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Nitin Arora Shares His Impeccable Positioning Strategies For Katalyst



Nitin Arora, CEO, Katalyst – a celebrity and artist management company, shared his insights about the impact of Covid-19 on the business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reformed the life and businesses of many people. Since people were coerced to be restricted within their homes, the live concerts and performances didn’t have a physical audience. However, some exceptional companies like Katalyst assessed this situation and came with evolutionary ways to keep the entertainment going. Since the founders believe in ‘Dream big’, nothing can hinder their path to success. The global pandemic might be a downer, but Nitin Arora and his talented team are always one step ahead of the adversities. 

Nitin Arora started his career in the entertainment industry as an anchor, actor, and music composer. After being in the center of glitz and blitz, he and his three friends Naveen Soni, Chandan Ratra, and Nikhil Mahajan decided to start a company that will be a paragon in the Bollywood industry. This company has been working greatly to bridge the gap between fans and their icons and providing an immersive experience through their lively events. Nitin shares the ingenious plans that he implemented during the pandemic to amuse their audience.

Pandemic Effect On The Business

Katalyst is an entertainment company that organizes extravagant events and shows on a regular basis. However, the Covid-19 pandemic put a damper on that. Modern problems need modern solutions, the company started catering to the digital needs that arise with the emergence of a digital era.

Entertainments are a necessity that people cannot forgo, so they switch to digital media for satiating their needs. This extensive consumption of media can largely influence various causes. Katalyst launched Mission O2, a fundraiser with a cause. Many known artists like Neha Dhupia, Amaal Malik, Sonu Nigam, and Badshah have taken part in it and raised funds for a better cause. 

A Life Lesson

Nitin believes in being spontaneous and taking actions without fretting about the results. Life is uncertain, and if you need to find out what it has in store for you, you need to take steps.

So, start that dream business, and make the move before time passes you by. If you keep deflecting your opportunities, there will be nothing more left other than remorse. Even if you fail, you can always learn from the mistakes and move on to better things.

The Key Feature Of Katalyst

This artist management company is on a mission to organize events that create memories you will cherish always. Their events are about building relationships, and they provide the best life experiences. Even after the economic disruption, Katalyst didn’t go astray from its mission.

Their vision is to keep doing the unparalleled work and manage artist & audience experience alike. They aim to become an acknowledged event management company worldwide by providing impeccable services to artists in different parts of the world. To know more about this iconic management company, visit their website.


Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Tessa Arnold Pursues All Her Ambitions With Grit And Grace




Tessa Arnold, an entrepreneur, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of, has been selected as one of 20 finalists for the 2022 Maxim cover girl competition.


A single mother and VP in finance who is defying all odds with her passion to grow and help the world with her ideas. Tessa is a committed COO of, a hot new supplement for the health and wellness market. She does many things and excels in them all with her skills and talent. 


Her journey started in the world of baking and finance, and she has been working in the corporate world for the last 12 years. She has been committed to indulging her mind in new things. Some time back, she got the opportunity to try something new, and that’s when SnapBack came into her life. She has been working hard day and night to bring the product to the market, and educate the people about why it should be a part of their lives.


Her passion to soar high cannot be gagged by any hurdles. She has the power of self-confidence and reliance to get her through any challenges. She has been building a brand in the health and wellness space while showing that we can do it all and still have a personal identity.


The Idea Behind SnapBack 


The focus behind SnapBack is to elevate the performance of individuals. The notion that one can either be fulfilled in life or work is not true. Tessa proves that maintaining a balance between these two inherent parts of life is possible with SnapBack. It supports the body’s balance. It helps with mental clarity, focus, energy, and liver support. The aspect of health and wellness is a subject that many people hesitate to talk about. 


Convincing them to balance it with a supplement is a challenge that only the brave-hearted can take. The potential in SnapBack inspired Tessa to push it in the market, and see it evolve as the key to a healthy and happy life. 


