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Hand Holding Stack of Cash

Hospice services would receive a 2.8% Medicare reimbursement broaden in fiscal 2024 under a proposed rule the Services and products for Medicare and Medicaid Services and products issued Friday.

The draft regulation additionally would cap hospice reimbursement at $33,396.55 per patient. In step with CMS, the proposed rule would result in hospice services receiving a $720 million pay broaden.

Hospices that fail to meet quality reporting requirements would snatch a 4 share point hit to their inappropriate reimbursement broaden, main to a 1.2% rating lower.

CMS proposes changes to the telehealth products and services provision for routine home care when the COVID-19 public neatly being emergency ends May perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps also merely 11.

The draft regulation contains measures to wrestle hospice fraud and abuse. Under the guideline, physicians who repeat or certify hospice products and services for Medicare enrollees would most efficient be paid within the event that they are Medicare services themselves or within the event that they validly opted out.

The agency will safe feedback on the proposed rule unless May perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps also merely 30.