songwriter Jaonere has been making waves in the music scene, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences. With a journey that began in 2018, he has evolved his sound, culminating in the release of his latest single, “See Me,” in 2023. In this article, we delve into Jaonere’s musical journey, exploring the themes of his work, his influences, and his vision for the future.


Jaonere’s journey in music began with covers and his debut single, “Journey,” in 2018, which explored the challenges of navigating through life. The release of “Dotted Line” in 2019 showcased a soulful and introspective side, giving listeners a more personal and intimate experience.


As the world grappled with the challenges of 2020, Jaonere channeled his thoughts into the single “Redefine,” providing a deeper introspection into identity and the complexities of the world. In 2021, he paid homage to his 90s R&B influences with the provocative single “Shifts,” breaking new ground in both visuals and lyrics.


Jaonere continued to explore his musical range, delving into spirituality with the release of “Pray” in 2022. The accompanying gothic visual left room for interpretation, merging themes from “Dotted Line” with undertones of hope. Each release showcased Jaonere’s versatility as an artist and his commitment to delivering meaningful narratives.


In 2023, Jaonere released his highly anticipated single, “See Me,” a captivating exploration of being in a “labyrinth” type of relationship. The track reflects Jaonere’s growth as an artist, with its intricate composition and evocative lyrics leaving a lasting impression on listeners.


For Jaonere, music is not just a profession; it’s a passion and a form of self-therapy. His love for songwriting and creating harmonies reflects in the emotional depth of his work. His brand revolves around themes of living in the present (“All We Have is Now”) and avoiding negative energy.


Jaonere’s vision for the future is clear – he aspires for his music to reach a level where it cannot be ignored. While there haven’t been any major collaborations yet, Jaonere remains focused on perfecting his craft.


Jaonere shares a valuable life lesson: “Just do it because they’ll talk about you either way.” This philosophy echoes in his fearless approach to his art, encouraging others to pursue their passions unapologetically.

Jaonere’s musical journey is a testament to his dedication to the craft and his willingness to explore diverse themes. As “See Me” continues to captivate audiences, Jaonere stands poised for even greater musical achievements, leaving an indelible mark on the UK R&B scene.

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At the 2024 Grammy Awards, Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs deliver a poignant rendition of “Fast Car” in a duet




Exuding a simple, serene joy, Tracy Chapman stood on the Grammy stage and began playing the opening of her 1988 smash song, “Fast Car.” Country music superstar Luke Combs grinned as he stepped in and began duetting with one of his favorites after she finished the first lyric.


At the 66th Grammy ceremony, the two singers—representing various musical genres and generations—performed a robust rendition of Chapman’s song. Wearing all black, Chapman and Combs went to the stage, standing motionless in front of a wall of spotlights that looked almost exactly like automobile lights.


When the two sang, Combs’ distinctive grit and strength carried its own weight, while Chapman’s voice retained the same clear, warm quality it had in ’88. The pair alternated between singing verses and joining forces for the chorus as Chapman performed on the acoustic guitar.


The famous chorus, “You got a fast car” had the entire audience singing together. You must decide whether to leave tonight or to live and die in this manner. Even as Taylor Swift was singing the chorus, the camera panned over to her.


The audience went crazy when the concert ended. With a great deal of admiration, Combs turned to face Chapman and bowed. Chapman turned to face Combs as well and bowed respectfully. There was an obvious bond between the two on stage.


Due to Chapman’s rare live appearances, the performance was significant. After wrapping off her most recent tour in 2009, she reduced the number of concerts she performed.


With his 2023 album “Getting Old,” Combs produced a country-fied version of the song that quickly rose to the top of the charts, appealing to a new generation of country music listeners. It went to the top of Billboard’s country radio chart quite soon.


While Chapman expressed her surprise at finding herself on the country charts, she also expressed her gratitude to Luke for his success and her happiness that “Fast Car” had found new listeners. Chapman made these statements to Billboard this summer.


At the 57th CMA Awards in November, Luke Combs’ rendition of the song took home the Song of the Year trophy. Thirty-five years after the song’s release, Chapman became the first Black woman to win a Country Music Association award when the song’s writer was given the honor.


At the CMAs, Combs won a prize for the song in addition to Single of the Year.


Combs received a nomination for a Grammy this year for his country solo performance of “Fast Car,” but Chris Stapleton won for “White Horse” earlier in the evening.


