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A Leap Of Faith Reshaped Fawad’s Life



The story that began one day with a random photoshoot has evolved into the identity of this Fashion Influencer.


Good things always occur unexpectedly. We can find opportunities at any turn but whether to grab or leave them is up to our conscience. Fawad Aly, a Dubai-based influencer, is a living example of this opportunity game with an amazing success story. He not only seized the opportunity but also worked hard to squeeze the most out of and build a lustrous & beautiful life as a Fashion Influencer. 


The Journey 

The ride for Fawad Aly began five years back when his friend randomly took a few snaps of him. These shots were appreciated by many of his friends and the thought of becoming an Instagram influencer struck his mind. 


The career choice he made for himself began with freelancing part-time for two complete years. During this time, Fawad made himself well-versed with the ins and outs of the influencer industry. After two years, when his passion for his work grew more, he transformed himself into a full-time influencer. 


Fawad recollects this journey as the most adventurous ride of his life. He learned many new skills, molded himself as per the requirement, met many new people, and worked on amazing projects. He has worked with many amazing brands like Suits Supply, Four Seasons Hotels, Yamaha, Gant, Peter Minuit New York, Givenchy, etc. 


Fawad’s Vision 

Covid 19 slowed down the world. Businesses crumpled, life stopped and many ugly things took place all around the world. It slowed down his life for Fawad as well. But instead of letting the situation get to his nerves, he kept sharpening his skills. Now he is back in the industry with a vision of reaching new heights in the next five years. 


Along with his personal growth, he wishes to help other struggling influencers as well. He wants others to learn from his experiences and learnings and avoid making the mistakes he made during his journey. His advice for them is to never give up on something you believe in, as great things take time. He strongly believes in never giving up on your dreams no matter how hard it gets. 


With almost 5 years of experience in this field, Fawad still wishes to achieve more and set a mark in this line. He strives to create more incredible content that is worthy of his followers’ attention. Fawad is the rock that stands strong between his success and all the problems that become an obstacle in his journey.


Shower your love on this truly amazing influencer by following him here

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The Stone Tape Album By Tuesday Atlas Is The New Rock Jam




Tuesday Atlas, a rock band is here with their full-length album “The Stone Tape” which takes the cake when it comes to modern rock music with a twist!


The rock genre of music is intense. Listening to it releases endorphins from the brain and brings rhythm to life. It is an energetic form of music, which can only be great if the artist reciprocates the same energy. The new album “The Stone Tape” by Tuesday Atlas sure checks these boxes. This is their first full-length album that took over two years to be recorded and mastered completely. This album is the love letter of the band’s struggles, and self-doubts in the last year due to the pandemic. 


The tracks in the album reflect the rollercoaster of emotions that the band felt including rage, heartache, sadness and self-destruction. Their 2019 EP “Hell Has A Sound” was the eccentric bell of raging rock, and the new album takes it up a notch. Tuesday Atlas was birthed from the mind of the lead, Dakota. He has been playing with Sisco for a long time, and at the age of 24, they turned their idea into reality.  


A Genuine Brand

The brand is focused on creating a genuine identity in the rock world with its music. Each of their releases focuses on representing them as the people they are, and that approach has yielded tremendous growth for them. They are a renowned band from IN and part of the Middle Waves Music Festival in Fort Wayne, IN. 


Their new album contains the tracks, “27 Streets”, “Fill In My Blanks”, “A Matter Of Roots”, etc. The guitar riffs in each of these songs are worthy of listening to. The rustic sounds combined with the vocals make it a beautiful record to listen to. 


This band gained unparalleled recognition after their 2019 EP “Hell Has A Sound”. It gained worldwide recognition for them and brought thousands of monthly listeners. The goal of the band is to create music that people relate to. They want to help people understand that self-doubt, anxiety and depression are real but not the end of it all. There are challenges in life, but people can make it through life. Embrace the rage and stride through life with pride. Their music is all about the authentic experience, and they want the listener to feel like their journey is also a part of the song. 


The band loves to meet new people, connect with them about new experiences, and create memories. Music always comes first, but real artists are the ones who care about their fans and don’t miss a chance to meet them! In the next few years, Tuesday Atlas aims to release a lot of music that has been on the back burner for many years. They also want to focus more on emphasizing social media presence and connecting with the world through their social media handles. To listen to their new album, visit here. 

