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Check How You Can Connect The Meta Quest 2 To A Pc



Meta, a virtual reality company, has released an update for its popular Meta Quest 2 headset allowing players to connect to their PC or smartphone app for an enhanced gaming experience. Depending on the user’s preference, the connection can be wired or wireless. However, according to Meta, the wired connection for the Meta Quest 2 headset produces better visuals than the wireless option.


For those interested in a wired connection, the official Link Cable, a high-end type-c to type-c cable, is available in the Meta shop for $79.99. Alternatively, Anker-branded cables have reportedly been tested and deemed reliable by Meta as a more economical option.


Minimum PC Configuration Requirements

Players can access the games not available in the Quest 2 library and improved versions of Quest 2 games when connected to a PC. However, it is important to verify that a PC’s specs are compatible with the Meta Quest Link before connecting. A minimum of 1 USB port, Windows 10 or later, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or better CPU are required.


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It’s important to note that to connect the Meta Quest 2 to a PC, users need to download the desktop application from the Meta store website. This application can be accessed using a Meta or Facebook account and allows users to browse the store, view events, and modify their preferences.


How to connect the Meta Quest 2 to a PC?


To activate the headset and connect it to a PC using the Link Cable, users will need to log into the app and press the Meta button on the right controller. From there, they can access Quick Settings by hovering over and clicking the clock on the left side of the menu. In the Quick Settings, users can access the System and Quest Link to turn on the Link and access more titles that are not available in the Meta shop.


For those interested in a wireless connection, users can toggle the Use Air Link function and choose their PC from a list of available computers. They will need to enter the pairing code that appears on the headset and on the computer to complete the connection. Once connected, users can choose to launch the headset and click Confirm in the desktop app to start using Air Link. To turn off Air Link, users will need to return to Quick Settings and toggle the Air Link function off.


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The update for Meta Quest 2 allows for more flexibility and accessibility for users, giving them the option to connect to their PC or smartphone app for enhanced gaming experiences and access to a wider range of games.

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Samsung Galaxy S23: Leaked Pricing Confirms Cost Ahead of Unveiling



As we are moving closer to the official reveal event of the Samsung Galaxy S23 on February 1st, I feel like are there any more secrets left behind the curtains now? There have been leaks of official renders, the device images, key specs, and camera unit upgrades circulating for some time. Now, the latest leak also reveals detail that remained elusive – the pricing. A recently leaked document from Verizon appears to confirm the pricing for the Galaxy S23 in the US.


The leaked document, which surfaced on Reddit’s Samsung Galaxy sub, was shared by established leakers like SnoopyTech. The document appears to be a sales guide for the S23 series. It reveals that Verizon’s retail price for the Galaxy S23 will be $800, the S23+ at $1,000, and the S23 Ultra at $1,200. These prices are for the base models of each variant and each model will be available in two storage and RAM configurations.


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Interestingly, these prices are the same as the launch prices for last year’s Galaxy S22. Samsung appears to be sticking with a winning formula, as the $800/$1,000/$1,200 pricing scheme helped the company to ship the most phones of any company in Q1 2022.


For those who may be hesitant about the prices, there are options available. Customers can reserve a Galaxy S23 ahead of time and receive $50 to $100 in Samsung credit to offset the cost. Alternatively, last year’s Galaxy S22 can be found on sale now at the lowest price seen in months.


While the Samsung Galaxy S23 boasts a host of new features and an upgraded camera system, the pricing being similar to last year’s model may not make it the most cost-effective option for everyone. Only time will tell if the Galaxy S23 will prove to be worth the investment.

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A Surge In Tech Layoffs 2022 As Industry Struggles To Recover



The tech industry has long been hailed as a savior for job seekers, providing employment opportunities for people of all educational backgrounds. However, even this blooming industry is not immune to recession, as the tech layoffs 2022 have become a major concern for tech employees worldwide.


According to data tracking sources, global tech companies have been laying off their employees at the fastest rate ever recorded since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. This news has come as a shock to many, as the tech industry had previously been seen as a secure and stable field. In the United States alone, more than 91,000 tech sector workers were laid off in mass job cuts so far in 2022, according to a Crunchbase News tally. Additionally, reports that global employers have cut more than 150,000 jobs.


