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The Newest TikTok Trend Of Eating Frozen Honey & What Experts Say About It





Tiktokers Are Seen Gulping Frozen Honey And Falling Sick.


Honey is loaded with antioxidants and probiotics which have various benefits including improved digestion and gut health. It also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve immunity. All these benefits can only be reaped when honey is consumed in proportions. But some social media users are doing the exact opposite. 


Tiktok – the home for the inception of various trends and celebrities has made it to the headlines once again. The app is also an educational space for many users to share hacks, tips, and tricks in short videos. However, it has also produced several challenges that became viral like crazy and posed a threat to its users, with its newest trend of eating frozen honey-like candy. Hundreds and thousands of videos float every day where these tiktokers are seen trying out on frozen honey. 


The Frozen Honey Trend 

The videos shared on the app which has now reached other social media platforms as well, show users taking big bites of frozen honey after squeezing it out of a bottle. According to reports and claims, the latest trend is sweeping across the video-creating app with almost 80 million users using the hashtag #FrozenHoney.


As a variation of the trend, some people are also mixing corn syrup with honey to make it less dense. Some users have also created concoctions of honey, candy, and corn syrup. 


What Experts Say

According to experts, this newest viral trend of gulping bottles of frozen honey to gain more followers can lead to many serious implications. Some of the tiktokers are already facing them in the form of stomach aches and diarrhea. “Honey is great, but having it in small amounts to sweeten is a healthy relationship with food, and using it to get a lot of followers and a lot of attention and having it in excess amounts is crazy,” said Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic.


There are many other ill effects of this bizarre trend. These trend makers and followers are being warned about them continuously by the doctors. Doctors say eating frozen honey can lead to various other health issues like diarrhea, stomach cramping, and bloating. Another reason for concern is that sticky substances can also lead to various mouth and gum problems by hurting people’s teeth and causing cavities. 


“If you try this trend once in a while and you get a stomach ache — just because everyone else is doing it — be independent and you don’t have to do it, either,” said Lia Young, an adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. 


Avery Cyrus, a TikTok influencer with 6.5 million followers, shared her experience with frozen honey in a video dubbed “Brb gotta go get my stomach pumped” that has been viewed over 15 million times. In the video, she tells her fans, “I’m going to try this frozen honey thing,” anticipating that it’s “supposed to be super-satisfying”. Meanwhile, she also remarked on how cool it looks. While eating the frozen honey she added, “After you take a bite it starts melting.” But, at the end of the video she looks ill as she admits her honey buffet to be “too much!”



Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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“BoomTown” By DŸLN Is The New Album That Will Excite The Music Fanatic In You



DŸLN, a music artist from the West Coast, brings his new debut album “BoomTown” with the grooviest songs. 


Music can be interpreted in many ways. Artists use it to bring new experiences in front of the listeners, vent out feelings, and or share the loss of close ones to help others who are going through the same situation. One such artist who puts you in all the feels with his songs is DŸLN. His music is heartfelt and he recently came out with his new debut album “BoomTown” to give you an account of the many events in his life.


In this new album, he shares many instances of happy, uplifting and sad moments of his life. He is featuring artists like 1TakeJay, Rucci, Priceless Da Roc, Dmb Gotti, DCMBR, and more to emphasize the art of storytelling. His songs portray clear feelings about love, loyalty, friendship, and family. In one of his tracks, he shares a gloomy account of how he lost his close friend. Other artists like Rucci and Dmb Gotti touch upon subjects of what hurdles are faced by people growing up in the hood.


BoomTown Brings A Reality Check

BoomTown is not a generic album, but something created from instances that will let people know that they are not alone. The album encompasses DŸLN’s initial rise to fame on the internet with Soundcloud/TikTok success, experiences with loss/heartbreak, and his trials as a person. Eventually settling into his role as an artist, DŸLN shares an uplifting message and breaks boundaries by sharing a refreshing sound that merges loud electronic synthesizers with RNB elements. Tracks 6 and 7 are eclectic house tracks – including rap features from the likes of Famous Uno – something completely different from what Los Angeles hip hop connoisseurs are used to.