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Up And Coming Artist Chris Castillo Dazzles The Country With Debut Single “Remind Me”




Chris Castillo, a talented artist, shares his upbringing in a music-filled environment, his deviation from his calling, and the turn back to his love for music. 


When you grow around music, there is a natural infatuation that always keeps you connected with it. Music is a soul-soothing activity, and the people who share their music with the world are the ones who have a divine connection with it. One such artist is Chris Castillo, he grew up around artists of great caliber. One being his own father, Cesar Dario, a Christian Hispanic singer-songwriter. He witnessed the life of his father as a musical artist and was able to see both the extremes of having a musical career. The steep learning curve, the rise, the fall, and the revival.  He fell in love with music at an early age, at 7 he was playing piano, and he also wrote his first song at the age of 10. 


This first song is featured on his father’s album titled, “Cesar Dario en México”, which can be streamed on Spotify. While Chris was avidly connected to music, his music career was put to a halt when he decided to pursue structural engineering. For years he had worked as a professional engineer, but when the pandemic struck, he got time to introspect. And a reflection back on his dream brought him to the conclusion that music has always been his true calling. 


“After two years of taking music seriously, I have various singles lined up for release, wrote and co-produced songs for my father’s upcoming album, and lined up several local gigs in the city of Montreal.” – Chris Castillo


Early Music Career


His music journey had gradually turned into a beautiful one. Chris has worked with some notable figures in the music industry. In doing 

so, he has built a music production team composed of producer Bobby John, mixing engineer Murray Daigle, and himself as the singer-songwriter and co-producer. So far they have produced various singles that will be released throughout the year.


Chris’s inspirations are Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, and you can find fragments of their music type in his songs too. And he also aspires to create songs that leave a meaningful impact on people just like these artists. Chris creates songs that will make you sway and groove with them. 


Chris’s first single “Remind Me”  is about falling in love with a person he just met whose name he can’t remember. It reveals his vulnerable side where he can easily fall in love with a person he just met. This song also explores a funny yet oddly endearing side as he uses different antics to convince her to remind him of her name. A rollercoaster ride that treads on the tracks of feelings! His other songs dive into the part of relationship traumas he has experienced, his obsession with music, a story about his mother, and love that could not be.


He writes songs that are a treat to the ears. They give an insight into how his creative mind works and the various experiences he has experienced. He wants to show how vulnerability can also be beautiful and can be expressed through art, dance, and music. Explore his music here. You can also stream his new single on all platforms now as well as his music video on YouTube!

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Ego Planet’s Rock Music Is The Gift Of An Artist’s Mind



Ego Planet, an emerging rock band from New Jersey, makes rock music trending again.


With such a saturated music industry, standing out is difficult. New Jersey’s new band, “Ego Planet” are well on their way to leaving footprints of success in the industry. 


This band was formed in 2020 as a brainchild of Chris Baker who got tired of just putting his passion on the back burner and joined forces with lyricist Jarrett Mead to add vocals to the music crafted. Instrumental demos are the foundation of this band, and Zoom and email during the pandemic became its prime source of communication. 


Ego Planet released their first single, “T.H.E.N” on October 28, 2021, and their second single, “Dead Man’s Float” on April 8, 2022. Both these songs start with enthralling guitar riffs and energizing vocals, and capture the attention of the listener. 


The Back End Process

After the creation of the band, the two members finished 10 songs via online communication. The recording started in 2021 at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ with owner/engineer Kevin Antreassian. The band features Jarrett Mead (Vocals), Chris Baker (Guitars/Bass), and Steve Iannettoni (Drums).


The first single reflects their heavy and overdriven powerful sound. In 2022, Ego Planet plans to continue releasing more singles followed up by their first full-length album. Chris and his band hope to inspire others through their music and receive the hype around the rock genre. 


It is truly magical to see a guitar riff turn into a whole song with vocals. Music represents experience, and a fun process means great music. That’s the part that Ego Planet loves the most. 


“My vision for Ego Planet is a steady flow of new music. I want to release as much music as possible and grow this band’s sound. I’d also love to get this band out on the road and perform this music live.” – Chris Baker


His vision is clear, to bring entertainment to the audience and make the band a go-to for all rock enthusiasts. The riveting drum patterns and heavy rock essence in their music will give you goosebumps. 