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The number of tech layoffs 2022, as reported in the media, is significantly higher than the number of layoffs in 2020 (80,000 from March to December) and ten times the number of layoffs in 2021 (15,000).


According to data compiled on, internet entrepreneur Roger Lee created a website to “create awareness around all of these tech layoffs” and help laid-off employees find new employment, tech companies such as Meta Platforms, Amazon, and Netflix are among those leading the layoff trend. Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, announced more than 11,000 job cuts in November, and Amazon may cut over 10,000 employees. The data also includes small companies and startups, although it should be noted that it does not reflect the exact number of tech layoffs 2022.


The tech industry experienced a J-shaped growth curve during the lockdown phase as global businesses turned to tech solutions to continue operating. As the COVID-19 pandemic receded and lockdowns were lifted, many companies returned to offline modes of operation, leading to a slowdown in demand for tech solutions. This caused tech businesses to reduce their workforce through layoffs, hiring freezes, and cost-cutting measures.


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The increased demand for tech solutions during the pandemic has led these companies to hire more employees than they actually needed. Some CEOs have apologized for expanding their payrolls too quickly. The slowdown in spending on tech products and the dimming outlook for digital advertising have further contributed to the current state of the tech industry.


The public markets also suffered greatly in 2022 due to inflation concerns, rising interest rates, and geopolitical issues, which have resulted in a volatile stock market. These events have also impacted the private markets, including startups that saw a boost during the pandemic but are now facing a cooling-off period. Startups report that it is becoming more challenging to secure new funding as valuations, particularly at the late stage, have declined.

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Lenovo Unveils IdeaPad Flex 3i and Tab M9 In At Consumer Electronic Show



Lenovo has introduced the IdeaPad Flex 3i 2-in-1 Chromebook, which boasts more capabilities and a higher price tag than the previous Flex 3i Chromebook. The device is unique compared to its predecessor as it features a 12.2-inch 16:10 screen that can be used as a laptop, tablet or stand-alone entertainment device, and has smaller edges than its predecessor. The screen also offers bright colors and can pump up to 300 nits of brightness.


It also offers the latest N-series Intel CPUs (the N100 or N200) for optimal performance. In addition to faster connectivity through WiFi 6E, the Flex 3i also comes with a Full HD camera with a physical shutter and a dedicated mute key, adjustable speakers, an optional illuminated keyboard, and a drop-hinge function that raises the keyboard for more comfortable typing.


Lenovo claims that its ChromeOS 2-in-1 will have a battery life of a maximum of 12 hours. The credit goes to Intel’s new N-series CPUs, which have no power cores and are all about efficiency.


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The device will be available in May 2023 starting at $350, much higher than the current Flex 3i’s $190 pricing. It also has two USB-A 3.5 Gen 1 connectors and one USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port, a Kensington slot, an HDMI 1.4 port, and a 3.5mm headphone connector. It will be available in Cloud Grey or Abyss Blue, as well as 4GB/64GB and 8GB/128GB memory options.


Lenovo Tab M9


In addition to the IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook, Lenovo unveiled the Tab M9, primarily intended to be used as an entertainment system. It features a 9-inch “Netflix HD-supported” screen, Dolby Atmos spatial audio compatibility, and two stereo speakers. It also has a realistic reading mode that allows users to select from various soothing background sounds, adjust the lighting for their eyes, and replicate the hue of real book pages.


The Lenovo Tab M9 is equipped with the MediaTek Helio G80 Octa-Core CPU, which offers fast and efficient performance. It also has a generous amount of storage space, with up to 128 GB available to users. The device is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, allowing fast and reliable wireless connections with other devices.


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It also has a 5100 mAh battery that provides up to 13 hours of use on a single charge and supports 15-watt fast charging to quickly get it back up to full power. The device has a USB Type-C port for easy charging and data transfer.


In terms of its operating system, the Tab M9 comes with Android 12 pre-installed and is ready to upgrade to Android 13 when it becomes available. It has a front camera with a 2MP lens and a rear camera with an 8MP lens, providing clear and detailed images. The device will be available in Q2 2023 for $140, with the option to add a folio cover for additional protection and style.