The goal of his sound is to merge the concept of west coast music with different genres like R&B, Hip Hop, and electronic elements. His unique vision led to his performance in Insomniac EDC Las Vegas in 2020. 


The creation of “BoomTown” was an extensive process where it took 3 years to complete and it highlights many important events in the life of DŸLN. So far, he has headlined 2 tours across the US and impressed the audience with his on-stage charming presence. In February of 2020, Tiktok posted his song “Yike Or Die Mix” on their official account, resulting in thousands of user videos flooding in with the track. Soon enough, the sound began trending on the platform and today there are more than 600 thousand videos shared of users dancing to his track. 


DŸLN is resilient with his goals, and his passion to create music has given some amazing songs for the listeners to thrive on. His genre-bending style is unique and shows that artists are now coming up with creative ideas to make the music industry more fluid. To listen to his songs, visit here. 


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V-Train: Lo-fi Hip-hop Producer Brings The Mellow Vibes



V-Train keeps this light and serenading with his music and exceptional skills in creating lo-fi hip-hop music.


Sometimes, the art of making music comes naturally to people who have always admired and listened to it with their hearts and souls. Lo-fi music is the new peace jam of music enthusiasts these days. V-Train, a music producer brings the best of music in his 2nd and 3rd album, “A Wandering Soul” and “Lo-fi Sensation” respectively. Still new in the field of music, his new musical expeditions are no less than an adventure to embark on. Before entering the lo-fi music scene, he was a local musician who played at churches and different music shows. 


After facing a lot of challenges in his life, he is pursuing his dream into reality. Mental health has also been an issue for him because of his Autism Spectrum condition. Overcoming all those hurdles, he is now making it big and using his talent to bring great lo-fi music. He’s a creative entity who believes in venting his feelings in the most beautiful melodies and songs. Being from a life where music has played a major role, he is setting an example for many to follow their dreams.


Musical Background

V-Train’s mother was a skilled pianist who would play for the church and practice at home every day. When she practiced her hands on the piano, V-Train would watch his mother and be fascinated by the sound and skillful hand movement on the instrument. His parents noticed his interest in the same, and he would also practice with his mother at church and also perform with bands.


His music keeps getting better with every hook and step of the song, He is not only a producer but also a musician. He has an amazing collection of different instruments like piano, synthesizer, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and many others. He started as a music producer after the pandemic and polished his talent with continuous releases. He self-taught himself piano just by listening, and then he took lessons in classical and sightreading. 


Lo-fi music is his most favorite genre for creating new songs. He mimics the recordings from the early 20th century through VST instruments that replicate the sound. 


“Along with the Lo-Fi sound, I add in some key elements that are the staple of boom bap hip-hop including DJ scratches, hard-hitting kick, snare drums, and sometimes inserting well-thought melodies. Occasionally I’ll make Lo-Fi Trap, but my primary specialty is Lo-fi/Boom Bap Hip-Hop.” 

– V-Train


He was a musician who was exploring the world with a band, but after the pandemic, many tours halted. This made him realize that he can learn new things like production, so he did. One of his friends gave him the lesson for a few days, and when he completed that, he was ready to create his own music. 

“I will take fate by the throat; it will never bend me completely to its will.” 

― Ludwig van Beethoven

V-Train believes in taking things into his own hands and making the best out of a situation. To know more about his eccentric music style, visit here. 


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Chad Wilson’s New Video Deals With Suicide And Helps Victims Navigate Through It



Chad Wilson, an award-winning country music artist, releases a new song from his debut album with a video that hopes to bring suicide awareness to the country music conversation. Mental Health issues are prevalent in the country music industry.


Produced and starring Kyle Smithson, The Devil, is a mantra that we could all agree with telling the evil energy that seems to always lurk over our shoulders (in this case that energy is called The Devil) to get away from us. The chorus says it all, “Don’t come around here no more no more Devil, don’t come around here no more”. 