Their sound is sleek, and every element of the song stands out on its own. Their music is the kind that everyone jams to, with a feel of modern notes! Ego Planet has spent a lot of time and energy on their songs, and it shows too! There is a lot in store that the audience will get from Ego Planet. Chris wants to make it an authentic band that always brings something new for the audience to enjoy! And with a strong creative force, we can see that dream come true. To listen to their new album, visit here. 


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Traumatone Returns With A New EP – Hereafter



Traumatone is a music artist whose dark aura takes the listeners into a trance of pure indulgence. 


Music can convey different messages in different tones. It can be soft, dark, romantic, poetic, upbeat, gloomy, etc. But a strong delivery of a song through vocals and music is important. It is what helps an artist create a strong presence in the heart of the audience, and make them truly understand the message behind each word. Traumatone’s music is punchy, intense, and dark. A combination that is very rare but equally entertaining as any other genre. He recently released his new single ‘Hereafter’ and it’s something that we can imagine people listening to in the rain while appreciating the world or examining the events of life. 


Traumtone’s music has been described by some renowned publications like BuzzMusic and Italian Music System Failure as “dominant, irresistible guitar and dark, powerful vocals”. He is an independent artist who writes, records, and performs all his songs on his own. Recently he has transformed into a brand and is performing with his members around the Phoenix Metro Area.   



Traumatone has a musical heritage. His family members are all good at playing and creating music. His songs thrive on the connection and emotion that he discovers in his teenage years. Music is like an outlet to express his emotions and convert feelings into sounds. That’s his gift and he proudly puts it out in the world to see. 


The dark feel to Traumatone’s music is its signature tone. It’s the natural shape that each of the words and beats of his song molds into. The songs are from a deep and dark place that many are afraid to explore. It’s safe to say that this music is meant to create connections that are unbreakable and have a lasting impact. 



Hereafter also symbolizes the dark tone of Traumatone. It is a pumping and energetic song with power guitar riffs. A powerful song that will keep a listener engaged from the start to the end. His music is “The Surge” and even Traumatone can feel it surging through his body and giving him the power to deliver his songs with maximum elation. 


“I want to inspire people to always move forward and be grounded in hope. If the pandemic causes people to fall into a dark place in life, then this music will find them there and hopefully help get them through. Personally, it doesn’t change anything. Music can be used to fuel a fire, bring joy or relief. Whatever the circumstance. So we just keep making it and life keeps moving.” – Traumatone


His vision is accepting things in life, and not being fixated on failures. His passion for music drives him to keep working incessantly to achieve the power to engage millions of people worldwide in his music. His unique take on music intrigues people and brings a fresh take on the dark aura. To listen to his new EP, visit here. 


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Kasie O Navigates The Strenuous Part Of A Relationship With – Over You



Kasie O, an emerging Afroartist and passionate R&B artist, leads you in dancing away from an unfortunate breakup with “Over You.” 


Relationships have many sides. They make a lot of people happy, but the end of them is possibly the most distressing part. Getting over someone is not easy. The flashbacks, memories and meetings come clashing with the heart as a deluge. Kasie O, Boston, MA-based singer and songwriter, combines the elements of Afro Pop and R&B that bring you to a world free from self-deprecating thoughts and loneliness. 


Kasie grew up in an Igbo household. She is heavily influenced by her Nigerian culture while growing up in the United States. She has been writing music since she was just 6 years old and grew up furthering her talent and love for singing both in church and in school. In 2020, Kasie released her debut single “Lying”, introducing listeners to her powerful storytelling abilities and her soaring vocals. To kick off 2021, Kasie released her third single, “Feelings”. And currently in 2022, she released her single “Over you.” This song is the celebration of a person, giving them the confidence to dance away their pain and cherish their newfound love for themselves. 


Nurturing The Artistic Talent

In 2019, Kasie O decided to pursue her passion for singing and putting out her thoughts in the world, and let the people see their perception of the world. She creates an energetic aura through her songs, embedded with her past experiences. Her writing process is very candid and talks about the events in her life at length. Her new single took her a month to complete, as it is a delicate matter and something that many people struggle with. 