Tessa’s life is an inspiration in itself and how she has been excelling in all parts of life with determination. Her journey proves how one can do it all. One can be a good mother, a nurturing parent, an entrepreneur, have a career, and still, give time to self! 


Now that she is a Maxim cover girl finalist, she proves how people can also pursue their dreams of achieving different things. She inspires people to learn something new every day, be ethical, and never surrender in the face of adversities. She is a powerful symbol of a healthy and fulfilled life for all the individuals out there. In the next five years, she hopes to grow SnapBack to its full potential. She further wanted to travel the world with her kids, and experience life at its best. She is a person full of good vibes and disseminates positivity with all her actions. To know more about her work, visit here.  

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Build A Brand Online With Five Simple Steps: Sahil Sachdeva



The self-made entrepreneur, Sahil Sachdeva, shared his tips on how you can get started with your brand.


The game of business is currently being changed by a movement in trends and technology. To be dubbed a brand, you don’t have to be a multi-billion-dollar corporation. The definitions have shifted all around the world. You are a brand if you are an individual who is capable of making a difference in the world, if you have the capacity to affect the world via your own presence and if experiences can have an impact. We have everything at our fingertips, and we can’t dispute that this is increasing individual exposure. Sahil Sachdeva has already mastered the art of becoming a personal brand.


Sahil Sachdeva develops elite personal brands via the use of social media and top-tier press coverage. Sahil is a capable, self-sufficient entrepreneur who has previously been linked with a number of technological achievements and has received multiple international awards. This young entrepreneur has a long and illustrious list of satisfied customers, including some well-known celebrities, and here are 5 tips on how you can create a brand on social media.

  • Find your area of expertise

Sahil suggests that one should take some time to reflect upon their capabilities and choose one that they want to be pro at. You have to become a generalist first and then choose that one area. This will only come when you try different things. People who master one field are seen as subject matter experts and they hold credibility in the market for their expertise. Social media like Instagram and YouTube would also promote an individual if all the content they share is linked up together. 

  • Update your social media accounts

The next step involves creating authentic social media accounts. Fancy usernames are not trendy anymore. The individuals who use their own name as a username are seen as more authentic and it creates a personal touch with their audience. Along with that, Sahil suggests that one should keep a headshot of their face as their profile picture, consistent on all the accounts. 

  • Regularly share the content

One should decide the pace at which they can post their content. It doesn’t have to be every day. It has to be consistent. To grow your brand, you should understand that you have to post valuable content. All the algorithms promote valuable content and people will even view you as a determined person if they keep seeing content from you in the same expertise. This way you will give them a reason to follow you. 

  • Keep your image consistent

The most important thing in a personal brand is consistency about the voice and tone that you use. You have to make sure that you stick to what you’ve chosen and you don’t keep changing it again and again just because you’re not getting instant results. Success is never overnight. One needs to put years of consistency before they can finally outshine in the world. 

  • Take help if necessary

If you’re really serious about building your brand but you lack the resources, it is advisable that you take help in building your image from someone who has already done it for themselves and others. Level Up PR is a B2B PR agency where they work with personal brands and help them stand out in today’s digital world. This helps reach targeted audiences, build a rapport with audience/leads/clients and stay relevant. 


Get started on your personal brand with Level Up PR to maximise your potential. 

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Meet The Rising Entrepreneur In The Supplement Space – Tessa Arnold



Tessa Arnold, a passionate entrepreneur and founder of SnapBack, brings her energy to the entrepreneurial world and shares the message of a healthy lifestyle.


Someone who is multifaceted excels in all the roles of life with courage and an endless thirst to succeed. Such people are the ones to inspire, motivate, and nudge others in the right direction. Their stories are empowering, and their journey brings “goosebumps” to all those who listen. Today we learn about the story of a strong and passionate entrepreneur, Tessa Arnold. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a healthy lifestyle ambassador, and the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of SnapBack.