Country music is both real life and a meaningful genre that touches upon the delicate subjects of life, health, and events of both joy and sadness. It’s soothing music that evokes emotions and makes the audience feel every word. A country music artist that has been in the spotlight for a long time is Chad Wilson. He has toured the country with his Brother in the Wilson Brothers Band where they had a #1 video on CMT as well as Billboard Country Charting Artist (2017-2021).


In April 2021, he left the “Wilson Brother Band” to pursue his solo ambition of creating his own identity in the country music world. He is a renowned music artist who has won back-to-back NIMA awards. He has also been awarded the Texas shiner Bock and Collings Guitars Battle of the Bands (2021: Wilson Bros Band), and won the Nashville regional competition for the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in 2016. He is also nominated for 4 (four) 2022 JMA (Josie Music Awards) for single and video of the year (Lie Like You Love Me), Male Country Vocalist of the year, and ARTIST of the Year. The award show will be held on October 23rd at the Grand Ole Opry.


A Music Enthusiast

Chad has been an avid songwriter for many years. He brings new sounds and gives it his all to bring eccentric views and tackle complex subjects in his music. He aims to write music that brings the voice of the voiceless to the front lines. His expressive side helps to iterate those feelings leaving an impact on the listener. 


The charismatic man released his first solo single in September 2021 called “Lie Like You Love Me” which instantly grabbed the attention of many country music fans and industry executives. When Covid struck, he realized that life should not be taken for granted, and the more you appreciate it, the more you will find happiness. 


He has a powerful voice that inspires and has proven this again and again with his music. The damage that Covid caused the music industry was also a contributing factor to his solo career. He has collaborated with many big artists like Craig Campbell, Andy Griggs, and Radney Foster to name a few. His most recent collaboration was with new artist Kaitlyn Croker who released her first single “ASCENDING”, a song co-written by Chad Wilson also giving him his first Producer credit. He has toured with Corey Smith, and Clint Black, and is currently touring the US with an international tour stop coming up in September that includes 4 shows in Ireland!


“One thing that he wants to share with the world is…”, Life goes fast. There is not enough time to hold grudges or to get upset about things that won’t matter in a few weeks. Everyone is doing the best that they can. So be kind and love somebody!  If you’d like to know more about his work, visit here. 

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John Engel: An Artist With Timeless Music



John Engel, a singer, songwriter and filmmaker, is a multi-talented artist who will drown your troubles in his evergreen music.


Rich musical notes played by humans on instruments will forever remain classic. While this is the digital era where any sounds can be created with technology, the magic of instruments remains unfazed. John Engel is a music artist who is bringing this kind of organic music to life with his songs. 


In 2021, John recorded 15 songs with a full band as well as a horn section and a 23-piece string orchestra – the latter recorded in Budapest. These tracks were culled from songs he wrote over the years. 


The subjects of his songs are highly relatable and include new or lost love, memories, resilience, the power of one’s freedom, and inner harmony in this insane world. These invoke emotions and make the listener feel as if they are seeing a movie being played out in melodic transitions. 


John played hundreds of gigs as a singer-songwriter for about 7 years. After that, he pursued his other passion: Filmmaking. He has created some fine work as a film producer for decades and is now ready to transition back into the music industry and revive the ecstatic feelings that emanate from a life well lived and a deep musical journey. 


Making Of A Talented Artist

John has always felt a deep connection with music. It is what helps him connect with the real world. He has seen many trials and tribulations in life, but his passion for music has always kept his hopes up. There was a time when his life couldn’t accommodate space for music, but now it is the driving force for everything. 


The charismatic man’s new mission in life is to create more songs. His music is perceptive and emotional, and the meaning or story behind it is immersive. His passion is an inspiration, and his goal is not only to create music but to make it an unforgettable experience for his audience. 