In “Over You”, she talks about how a relationship can lose its charm, and the constant lying can drive you crazy. Her song gives the listeners the power to break through this phase and come out happier than ever. The inspiration behind this song was a past relationship that she had. That’s how you know it’s real, and establish a connection with her. The Afro-Pop beats in this song are really enrapturing, and you can’t help but sway with it. 


Kasie O’s talent is unmatched and combined with storytelling, it becomes a powerful combo. She believes in always working hard, and not being pushed back by failures. No matter what challenges one faces, one needs to strive hard and keep moving towards their goal. 


I hope to inspire others by showing people through my music it’s never too late to follow your dreams, since I was young I’ve always had this dream to be an artist.” – Kasie O


Singing her way through life, her songs are a mood enhancer, and one can feel happiness flow through every vein while listening to her music. To know more about her work, visit here. 

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Island Fox Brings A Deluge Of Feelings With – May the World Know You as I Do




Island Fox, a UK-based songwriter, producer, and audio engineer defines the flow of emotion through her new single “May the World Know You as I Do” from her forthcoming  6-track EP “I Will Find You in Songs Forever”.


Music is an emotion, recited in notes, bass, beats, etc. With every beat, there is a rush of extraordinary connection that makes the listener feel at ease and gives them a familiar feeling. Such songs are hard to create, but artists like Island Fox are always up for the challenge. She is a UK-based songwriter and producer who leaves her mark through luminous music. 


Her new single “May the World Know You as I Do”, from her upcoming EP  “I Will Find You in Songs Forever” is a hit that you cannot miss out on. The genuine intent behind connecting with and reaching listeners has led her to be featured in The Guardian, Complex, NME, BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6, Urban Outfitters, Majestic Casual, and Schwarzkopf. Island Fox has always been at one with the creative forces. She grew up as a multi-instrumentalist, pianist, drummer and percussionist, who used to drum for Sam Smith, specializing in jazz/funk and world percussion.


Journey As An Artist

In 2020, Island Fox was a PRS ReBalance endorsed producer/engineer with otta at Leeds Old Chapel studios. In 2022 Island Fox produced and mixed Kristina Karsegard’s EP “Human Moment” co-writing the single “Human Moment” as well.


Earlier this year Island Fox gave a sold-out talk on “data sonification” from the ARTS Council funded “We Move” series with Music Hackspace. Her career has been full of exciting events. Yet she believes happiness is finding success in progress. Life is all about trials and errors. She grows through her music. Now, she focuses on the more scientific side of music creation. With every new song, she unravels a new side of magic and further understands the science behind music creation. This distinction between physics and sound makes her a better producer and musician.


May the World Know You as I Do 

As we listen to her new single, the first thing that hits us is serenity. The spacey effects linger in the background which gives it a futuristic feel. The electronic beat transports the listener into a mystic world. The drums and synth bring up new meditative elements that create space to keep your attention focussed and allow conscious directive thought.


The beautiful sounds combined with ghostly bells give you a feeling of relatedness. The passion of Island Fox oozes out from her single. Her new EP “I Will Find You in Songs Forever” will be released on August 15th, 2022, and all eyes are on what is in store. “On a personal level I struggled a lot, but also managed to turn that into positive inspiration by writing this EP for my family,” says Island Fox. Listen to her new single on Spotify here. 

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Tora Woloshin: The Queen Of Music And Filmmaking Is Here To Mesmerize You With Talent



Tora Woloshin, a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model and filmmaker, are here to leave the impression of a lifetime on the audience. 


Starting as a performer at the age of 4, Tora Woloshin is a  multiracial, SAG/AFTRA and multi-talented artist, also known as the “Queen Of Art” is here to show the world, how challenges mean nothing but an unnoticed granule in front of passion. Tora has been an artist since a child, this prodigy released her first ep at 10 years and produced another at the age of 13. 


