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Radmila Lolly Sang The National Anthem Accompanied By First Miami Presbyterian Church Choir



Radmila Lolly performed the National Anthem at the FTX arena for the Miami Heat vs. Lakers game on January 23, 2022.  Lakers star line up included Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook; and Miami Heat Jimmy Bulter and Bam Adebayo. Some celebrities’ sightings included DJ Khaled and Luis Fonsi.


The opera singer’s rendition of the National Anthem was full of high melodic notes, accompanied by First Miami Presbyterian Church Choir. RadmilaLolly was also joined by a string octet.


Radmila wore a 50 pounds outfit which she designed, The Crystal Jumpsuit and Cape, which is one of a kind and handmade. The musicians wore designs from Radmila’s DIVA collection, from ELTARA CASATA by RadmilaLolly.


Watch the full performance on the link





 You were born in Russia, and are now singing the Star-Spangled Banner at an NBA game. Did you ever dream about it growing up?


When I was a teenager it became a dream to me. Specially, when I became an American citizen.



Can you tell us any secret or interesting thing the audience doesn’t see about the show or the process?


The audience doesn’t see the actual process but there’s a lot behind the scenes for a two-minute performance. You have to go to test at the Arena and pre-test the night before to make sure the whole group is going to be ok the day off, not to mention all the previous rehearsals. Then, there’s the sound check, the clothing… It’s a lot of preparation and details. Just the day off is 5 or 6 hours of preparation. But, all of it worth it.



Anything funny or interesting that happened to you?


When I performed the very high note, I put my head up and my head band fell off, so I had to hold it with my hand while still singing, but I played it off, haha. You know, the show must go on. Besides that, everything went perfect.



You’ve been a big Miami Heat fan for a long time and are always seen on the front row of the games.


Miami Heat to me is a community and I’m so happy to be a part of this community. I’m a big fan of the team. The game is very exciting, it has a lot of textures, a lot of moves… Just like music, so I enjoy being there, seeing the fans, the game… And being a part of this heat culture.



Mark Anthony was criticized for singing ‘God Bless America’ at an All-Stars game because people were claiming he was Latino and not from the U.S., although he was actually born and raised in New York… What are your thoughts on having artists from all around the world singing the U.S. National Anthem?


I’m not really sure about Mark Anthony’s situation. To me, America represents the American dream, and my dream became a reality. Right now, I’m an American citizen and I’m proud of it. I don’t see any issue with being proud to be an American citizen.

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