“Music was embedded in my life at a very early age and it played a big role in my self-growth. I believe that music, in general, enhances people’s lives. And in my limited reach, I hope to bring comfort to listeners, uplift their spirits.” – John Engel


With such devotion, he will keep creating songs and entertaining us every time with something fresh and enthralling. For him, music is a journey that helps a person evolve. His plans include doing live shows and many virtual collaborations. Music is John’s focus in life, and his passion shows that dreams don’t get old. John is an artist with a lot to offer with his music and lyrics. Listen to his songs here!

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Danjul: Get To Know The Next Big Male Pop Artist




Danjul brings music that reverts to the primitive extravagant way of the male pop scene with his hit song “Drama”. 


Pop music consists of catchy melodies and lyrics that people usually remember easily. In the old times, artists like Michael Jackson have worn the crown of “Pop king” with his charming dance, uplifting music and indulging lyrics. Following his footsteps, Danjul, a new music artist is bringing back the performance and originality of pop music. His new song “Drama” is a flawless song with a drop of drama to spice it up!


Even though Danjul faced the severe loss of his grandmother at the beginning of 2022, he didn’t lose hope. After the release of his song, “Drama”. He got a phone call stating his song drama got picked up on 40 different radio stations worldwide. And then he was asked to be on his first digital magazine cover from “Release” magazine and 6 magazine covers later he stands with Drama being at 110k streams on Spotify and still rising. He is a rising star who is fluent as a dancer, choreographer, and music artist, who has deep feelings in his upbeat songs. 


A Performer For Life

Danjul’s aesthetic is very much like the catchy lyrics, and quirky videos with amazing cinematic effects of The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, and the Prince. Danjul is a creative person. He started writing poems to express his inner self which brought him to the threshold of the music world later. 


Back in 2010, he met up with new LA producer Matthew Nelson to bring his voice in front of the world. Matthew and Danjul created a unique sound together and Danjul just kept on perfecting his sound and finding amazing new producers like Connor Weinstein (at 137 productions) & Nathan Bankston (at Milf’s kitchen studios in LA). to help him build that sound and reveal the real performer inside him. 


Danjul’s inspiration stems from music videos of artists like Brandy, MJ, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears. Danjul is self-learner. If he gets motivated to achieve something, he will not stop at any hurdle in the way. 


His philosophy is creating music that excites people and sprinkles his songs with the old cinematic magic. He believes in originality and keeps his music fresh.

During Covid, his shoot for the song “Scarecrow” got canceled which was a big bummer along the way. However, he persevered and found the light in the tunnel “His dream” of becoming a music artist, and kept working toward that goal tirelessly. 


“Drama” is just one of the many installments in the array of more awesome music that’s about to hit the music world. Soon, he’ll be one of the most recognized pop artists out there. 


“Never give up. I know it’s cliché, but I literally have all the odds against me, and yet I’m still going. You truly have to believe in yourself before anyone else can, and this journey is a very lonely one.” – Danjul


He is a driven individual who thrives on performance and bringing top-notch quality songs to the public. To know more about his work, visit here. 


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Thelma C. Nance-Cunningham: Spreading The Love Of God through Music, Stories, Poetry, Art and Voice



Thelma C. Nance-Cunningham is bringing the grace of God to light with her music and lyrics that bring people closer to enlightenment.


Writing songs, poetry, and creating art pieces are her most fluent ways of bringing people closer to the understanding of God. Thelma C. Nance-Cunningham saw this light and decided to share her own love of God, mankind, and country through these various created art forms, and, also through her exclusive clothing line, perfume, and her own magazine. She has already earned a lot of praise for her discography T.C. Conscientious and Gospel album, “All Things God’,’ which was released in 2021. 


Her gospel album includes these entitled songs; “Through It All”, “You”, “Saints”, “Typical”, “There’s No One For Me”, “Promises”, etc. She has also achieved and published within her accomplishments 5 Christmas cover songs. And, besides that, Thelma is also a renowned author whose books are namely, “Wow, Now That’s Poetry”, “Lisa’s Unforgettable Stories”, “Say It With Poetry, Trumpet Poetry”, “Majestic Poetry”, “Momma’s Memoirs”, “Poetically Speaking Artistically”, and “Heart Rendering Messages”, and “Reflective Poetry”.