Tessa believes in work that triggers positive changes in the lives of people and makes living life an ‘Adventure’. Her brand SnapbackEnergy is a lifestyle choice for balance, moderation, wellness, and stellar performance to achieve the goals of life. It is a trademarked company that is sure to wow away the crowd that is intrigued about healthy ways of life. She started with a career in Finance, and has gradually moved her way up the hierarchical ladder as a corporate ladder as a VP. She has acquired her PMP certification from the Project Mgmt Institute and she has also done consulting. Besides being a fiery and driven entrepreneur, her most important job is being a mom to her two children. She is a single mother in the workforce working to gracefully balance it all.


A Brand Powered By The Ups And Downs Of Life

The creation of any brand is not just a distinct idea that rings up the mind one day, it is a journey of growth, challenges, and learning. Tessa thrives on positive energy, and her idea to create a brand like Snapback is driven by the same motive. Her energy emulates happiness and health, and she wants to change lives and help others adapt to the same perspective towards life as well. 


A healthy lifestyle is not all about inculcating good habits in mind and life. It is also embodying the ideal version by eliminating the parts that make it stressful and tiring. The catch about a healthy lifestyle is that it is easy to imagine, but garnering such a lifestyle is a task that needs guidance in the long run. 


SnapBack is a supplement that provides liver support, energy, mental clarity, focus, and helps metabolize alcohol in your system preventing hangovers. In essence, it brings together all the aspects of life and makes you more lively. 


She is a woman who is changing perspectives, and constantly bringing solutions for both men and women. She believes in chasing dreams, no matter how exuberant they are. With the right amount of work, everything comes to reality. You don’t have to shy away from struggles, but embrace them in your life and make them a part of your success. To know more about her work and her product, visit her Instagram profile here.

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A Good Business Owner Knows How To Pivot The Unseen – Kyle Kirshner



Learnings of the business that survived Covid-19 with flying colors.


Covid-19 has been a huge setback, especially for the global economy. Many businesses sank to the ocean bed and unemployment became a widespread disease. It was a hard time for the entire world and despite people facing issues, there were some who held onto the good hope and spread it equally for others. In the year where most of the entrepreneurs regretted their decision, some of them were making history for themselves. Kyle Kirshner is one such entrepreneur who turned around things for his business last year.


Kyle Kirshner’s Journey

Kyle Kirshner started working at the age of 15 for a company that had a turnover of 20 million per year. The company has been making this money from Amazon and while working for them, Kyle thought of launching his own business. Even though Kyle was very young, he knew that he wouldn’t be working as an employee under someone. Following the footsteps of his grandfather, he wanted to launch his own business. After investing 5 years in learning about Amazon FBA, Kyle sought permission from his employer to start his own business. In a while, he opened his warehouse just across the road where he used to work.


The Pandemic Year

The year 2020 proved to be beneficial for Kyle and his business. His business blew up during the pandemic. There were obstacles like delayed shipping, clogged ports, and long shipping times that caused problems with increased sales but a good businessman knows how to pivot the unseen. As a result of this, Kyle was featured on CNBC news about his Amazon business and covid problems. Even though Covid proved to be an obstacle for many, people like Kyle knew their way out and subtly earned 7 figure income. Not only that, Kyle has coached over 50 individuals and 30 of them have successfully launched their Amazon Brands. He believes that he has never had any failures in his life. Everything so far has been just learning. 


1:1 Learning Program

After having 10 years of experience, Kyle has launched his coaching business. It is a 12-week one-on-one program where he holds your hand from the beginning. He teaches you how to establish your Amazon brand, research your product and have a private label that helps you stand out from your competitors. With that, he will educate you about manufacturing, ordering, and testing quality. Not only these but all the strategies of a successful business will also be revealed to you. The entire sales and success of this business will depend upon the keyword and Kyle will guide you through it in his mentorship program. Consequently, after these 12 weeks, you will be ready to build a fully established Amazon business that will be generating sales. 