At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Chinese tech company Lenovo unveiled a range of new products, including ThinkPad notebooks, IdeaPad laptops running on the Windows operating system, and various other products.

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Samsung And LG Smartphones At Risk Of Malware Attack




According to reports, Samsung and LG smartphone users are at risk of a malware attack due to a leaked Android certificate. The leaked certificate poses a risk of a hack or data leakage for devices running on MediaTek processors as well.


Hackers can use the leaked Android certificate to install malware on smartphones, potentially gaining access to the highest level of OS rights. This would allow the hackers to inject malware without being detected by Google, the device’s manufacturer, or the app developer.


The potential impact of this security breach is significant, as it could affect a large number of users. Samsung and LG are two of the most popular smartphone manufacturers worldwide, and millions of people use their devices.


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The Android certificate is a key component of the Android operating system, as it is used to sign the “android” application on the system image. This grants the “android” software access to user data and other system permissions.


Any other program with the same certification as the Android operating system is granted the same level of access, making the platform certificate a critical component of Android security. However, if the platform certificate is leaked or compromised, it can be used by hackers to install malware on Android devices without being detected. This can allow hackers to access user data and other sensitive information, making it a serious security threat.


Upon detecting the leaked Android certificate, the Android Security Team notified businesses that they were potentially at a high risk of a malware intrusion. Google has requested that the affected businesses rotate the Android certificate key using a combination of private and public keys.


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It still needs to be made clear how the Android certificate was leaked or who is behind the potential attack. However, Samsung has also issued a statement acknowledging the vulnerability and saying it is taking preventive measures to counter the risk. It is unclear what steps Samsung and other affected businesses are taking to address the issue. However, both Samsung and LG have urged their users to update their devices to the latest software versions to protect against the threat.


It is essential for Android users to stay informed about potential security threats and to take steps to protect their devices. Regularly updating software, being cautious when downloading apps, and keeping security software up to date can all help reduce the risk of a malware attack.

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Say ‘Thank You’ To Your Amazon Delivery Driver And Get Them A $5 Tip For Free!



Amazon has launched a new feature for its Alexa voice assistant that allows customers to thank their delivery drivers with a $5 tip. By using the command “Alexa, thank my driver,”, the customer’s most recent delivery driver will be notified of the appreciation, and Amazon will pay the tip on their behalf.


Many people do a lot of shopping on Amazon due to its convenience, presence in many countries and benefits, such as faster deliveries and free shipping, subscribe and save options. However, it is easy to overlook the hardworking delivery drivers who make these purchases possible. Amazon’s new Alexa feature, “Alexa, thank my driver,” allows customers to thank their delivery drivers with a $5 tip, which Amazon will pay. This gesture of appreciation can go a long way to show gratitude to the drivers who work hard to deliver packages.


To reward your Amazon driver with a $5 tip, follow these steps:


  1. Ensure you have an Alexa device at home, such as an Echo or Echo Dot or the Alexa or Amazon Shopping mobile app.


  1. Use the command “Alexa, thank my driver” to show your appreciation to the driver who made your most recent delivery.


  1. Amazon will pay a $5 tip for each of the first 1 million thank yous received. The five drivers who receive the most thank yous during this period will be awarded an extra $10,000 and $10,000 for a charity of their choice.


  1. Continue to use the “Alexa, thank my driver” command to show your appreciation and support for Amazon drivers. Even after the 1 million thank yous have been paid out, your appreciation will still be shared with the drivers.


Check if your delivery driver got the tip


When you say, “Alexa, thank my driver,” Alexa will respond with a message confirming your driver’s eligibility to receive the $5 tip. If your order is eligible and your driver receives a tip, Alexa will say, “Glad you enjoyed your most recent delivery. Since you shared your appreciation with your driver, as a special thanks this holiday season, your driver will receive an extra $5 at no cost to you. This promotion is for a limited time only.” If your order was not eligible for the tip, Alexa will still share your appreciation with the driver but will not mention the $5 tip.


The $5 tip will be available to Amazon Flex delivery partners, delivery associates employed by Amazon Delivery Service Partners and Hub DP drivers. Deliveries made by other partners, such as USPS, FedEx and UPS, will not be eligible for the tip, but Amazon will still share the customer’s appreciation with them.