Before creating mesmerizing songs, Thelma was focused on her education and increasing her knowledge in the area of psychology. God blessed her in the later years of her college, and she came to the revelation that God leads the way of life and started sharing the same message through her songs. She is very educated and has an Associate’s Degree, B.S. Degree, and many other certifications. 


Musical History

Thelma’s mother also had an opulent voice. She was a natural opera voice and always serenaded people with it. She was also a writer with words that influence. She could decorate a room beautifully with her vision and bring it to reality with utmost professionalism.


Inspired by her, Thelma started doing poetry, art, drawing and writing from an early age of 8. She used to draw paper dolls, paper sandals, etc. Her music genre includes Rap, R&B, Gospel, and Opera. Music has always helped her maintain mental peace, and bring calm to the lives of others. She is talented and has also entertained people as a playwriter. In this profession, she has written 1 operatic musical, an operatic tragedy, and is in the midst of writing 3 more operatic musicals. 


God plays a big part in her life. 


“I pray that daily there is a word of hope, comfort, inspiration, and pure, felt love feelings with each project allowed by God to render.” – Thelma


Her dream is to bring the blessings of God to people and make them realize what he has bestowed upon us. Her love for God shines through her talent and she keeps wowing people with her impressive rap skills in the form of the most beautiful lyrics. 


Music plays a big part in her life, and it is her prime way to make people realize that God’s way is the right way. She is an individual who inspires others to follow their dreams and keep God in mind always. To know more about her work, visit here. 



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Hyooman: The Band Stealing The Spotlight Of 2022



Hyooman, a band filled with talented individuals, is set to launch its new album “Pilot” on 24th June 2022. 


A band is made up of souls that connect with each other through their skills and musical talent. Hyooman is one such band, which consists of people who are dedicated to giving their audience the best musical experience of their lives. The members of the band are Leng Moua (songwriter, singer, guitar), McCoy Seitz (drums, vocals), Elise Bremer (keys, vocals), Dillon Marchus (bass), and Victor Pokorny (guitar, vocals). This indie band was created by Leng Moua with the goal to create songs that stick to your mind and play all day. 


Their new album Pilot is an alternative/indie album that brings the aura of Alex G, The Strokes, and early Weezer (Pinkerton & Blue album), among other Alternative bands. Hyooman wrote the album between late Dec 2019 – Sep 2020 and recorded it between Oct 2020 – June 2021. The cover art of the album is a wing of an airplane but the real meaning behind the album is to test the water, like the Pilot episodes of the series. It shows how people will react to something new before a whole series is created. Since this will be the debut album of Hyooman, it is a Pilot episode of their epic journey in the music industry. 


Their new album covers many aspects of life like frustrations with social media, existential dread, finding yourself in an age of mass information and algorithms, capitalism, introspection, and nostalgia. Their album shows the raw side of human life, and that is what makes it more relatable.


Hyooman released their first single “Half Brain” in May 2021. Following the release of their single, they released two more singles from their upcoming album: “Kid” which was released in November 2021, and “Month End” which was released in January 2022. Their full-length album “Pilot” will be released on June 24, 2022.


Hyooman is a hard-working band who is grateful for the warm reaction to all their music. The members of the band have also played for different bands before coming together and forming “Hyooman”. 


Music has inspired them to put their feelings and thoughts out into the world. They are devotees to music. Just like people search for different celebrities, and sportspeople on the internet, they always looked for musicians and bands. The members of the band have been practicing and playing for a long time, and finally, they mustered the courage to entertain a crowd.


With their love for music, they have already started working on their second album. In the next five years, they plan to release more music, produce more quality content, play higher caliber shows, and go on tours. They love to create and play music both live and in the studio. The serenity in sound is unmatched, and it becomes a way to escape reality for people too. Hyooman hopes to create music that inspires and drives people to pursue their passion too. To listen to their music, visit here. 