To know about Kyle’s teaching style, have a look at his YouTube channel and go through his videos. This will help you in making the right call for yourself. 

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Convert Your Rejections To Motivation: Michelle Vega Realty




Learn from Michelle’s journey on how rejections could be motivating for you. 


The simple pattern that most people follow is that they give up when they are constantly rejected. They get into the loop of self-loathing and rejection. They fail to find positivity when the world tries to pull them down or challenge their capabilities. In this pattern, they always forget that the journey to success is not a sprint but a marathon. There will be obstacles but one needs to be headstrong to keep going. One such strong-minded personality is Michelle Vega who didn’t let her rejections get in the way of her success. 


The Story Of Rejections 

Michelle Vega is a realtor who has been successfully executing the plan of selling more than 300 houses in 2021. She and her team work with a strong vision of helping their clients achieve their goals – the dream of buying a house and creating generational wealth. Michelle started working at a very young age. She had interviewed for the position of sales representative when she was 18 years old. But considering her age and gender, she was turned down. Apparently, the interviewers were prejudiced that a young girl like her won’t be able to make huge financial decisions. After that, she worked as a manager for a collection company giving them the best sales of the year. Again, her young age and gender became a hindrance to her growth once again. She received constant rejections from corporate companies because of her age and gender. Despite knowing that she was capable of big things, she couldn’t help the situation. 


Michelle had two options then, She could have accepted those rejections as a standard protocol, or she could have changed her path. Michelle chose to do the latter.


She became self-employed and grew up with social media. As soon as she got licensed, she wanted to reach as many people as possible. Her vision was to lead by example and motivate people by sharing her journey. She started posting about her lifestyle without any filters. While people try to conceal their real lives on social media, Michelle believed that the biggest strategy for her growth was being real. She has persistence which helped her make her online business stand out and that’s why her clients love her. 


The persistent soul cherishes her job as it allows her to help people who have faced dismissals in their life. Her work allows her to help minorities accomplish what is assumed impossible for them. She is not a traditional realtor and she takes pride in that. She stays honest with her social media and doesn’t mind giving people a sneak peek into her real life. She posts every time she helps a new family acquire a property. She posts every time when she earns a new house. She believes in spreading hope amongst people that if she can do it, then anyone can. 


Michelle is an influential woman who has converted her rejections into a source of motivation, not only for herself but also for her customers and followers as well. To stay motivated with her posts, consider following her.


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Frank Ocean Launches His Pristine Luxury Brand, Homer



This Sassy Singer’s Brand Is An Exorbitant Collection Of Jewelry And Scarves. 


Frank Ocean, an American singer, photographer and prominent fashion figure, has recently launched his new high-end jewelry brand “Homer”. Inspired by the childhood obsessions of the artist, Homer is an ethical-minded brand that uses handcrafted 18K gold, recycled sterling silver, and American lab-grown diamonds to create exclusive pieces of jewelry. And the results are bold & colorful jewelry pieces like pendants, tongue rings, earrings, chains, and beautiful silk scarves!


Ocean is a multi-talented American singer, songwriter, producer, visual artist, and fashion icon. He is best known for his captivating music style, concise songwriting, and wide vocal range. His albums & singles like “Blonde, Channel Orange, Endless, Biking, and Moon River” are highly popular among music lovers. He is also well-known for his ritzy fashion sense, the glint of which can be also seen in Homer.


Making Of Homer 

Frank took almost three years to ideate the concept of the brand, and the idea breathed life into the brand. While talking about the brand name, Frank told the Financial Times, “Mostly because it’s five letters and the dotcom was available, but also because Homer is the father of history and history is meant to endure, the same as diamonds and gold. I know Homer used papyrus, but I have always liked the idea of carving history into stone.” Hence, the name “Homer” came to life.  


Some of the colorful jewelry pieces radiate a sophisticated demeanor with their golden and silver artwork, the others which are made to look ‘playful like toys’, truly depict the “Childhood obsession” of the singer.   