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Apple Rolls Out Apple Music Sing, A Useful Feature For Singers



The US tech giant Apple has launched a new feature called Apple Music Sing. The latest feature allows users to sing along to their favorite songs with adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics.

Apple Music has been making it easier for fans to sing along with their favorite songs for years, and now Apple Music Sing takes this experience to the next level by offering multiple lyric views, allowing users to take the lead and perform duets, sing backup, and more.

Apple has a vast catalog of millions of songs of various genres. Now, the introduction of Apple Music Sing makes singing a better experience and a fun activity for those who like to sing.

Vice president of Apple Music and Beats Oliver Schusser said, “Our customers all over the world love to follow along to their favorite songs, so we wanted to expand this offering even further to get even more engagement around music through singing. It’s really a lot of fun—our customers are going to love it!

Image Credit: Apple


The Apple Music Sing Features Include:

Apple Music Sing allows you to sing along to your favorite songs in real time, so you can see exactly how the vocals sync up with music. You can adjust the vocal levels, take the lead, or mix it up on millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog. Plus, you’ll have access to lyrics as they appear on screen, so you can see what’s being sung in real-time like never before.

Users will be able to sing with original artist vocals, take the lead, or mix it up on millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog. Plus, users will be able to sing along to their favorite songs with animated lyrics that dance to the rhythm of the vocals.

Users will have access to a suite of more than 50 dedicated companion playlists that feature all of the epic songs and duets that have been compelling people all around the world to sing. These playlists are fully optimized for Apple Music Sing, so you can enjoy them without any trouble!

Apple has confirmed the global rollout of Apple Music Sing to go live later this month. The subscribers of Apple Music have the access to this feature, which they can enjoy simultaneously on their Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, and the latest Apple TV 4K.

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Google Releases New Android Update That Will Ease The Lives Of Car Users



It looks like Google is getting into the holiday spirit with an Android software update package! The latest Android update will ease the lives of car users with keyless cars. If you have a car that operates on the digital key, the latest update will enable you to allow your friends and family a keyless entry into your vehicle via smartphones.


Currently, this feature is only available on Google Pixel smartphones. However, you can share your digital key with iPhone users who have compatible devices. Google has announced this feature will be available on other Android devices that run on the Android 12 operating system and above.


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For non-Pixel users, some new features are worth checking out!


Google’s Photo app is getting even more holiday flair. This week, the company announced that it has teamed up with Australian husband-and-wife duo DABSMYLA and watercolor artist Yao Cheng Design to bring you two new collage templates that can be used in the app.

The new templates are designed to make it easy to create a digital holiday card using your photos and the templates provided by these artists.


Google has also announced a new feature for Android this week: Reading mode. Reading mode is a helpful accessibility feature that helps folks who are vision impaired or dyslexic read their phones more quickly.


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The feature will let you customize the display settings to make sure it’s easy for you to read what you want. Text-to-speech functions also allow you to control playback and adjust the volume.


The latest Android update also makes it possible to search YouTube videos from the home screen, meaning you do not have to open YouTube whenever you want to search for a video. A new YouTube search widget has become available, which is a valuable feature.


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Will The Metaverse Just Be A Giant Virtual Casino?



In the last six months, so many stories have offered expectations of what the Metaverse will be like and they differ so wildly.

The experts at suggest that it’s the next iteration of the internet, where people will be able to socialize in online spaces as well as work and play as an avatar, but yet also say it’s a “squishy concept”, whatever that means. Alternatively, influencers like Eva Savagiou believe that it will be akin to a marketplace.

Ultimately, based on what we are hearing, it will probably be many things, but what if it’s primarily a combination of the two, making it a giant virtual casino? After all, one of the world’s most popular games found in those establishments, poker, is already trending virtually!

Millions of people haveplayed the game online via the internet during the pandemic, and according to, even the World Series Of Poker – the game’s signature event, which is now accepting entries through virtual satellite tournaments. Even though many efforts have been made to attract players back to the in-person tournaments as restrictions start to ease, many have preferred to stay away and play exclusively online. So, it’s not hard to imagine entirely virtual versions of events like this, being available to access and be successful in the Metaverse.