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Najeem Plans To Make His Mark In The Music Industry With His Distinct Sound



Najeem Ansary, a music artist from Las Vegas, Nevada, is on a mission to forge his name through his distinct sound/wordplay in the music industry. 


The music industry is brimming with new artists of varied caliber. In order to have more recognition in such a saturated field, a music artist needs to have a mission and vision with an exceptional amount of focus on their music. One noteworthy personality in this regard is Najeem. He is a music artist from Las Vegas who has a mapped-out aim for his musical identity and delivers his message through amazing music.


Najeem recently launched his new song “Yo No Se” on 8/5/2022. It became his fastest streaming song and his new single “Slide” which is due to release on 9/23/2022 will further push his musical talent towards the forefront of the music sphere. Najeem is a disciplined artist who never halts his creative flow. He has many new songs being created in the studio and hopes to build his career gradually by adding to the momentum with new songs. 


Music As His Destiny


Ever since he was a child, Najeem knew that music would play a big role in his life. He feels very positive and confident about the hard work that he has put into his music, and hopes his new singles will play a big part in getting to the viral moment that his music deserves. Until that moment, his main focus is to keep pushing new music out to the masses so that his listeners and fans have a solid catalog to dive into once that one song starts going viral.


Najeem knows that consistency is key so he has put continuous work into his social media content for Tik Tok, Reels and Youtube, and will be pushing this new single in many different ways to get it heard by the masses throughout the internet.


He is also working on finalizing his new songs that will follow up Slide and he will be planning similar strategic rollouts for these as well. Consistency, creativity and persistency are the three things that Najeem focuses on when working on his music, sound, and marketing. Najeem believes these are the three most important traits needed to reach success in this industry and plans to stick to this script till that viral moment happens and then he will continue riding that momentum. He has performed in a venue with 500 people, has “Yo Se No” published in an article, and has been consistent about bringing the best music to his audience. When the pandemic hit, he put his music efforts into full boost and left no stone unturned in polishing his skills. Najeem started releasing music in March of 2021 and since then, he has officially released 12 songs to date, gotten close to 500,000 streams, and has garnered over a million views on social media through his music content on Tik Tok, Reels, etc. 


One of his favorite quotes of all time is one from Denzell Washington which states the following: “Without commitment, you’ll never start but more importantly without consistency you’ll never finish.”–  This is Najeem’s daily mantra that gives him the fuel to take on each day by working on his craft to reach one step closer to his dreams of sold-out tours around the world, multiple platinum plaques, and to perform in festivals all around the world such as Rolling Loud, Coachella, Wireless, and Lollapalooza.  


With that response, we followed up with the following question: 

What is a life lesson you would like to share with the world?


Najeem’s response:

To pursue whatever you are most passionate about. You only live once and every day is a blessing so always make the most of every day and work on getting towards your goal one step at a time. I am a big believer of manifestation and that anything is possible to achieve as long as you have solid work ethic, consistency, and unlimited drive. Nothing happens overnight so just keep building brick by brick until you get to where you want to be. People may believe certain things are not “realistic,” but that is a very negative and incorrect mindset. 


 “Anything is possible to achieve in this life with solid work ethic, consistency, and drive. Nothing and no one can come in between your dreams as long as you stay focused and determined. Get 1% better each day and you’ll eventually be where you wanted yourself to be.”  – Najeem



The Future Is Bright

Najeem is an artist with burning passion who has big aspirations in this industry. He plans to keep pursuing his music until he makes his mark on a global scale. We can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us in the future and hope to see him go viral through a social media wave that results in many billboard hits to follow after. His unique sound and wordplay definitely has what it takes to make a name in this music industry. To know more about his work, visit here.

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Nathan Houde Sheds Life On His Artistic Journey



Nathan Houde, an independent music artist, shares about his music expedition and his new album, ‘Extinction’. 