All the jewelry pieces (except the American lab-made diamonds) are designed in New York City and are handmade in Italy. The Homer store, which opened on 9th August at 70-74 Bowery, New York, takes only in-person shopping through the pre-booked appointments.  


The Catalogue Finalization

Frank has put great efforts into creating the catalogue, which is displayed on the brand’s official website as well. He has flaunted his photography skills by taking striking pictures for the catalog cover page and all other jewelry pieces. Tyrone Lebon, director of the music video for Frank’s song “Nikes” has also frequently collaborated with Frank, and is all set for his next collaboration for Homer’s campaign as well. 


The catalogue showcases the 25 radiant pieces of the collection, hinting at the upcoming collaboration between Homer and Prada, along with the footer note “coming soon.” 


Frank Pours His Heart Out On Instagram 


While talking about his most cherished dream project, Frank Ocean wrote, “Hand on my heart, this project kept my mind moving and my imagination turning throughout it all. All of my work now is dedicated to my family. Everything. My hope is to make things that last, that are hard to destroy, set in stone.”

For pre-booking, please visit the official Homer Website

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Markuss Hussle Shares The 3 Ways To Break The Barrier Of A Stagnant Career



Markuss Hussle is scaling the business of law firms by leaps and folds through his impeccable social media strategies and his agency Adsents.


Markuss Hussle became an entrepreneur from a very young age. He has been passionate about helping businesses, he had to work hard and earn his own money as he hailed from a poor background in Latvia and was always found working to achieve his dreams.


His agency Adsents was started in 2019 when he unveiled the untapped potential of social media. Initially, he aided the local businesses in developing a successful rendering structure.


Later on, he realized he wanted to help law firms that genuinely help clients and get rid of worldly conundrums.


However, this success didn’t come easy to him, it was the labor of days and years that turned his life around. To inspire more struggling people, Markuss shares 3 ways in which one can boost their stagnant success and achieve their goals.


1. Learning

According to Markuss, Learning is a process that reiterates daily. The more you learn, the more you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Upskilling is a factor that can push your income figure from 4-6 if you are determined enough.


Learning does not only come from books and courses. The daily course of life itself is packed with priceless lessons to succeed in your career. So observe, implement, and don’t be afraid of venturing out of your comfort zone. Soon, you’ll be tackling any problem with ease due to the knowledge you gained.


2. Making Mistakes

Mistakes are often posed as hurdles in our success. However, it is the mindset that decides whether something is a threat or an opportunity? Mistakes for Markuss are the stepping stone for the shining future that overlooks the steps.


Mistakes can either be interpreted as threats or learning lessons. The ones’ who dread are always having a slow pace at success while others are leaving them behind. Mistakes give you the things that should be avoided while working for your goals. As such, always be cheerful because if you are making mistakes, you are moving one step closer to your objectives.


3. Investing Into Education

Without investment, there cannot be an upgrade. People are always afraid of investing in books, courses, mentors, etc. This investment is not just about the money but also the investment of time and patience. You might find thousands of resources to learn from. However, if you do not implement what you learn and put in your concentration, the learning will go in vain. Education is an integrated part of success and we should never be afraid of learning new things.


Markuss shares, “Our vision with for the next 5 years is to be the go-to agency to grow your firm. We aim to work with the likes of Kirkland & Ellis, Latham & Watkins, and DLA Piper. We’re truly here for the long run, not just another marketing agency that’s sprung up out of nowhere and just here to provide terrible service. “

For more information, do check out his Facebook profile.



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Zach “Zbon” Bonnevie And His Aim To Put Maine On The World Map For Fitness And Entrepreneurship




Zach Bonnevie or “Zbon,” is the name that has helped improve the lives of hundreds of people, leading them on a path of fitness, and transforming both their bodies and lifestyles. Hailing from an athletic background, he excelled in football and basketball, and also outshined in his grade as an honors student.Zbon graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a degree in Community Health. He is also a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist through ACE. Zach’s kindness, patience, and ability to work with any age and fitness level sets him apart from his competitors. He is flexible and easy to get along with, which is why so many people trust him and love working with him.