After all, if the Metaverse is connected to gaming, we’ve already got a virtual casino of sorts in GTA, where players love the opportunity to sit at the tables in one of the game’s latest updates. While the game has in-game currency, players can purchase more using real-world money, and it’s led to more than 50 companies banning the update due to strict gaming rules. This is due to players being able to enjoy blackjack, roulette, and slots similar to what people are used to in the bricks and mortar equivalents.

However, the concept of gaming has gone one step further in El Salvador, as the country is introducing the first virtual casino. But if the idea isn’t interesting enough, it’s also going to have a physical branch in the country, called Astro Casino. At the digital casino, the world of modern technology and popular culture collide even further, as the owners of the establishment are allowing people to buy and sell NFTs.

With the introduction of the non-fungible tokens into casinos and value, allied with the number of people now gaming online, the potential for revenue at something like this could bring mind-boggling numbers.

When people think of the Metaverse, it’s also evoking thoughts of a virtual reality-based world, and maybe they’re right! The number of people gaming in VR is such that it’s projected to become an industry worth over $50 billion in a matter of six years; when you consider it’s worth around $8 billion now, that’s how influential it’s expected to be in the future.

Final thoughts
It all sounds a little like the Ernest Cline book that Steven Spielberg made into a movie, Ready Player One. With players heading into a virtual world, having an online persona different is important to the one they live with every day.

With us already seeing so many things on the internet that are linked to what the Metaverse may be, it all points to the suggestion that this new digital world will indeed be many things for many people, but we certainly should be prepared for it to be in large part some sort of casino gaming experience.

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Tyler Tometich The VFX Wizard



The Story of a Struggling Teen Defying Odds to Become a Successful Businessman

Tyler Tometich is a visual effects wizard garnering eyeballs by millions on social media. Tyler has worked with the biggest names in the industry and churned out content for mega-celebrities while continuing to grow his own following. This guy is serious business.


Early life.

As a kid, Tyler found himself on the wrong side of life. Struggling with addiction for many years, his life was affected severely. As a young adult, he had many jobs that he did not enjoy. He was working only to pay the bills. Tyler knew he was better than this. He knew he had the potential to become something great.


He decided to join community college in his hometown of Yucaipa, California, which opened new avenues for him. He discovered a school in LA for Digital Media and set his heart on it. Tyler worked hard to bag a scholarship and ended up getting it. He went on to graduate with honors and Magna cum laude in his course. He is a 2001 California arts scholar and was the runner-up in the Digital Media Artist of Tomorrow Scholarship competition.


Tyler’s Journey

His college learning gave him the confidence to take over the world of VFX. He worked with artists and industry leaders from varied walks of life. He worked on Marvels Ad campaigns for movies like Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Thor Ragnarok, just to name a few. He has collaborated with musicians, worked on TV commercials and TV series. More recently, he has been creating online content for celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and others that are yet to been disclosed.


Tyler’s journey has been of constant learning and upscaling himself. In the year 2016, he registered his own LLC. Tyler’s company VFX Monkey specializes in Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Animation. As a company, they seek to bring a unique touch to every project they take over. Tyler believes his superpower is to understand his client’s vision and bring it to life. His company has worked on multiple projects, from weddings to commercials to films.


Life after the Pandemic

The pandemic brought him closer to his family and compelled him to bring immense changes to his life. He restructured his work life and focused on creating his brand over the internet, which enabled him to work with celebrities. He also hosts monthly challenges and keeps things interesting on Instagram. The theme for April month is Harry Potter. He intends to inspire his followers and urges them to take part in the challenge by making creative videos and photos.


Life advice

Tyler asks people to be hopeful, no matter how bad the situation is. He firmly believes that every human being is capable of great things only if they are willing to step out of their comfort zone. Always admit when you’re wrong and try to see everything as a learning experience. His advice to people who want to make a mark in the industry is to not be afraid of asking questions and never stop learning.


Be Inspired! Create! Inspire others!



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Mobile Google CEO Promises 11 Daydream-compatible phones

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Photo: Shutterstock

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