Music is the medium that helps creative people express their stories and journeys in life. The audience listens to their music as they can relate and connect with such songs, and who doesn’t love good melodies, vocal and instrumental work? Nathan Houde, an independent artist from New England, produces, mixes, and masters everything in the different genre including pop, hip-hop, trap, EDM and rock. His new album ‘Extinction’ is one of his best projects yet, and it’s exciting for him to reveal it to the world.  


His musical journey started at the age of 14. At the time, he was obsessed with EDM and the exhilarating feeling that it brings. EDM is the foundation of his musical career and it is what keeps him engaged in the art. For many years, the marvelous EDM music that Nathan produced, he obscured from the world. However, once he knew that music is where his heart is, he made his music public, i.e., 2019. His album ‘Extinction’ contains 10 songs with a duration of 27 minutes and 19 seconds. 


Extinction And Musical Inspiration

Nathan’s inspirations are Jon Bellion, Trippy Redd, MGK, JuiceWRLD, Iann Dior, $not, and many others. His album has songs like ‘Lost Inside The City’ which portrays a mellow sound that reflects the inspiration of Jon Bellion behind it. The guitar riff in this song transports you to a sunny day on the beach, and the vocal of Nathan maintains the subtle flow. 


Every song in this album expresses an emotion that matches the title and the listener will definitely love the eccentric music in it. With his music, Nathan hopes to inspire people with good and positive messages. His goal is bigger than music, and his music is the medium to fulfill that goal. He wants to inspire people to follow their dreams, don’t heed negative thoughts, and make the world a better place to live in. 


Nathan’s music is unique and he takes pride in the same. He embraces the fact that everyone loves different kinds of music, and there are multiple genres out there. Regardless, he always works hard to bring the best work forward and give people the best music of their lives. 


During Covid, Nathan came to the revelation that the world has many problems, but if we combine the will and power of people on a global level, we can overcome them. It taught him to be grateful for whatever he has and keep doing what he loves. 


His new album is worth listening to. It has a chill party vibe that suits the aesthetic of any setting. With so many artists in the music industry right now, the ear soothing music of Nathan stands out due to his personal touch in every element. To listen to his new album, visit here. 

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Amy Rita Christian Composes Music That Serenades The Mind




Amy Rita Christian, actress, music composer, and pianist, brings the melodies of heaven to Earth through her creativity. 


Composing music along with being a pianist is a talent that not many are graced with. Amy Rita Christian is one of them, whose music is praised by many for its beauty. 


As soon as she finished high school, she signed with an acting agent. She immediately started acting and booking roles and auditioning for film and TV. 

She grew up playing classical piano, cello, singing, and performing in high school orchestras and at concerts. 


Career Highlights


Amy has starred as Marianna Brookes in the Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours’ and the film, “Judy and Punch”. In 2022, she also stars in Stan’s “The Spy Who Never Dies” as Tess. She has always loved watching films, being inspired by the acting, and their soundtracks.


Amy was inspired by the movie ‘Amelie’ by Jean-Pierre Jeunet to create her own cinematic piano compositions.


“I was 10 years old when I first watched ‘Amelie.’ The soundtrack by Yann Tiersen was so unique, unlike any compositions I’d heard previously. Incredibly beautiful, poetic, cheeky.. very French. I loved them. I spent the whole Summer holidays learning all the pieces and then was filled with the desire to start composing my own.” – Amy Rita Christian


This charismatic young woman started recording her first original EP this year, which she describes as “emotive cinematic piano pieces.” Her EP’s theme is to allow people to experience the beauty of music, showing them life from a new perception. 


Her favorite part about the music process is sitting with a piano and creating new music from scratch. Letting her fingers run up and down the keyboard, and experimenting until she finds something that clicks.


When acting, she loves the collaborative process with the cast and crew; stepping in front of the camera and creating something new and real that audiences can resonate with. In the future, she plans to take her music online, keep performing concerts and release her music on Spotify and other platforms, and collaborate with other composers . Her spontaneous moments of creativity have been brought to fruition in her new EP. With her acting and musical skills, she is ready to amaze people with her new roles and music. To know more about her work, visit here. 


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