Zbon Fitness has been in business since 2017 and is growing each day. After training clients out of other gyms for three years, he decided it was time to take on the dream of his own gym. Zbon Fitness has grown from just him, his two clients, and a second job to 100+ clients, his own gym, and a self-owned successful business in just 4 years!


At the gym, he has two other trainers along with him for basketball skills training. He also has another trainer for strength training clients. He has been featured on the All Things Good podcast, available on iTunes, and has been invited to various sports camps in Maine to put teams and players through rigorous training and workouts. He has also undertaken programs for many athletes in Maine, both online and in-person, ranging from youth to the collegiate level. He works efficiently with any age group and is passionate about helping anyone achieve their fitness goals! Be sure to check out his apparel and Zbon brand through his social media pages!


About Zbon Fitness

Zbon Fitness was something he started from the ground up. It went from a thought to a part-time gig to a full-time gig and now a gym location with two other trainers. Seeing Christian Guzman do what he was doing had always inspired Zbon to pursue a career in fitness and entrepreneurship. He watched him for years and years and finally asked himself, “why can’t I do something like that?” He took the gamble, believed in himself, and pursued his dream. He quit his post-college job after only 3 months in and took on working for himself. Today he has fallen in love with the grind of owning a business and cannot imagine doing anything else.“Zbon Fitness is here to provide excellent personal training or basketball skill development services at reasonable costs! Zbon fitness wants all of its members to feel great, reach goals and live healthier. The goal is to make fitness enjoyable!” he assures.


Inspiring People To Follow Their Dreams

Zbon inspires others by motivating them through fitness and hard work. “ It doesn’t matter what struggles you have had, where you live, or who you are, you can chase a dream and live life how you want to. Never let anyone tell you you can’t!” He wants to keep showing the youth and people that hard work pays off and you can be anything you want to be if you truly set your mind to it. People always said he would never be successful with a fitness business in a small town located in Maine. He has already proven them wrong and continues to do so with his success every passing day. He has never been the biggest or strongest guy in the room, but he didn’t let that stop him from working hard to build his best body and a career in what he loves, fitness. “Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard”, the sign hanging in his gym proclaims. On being asked what inspires him to keep hustling, he recalls the success of his clients. Being able to work in a gym and around athletes every day, he believes, is a blessing for him. “I love being able to be flexible, make my own schedule, and travel when I can and whenever I want.”


Business During Pandemic and Post-Covid Plans

During the quarantine, Zbon went fully online and connected through zoom sessions with clients. He used quarantine to grow his business. He transformed his online coaching platform to a new app as well as charted out the business plan for his gym. 


Talking about reopening his gym after the lockdown, he shares, “The gym is always cleaned and sanitized and proper precautions are always in place in the gym and during basketball sessions to ensure the safety of the members and clients. It’s all about adapting to what is going on. You have to always be ready for what will get thrown at your business. Make sure to never stress and just do what you need to do for the safety and success of your business.”


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Hamzeh Kassab Talks About Entrepreneurship, Fitness, And His New Product Line



Hamzeh Kassab is a fitness enthusiast, lifestyle influencer, and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. He has a following of over 135k+ people on Instagram and is in the process of launching his supplements and merch.


Early Life

Hamzeh was born in Syria and has spent a brief time of his life in the country. He moved to Canada at a young age with his family. In Canada, his parents built a manufacturing business from scratch. His teenage years were financially rough, but they were eventually able to make the business a success.


Hamzeh has always been a fitness enthusiast. In his late teens, he had to focus on his family business. But once it was up and running successfully, he entered the world of the fitness industry with gusto. 