She was first witnessed by America on The X Factor USA, where she was mentored by Simon Cowell. After X Factor, Tora signed with a label in Miami and did a small radio tour when her song ‘Guns and Roses’ hit stations worldwide. She later became independent and choreographed and produced a 3-month tour in China. Tora is full of surprises, she has toured with Grammy-nominated artists like B.o.B. and opened for Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Method Man, Pink and more. Other than being a phenomenal performer, Tora has also been in the spotlight of the modeling world and acting industry. Some of her modeling clients include TasteBudz, Fingers De Freedom, Puma, featured in ELLE Magazine for Splat hair dye, acting in shows, music videos, and commercials like Ballers, Mayans, Speechless, Nike commercials, and more. 


Reinventing Her Style

Following the release of her album “Tiger”, she began to explore the music genre that she loves. As she honed her skills, she is also attending the San Francisco Art Institute as a film major. She is a multi-faceted artist on the rise and is here to slay the industry with her top-notch talent. Not only this, but Tora is also a social worker who is in the works of her own NGO known as Rescue Mission to save animals!


Her story is not a generic one. Her mom told her that she started singing before she could even talk. In fact, singing was how she started talking. Her hope is to inspire others through her eccentric story. She shows people that it’s ok to get hurt but people heal, and experiences are what people grow through. 


Her trauma has been beyond explanation. She told us, “When Covid hit, my life was swarmed with disaster. My school shut down permanently and left its students in the dust to pick up the pieces. I chased around other schools hoping for the same scholarship opportunity. Work was nonexistent and stress and anxiety of course were heightened factors. Not to mention I lost my last living grandparent.” It is evident that success never comes easy, one has to go through several trials before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But Tora sure rises above it all. To listen to her new songs and know more about her work, visit here. 


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Kolé J. Mahoney And Twin Tuxedo Productions Make An Impressive Entry In The Film Industry



Kolé J. Mahoney, a talented artist, is ready to entertain the audience in the film industry after creating a praiseworthy name in the music industry. 


Film-making and music are both creativity profuse fields. One needs a vision that can create something which keeps people hooked and appeals to their interests. Kolé is a passionate individual who is obsessed with books, films, comics, music and paintings. He recently entered the film industry too because anything with the need to indulge creatively has been his passion for a long time. 


Kolé is an example that you can be a late bloomer in life, and not always be an over-the-top productive person. There is always time to pursue your dreams and make the best of life. He loves making films because it is a place where many brilliant minds come together to manifest ideas that are hard to even imagine. He wants to bring interesting scenarios to life through his films. During the pandemic, he has been very focused on his goals. When the world went into lockdown, Kolé was brewing something great for his audience. 


It Speaks

Kolé has spent many years moonlighting as a screenwriter. He has entered many contests and met with several people, and sent emails constantly. But when he turned 30, he knew that he had to change his approach. This is when he connected with his friend James Leggett, and launched Twin Tuxedo Productions. Their first project “It Speaks” is near completion and soon will be launched for the world to see. 


The movie is set up in modern-day NYC during the pandemic period. It comes under the genres of movies like Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, and 2001 Space Odyssey. The synopsis for the movie is: 3 roommates confined to their apartment during quarantine begin to clash over petty instances.  The tension turns deadly when their Bluetooth speaker begins sporadically playing recordings that expose their deepest and darkest secrets to each other.


The mix of real-life scenarios with the mysterious and intriguing role of a Bluetooth speaker in the movie makes it one of a kind. It’ll definitely be a thriller that makes people think about the simple times without technology, and also shows how petty issues can sometimes be deadly too. 


Kolé started young and also interned at the Cannes at the age of 20, worked as an Artist Manager for Hip Hop artists during those same 6 years, after founding Katchikali Records. Now, he is ready to show the world what else he has in store through his directorial edit. 


His story shows people that even though life is tough, you will reach where you want to be sooner or later in life. His future plan is to create an empire in the film and music industry, and create a family. He wants to reach millions with his work, and with his determination, it is truly possible. To know more about his work, visit here. 

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The Pandemic vs I.Am.Ueno: The Rebirth Of An Independent Female Artist




I.Am.Ueno, an independent female artist, conquered the pandemic and pushed the limits to pursue her passion. 


Determination and passion are two aspects that keep a person going even in the most difficult time. I.Am.Ueno, whose stage name is unique and translates to “Until Everything Numbs Over”, is a female artist whose story of courage and passion will inspire you. When the pandemic came, most of the world went into a slumber, but she decided to create her own history. 