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Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Relationship Flourishes on Super Bowl Path



Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Relationship Flourishes on Super Bowl Path

The world of sports and entertainment collided in a heartwarming embrace as pop sensation Taylor Swift shared a sweet moment with Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce. Their relationship has become a prominent story in the NFL season, adding a touch of glamour to the football world. Let’s delve into the unfolding chapters of the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce relationship and how it took center stage during the AFC Championship game.

The AFC Championship Game Celebration

Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ triumphant 17-10 victory against the Baltimore Ravens, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce shared a momentous kiss, sealing the win with an unforgettable smooch. Swift, a global icon, has been a constant presence at Kelce’s games, making their relationship a focal point of the NFL season.

Swift’s Support and the AFC Title Game

Swift was not merely a spectator at the AFC title game; she was an integral part of the celebration. Coach Andy Reid acknowledged Swift’s presence, highlighting her as a key figure in the crowd. The couple was seen arm in arm, circling the field long after the teammates had headed to the locker room, showcasing the genuine connection between them.

Kelce’s Performance and Swift’s Presence

Travis Kelce’s outstanding performance on the field, finishing with 11 catches for 116 yards, was complemented by Swift’s enthusiastic cheers from the suite. Their celebrations, captured on camera, resonated with fans and added a layer of excitement to the AFC title game. CBS, recognizing the significance of Swift’s presence, even cut to her during the broadcast, amplifying the attention on the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce relationship.

The Super Bowl Bound Couple

As the Kansas City Chiefs set their sights on back-to-back titles in the upcoming Super Bowl, the spotlight remains firmly on the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce relationship. The couple’s connection is not only a personal narrative but also a captivating storyline for fans who have been following their journey throughout the NFL season.

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Swift’s Potential Presence at the Super Bowl

While Swift’s commitment to her “Eras Tour” schedule might pose a challenge, there is anticipation that she might be Las Vegas bound to cheer on Kelce in the Super Bowl. The strategic scheduling of flights from Kansas City to Las Vegas, aligning with Swift’s birth year and Kelce’s jersey number, hints at the meticulous planning to accommodate both the pop sensation’s tour and the Super Bowl.

The Impact on the NFL

The Taylor Swift Travis Kelce relationship has brought an influx of attention to the NFL, attracting not only football enthusiasts but also Swift’s dedicated fan base, known as the “Swifties.” The presence of one of the world’s biggest stars at NFL games has undoubtedly contributed to record-breaking ratings during both the regular season and playoffs.


As the countdown to the Super Bowl begins, all eyes are on the dynamic duo of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Their relationship has added a unique dimension to the NFL season, intertwining the worlds of sports and entertainment. Whether Swift manages to make it to Allegiant Stadium or not, the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce relationship continues to be a captivating storyline, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this high-profile romance.

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New York Philharmonic will perform selections from “Maestro,” featuring an appearance by Bradley Cooper




On February 14, the New York Philharmonic will perform selections from the Academy Award-nominated film “Maestro,” which chronicles the life of former music director Leonard Bernstein. Star and director Bradley Cooper will take part in a discussion at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall following the film.


Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the music director of Metropolitan Opera, who oversaw the soundtrack and tutored Cooper for the film, will conduct the concert in his New York Philharmonic debut and participate in the discussion, the orchestra announced on Wednesday.


West Side Story, Candide, On the Town, Trouble in Tahiti, A Quiet Place, Chichester Psalms, and Bernstein’s Symphony No. 2 “The Age of Anxiety” and Symphony No. 3 “Kaddish” are among the selections from the program.


Maestro” had seven Oscar nominations, with Cooper receiving nominations for both best actor and best picture.


Cooper, a former movie star who is now a filmmaker, received his nomination on Tuesday, but he has been vying for the title of best director since he was not selected for the award for 2018’s “A Star Is Born.” Cooper’s work in front of the camera has dominated his awards campaign.


Critiques of his work on “Maestro” have also been voiced. When the teaser trailer for “Maestro” debuted in August, Cooper stirred much criticism for his portrayal of Bernstein.


People on social media hurried to draw attention to Cooper’s prosthetic nose from the movie and the fact that, unlike Bernstein, he is not Jewish.


In an interview with “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King in November, Cooper responded to the criticism, stating he wasn’t phased by it and noting that prosthetics were required to play Bernstein in the movie truthfully


The truth is I’d done this whole project out of love, and it’s so clear to me where (my intentions) come from,” Cooper stated. Since my nose and Lenny’s are so similar, the prosthetic feels a lot like silk. And I reasoned, “Perhaps we don’t have to do it.” However, it all comes down to balance, and my chin and lips are nothing like Lenny’s. Additionally, it didn’t appear correct


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