Moving Into The World Of Fitness Industry

Hamzeh worked a lot on his body and mindset. He overcame a lot of limiting beliefs to become a healthy human. Meanwhile, as Hamzeh got more and more involved in the world of fitness, he discovered quite a lot of scams in the industry. He was shocked to find out that businesses were providing inaccurate information about supplements. Some companies were also selling duplicated powders of big brands.


He got to know that a lot of fake information goes around in the industry. He found out about certain kinds of injections and procedures that could give you a perfect body. He was taken aback by all this and decided to do something about it.


Creating His Product Line

He is aware of how people in the fitness industry tend to launch products for a quick cash grab, and he despises them. Hamzeh is aware of how fatal a wrong product can be to human health. His goal is to provide good quality products to his fans and followers. 


Our fitness enthusiast decided to take matters into his hand and is in the process of launching his supplement powder. He has worked hard and created one of the best supplements in the market. He is also launching his merch under the brand name Move Weight. He has already designed two T-shirts with the brand logo. Soon he will be launching gym equipment too. 

Inspiring world.


Despite being followed by thousands of people on the internet, Hamzeh considers himself as a simple man. Hamzeh wants his life to be a testimonial, to the fact that any individual can achieve whatever they decide. He wants people to believe in themself and strive hard for the future.


Hamzeh believes in the saying, ‘Work hard and never give up no matter what’. He has implemented that saying in his life. It is the reason he has achieved success in every endeavor.


He believes the 9 to 5 passes the control of time from an individual’s hands to an organization and is firmly against it. He wishes to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of the youth. So they always take control of their time.


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How Entrepreneur Celestine Chibu Amajoyi Brings Together A Talent Management Community



Celestine Chibu Amajoyi shares his thoughts on pursuing the kind of success that truly matters.


Meet Entrepreneur & Super Manager – Celestine Chibu Amajoyi who is a strong pillar in the music industry with an exceptional taste for finding talent. Born in San Bernardino with a college education and a professional football career, he currently manages platinum producers and a couple of emerging artists. Chibu has now solidified his footprint in the music industry. He shares his inner-mind consequences as he was growing in the industry.


He asked himself, “Why?”

Chibu wanted something more than just making a money machine. He shares, ‘If you ask most people why their company exists, most people cannot tell you other than the reason that they want to make money. So the first thing I thought about my ‘why’ was that it should be authentic and genuine. There were two things in my mind: 1. I want to be proud of the legacy I leave behind for others. And 2. I want to add value to a talented artist’s life. I wanted to empower and enable them to make a difference with their work.’


He educated himself.

Chibu noticed that in his field, year after year, there would be a frenzy for a particular talent, who everyone would be clamoring for — it’d be like a shark feeding frenzy among management companies. He knew he didn’t want to play those games. Chibu exclaims, ‘There’s this big wide blue ocean out there and if you start looking with your eyes and ears open, you start to find real and genuine talent.’


He embraced “the suck”

Chibu worked really hard to figure out how to keep getting bigger in a cut-throat competition. At the end of the work, he had both good and bad days. He learnt to accept the days that suck, lived it and moved on.


He encourages criticism.

Chibu reviews with his artists every year where he asks them how he has helped them in their journey. He truly looks for feedback about what’s working and not working. Chibu says, ‘If people say ‘everything is great’ – I don’t accept that — I truly want to know what I can do better. And if they do have a problem with the work, I am always open to address it. It’s one mistake I’ve seen over and over in business: people are reluctant to share feedback and point out mistakes within their circle. My philosophy for myself and for the company is to be constantly improving, constantly learning and constantly on the lookout to be more effective at our jobs.’


Chibu is an aspiring film producer in collaboration with film director & business partner James Hunter and considers it an important part of his mantra, “I want what any determined movie producer wants – To achieve box office greatness, to create theatrical titans. My partner James Hunter and I are both on the same track. With all of our experience combined, we’re destined for that.” To stay informed with his latest updates check out his Instagram.


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