“Covid 19 purged the creator out of me and made me find my inner hustler and push myself into a new creative zone. I began to make music for myself instead of for what I felt was popular opinion and truly became more connected with the creative side of myself and making music from a more personal perspective.”  – I.Am.Ueno 


She connected with her creative side and started to create music that would amaze the listeners, as it is something that transcends the norms of normal music. She has been an active part of many TV appearances. In 2021, she was featured in an episode of “Cardi Tries” with Cardi B “Cardi Tries Tying the Knot”. She also became a Sessions Live Artist in the same year. She has opened for young money artists at SXSW (2016). One of her first singles “Sauce” won 1st place at Coast 2 Coast rap competition California 2016.


The Realization Of Talent

I.Am.Ueno always used to rap with her sisters, and slowly she became obsessed with it. She loves to create eccentric lyrics and strives to entertain people with her passion. In the early days of her career, she used to promote herself with open mics set locally as well as throughout the midwest i.e., Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Memphis and St.Louis as well as entering rap competitions. The award price that she won went towards the funding of her artistic talents. Her first music video won an award in the rap competition too. 


Music has always incited the desire in her to achieve something great. She wants to create emotions and feelings through her music and inspire people with her words too. Missy Elliott is her inspiration to follow her passion, as she has done wonders in blending various kinds of arts into one. I.Am.Ueno has a vision and keeps pushing her limits and testing new things. 


She tries things out of her comfort zone and helps others explore beyond their confines too. She is an independent artist and does a lot of things on her own while giving 100% to every activity. Sure, her journey is also filled with ups and downs, but her heart and mind always give her the courage to fight difficulties. 


Before the pandemic struck, she decided to move from Arkansas to California, but the pandemic swept the world. However, she did not lose hope and persevered over the problems and became an inspiration for many. To listen to her music, visit here. 

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Tray Nova And Kas Shine Bright With Their Latest Single



Tray Nova, a music artist releases his new single “Children Of Ra” featuring Kas (Kenneth English). 


Music is a medium to communicate the emotions that many people go through. Artists like Tray Nova use their creative proficiency to create songs like “Children of Ra” which show individuals the way of light. Tray Nova is a music artist who incorporates vulnerability and also represents the spark between two lovers through his new single. 


He loves to perform and entertain his audience and give them the best music experience of their lives. What makes his stage presence more special is the meaning behind his songs, and how he tackles different issues in a bold way. The collaboration of Kas and Tray Nova is stellar because Kas is also involved in representing Black and brown queer & trans creatives.


“I am very mindful of the messages I portray in my music especially being from Chicagoland where a lot of sensitive topics need to be addressed. I also speak a lot about the Black experience and make sure that the messages I share with the community are overall positive ones that will uplift others. Ultimately my music is for the world so I would like to make sure my legacy is one that inspires others to be great. In combination with my music, I plan to partner with causes that aid in health, wellness, environmentalism and veganism to aid bring that awareness to the communities in need.” – Tray Nova 



Children Of Ra

Tray’s new single is produced by Kenneth English. This song is an emotional and raw account of the inner light that is emitted by individuals and shared by two lovers. The reference to Ra, the Egyptian god of light, highlights the inner light. It courses through the parallels of two individuals who feel a spark between them and navigates through the different phases of relationships. This light eliminates the darkness in life, and this song by Tray gives a vibrant depiction of the same. 


His music has been featured in Spotify’s editorial playlists. He is also the CEO of 2ill Enterprise, offering full-service artist management and marketing, as well as 2ill Entertainment, a branch offering event and concert services. Tray has also shared the stage with Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller, Dreezy, Taylor Bennet & more. 


Work Trajectory 

He is a person who crushes different goals with the same intensity and hard work. Through his music, he narrates real-life events and makes them more relatable. Tray’s songs exhibit the energy of both the old and the new school. He is a Hip-Hop admirer at heart, he also mixes influences from Neo Soul, Jazz & RnB. Switching from bravado raps to introspection and smooth melodies, he manages to balance these elements through lyricism. He has left his mark in major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, and Honolulu. For him creating new music is like putting pieces of a puzzle together that give rise to something unique. He is emotionally very fluent, and it shows through his music. His new single with Kas will be released in July with a video that will mesmerize listeners with visuals. To know more about his work, visit here.

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