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Bringing Up New Beats, Ringing Up Old Souls Christian Mariconda Is Changing The Music Industry One Verse At A Time.



Christian Mariconda is a Canada-based singer, songwriter Rapper. His recent single called Braggadocious peaked at Number 16 on iTunes/Hip-Hop Rap Chart. It also peaked at Number 132 on the iTunes All Genres Chart.


How Did It All Begin?

Christian has always loved music, and he grew up listening to Rock and Roll. He soon discovered the world of R&B and Pop and fell in love with the music and the genre. Usher, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson were some of the artists who swayed him off his foot.


Having so much musical influence in his life naturally led him to create music. He started composing music as a teenager. He understood very little of the technicalities of songwriting and storytelling. However, he enjoyed the process of creating songs.


Over the years, he kept on learning from the works of his favorite artist. He spent three years creating R&B and pop music. Yet, he did not feel a connection with his music. It never felt right in his soul.  


His most significant mind-shift change happened because of the Kendrick Lamar album called Damn. Until this point, Christian had composed music predominantly about women and romance. Kendrick’s album made him realize that music could be about religion, trauma, politics, depression, emotions, isolation, and a horde of different things. Rap made him realize his true self and gave birth to the voice he has now. 



At the time of writing this article, Christian has released eight singles and one album. Christian latest released album is called The Dinner Table Has A Wounded Pull. It consists of songs that dive deep into family trauma and individual’s toxic relationships with their minds. It further talks about isolation, abandonment, and growing up in a disconnected family. 


Composing Music And Influencing Lives.

When he is in front of a mic, he let go of his emotions, be it his fears, failures, pain, happiness. Music makes him introspect a lot and has helped him become the authentic version of himself. Christian understands that his listeners are also normal human beings like him and go through similar issues. He is a master storyteller and wants his music to be truthful and bring joy to listeners. 


When it comes to genre, his music does not fit in one single genre. As he grew up listening to multiple artists. He has adapted a little of everyone he has loved. Moreover, he does not care about genre. His only focus is composing music that connects with people.


Christian does not dwell in the past or the future, as they are beyond his control. He believes in living in the moment. He says, “Surrendering to the unknown is the most liberating element I have discovered as an artist. This brings me deeper into the present moment, where life always resides.”


In the next five years, his vision is to become the biggest rapstar, headlining gigantic tours. He intends to work on his music and compose cohesively written timeless songs. With his zen-like self-awareness, he will become the biggest name in the music industry.


Sahil Sachdeva is the CEO of Level Up Holdings, a Personal Branding agency. He creates elite personal brands through social media growth and top tier press features.

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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Finalize Divorce, Kanye To Pay $200K As Child Support



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the much-celebrated couple of H-town, have legally ended their 8-year-old nuptial knot. As per the court settlement, they both agreed to share equal custody of their children and will have equal access to them.


The former couple had asked for court approval on their mutual negotiation for finalizing the divorce. Their mutual negotiation includes $200K per month from Kanye West for child support. 


They will equally bear the expenses made on private tuition, school, and security of their children. Kim and Kanye have four children from their marriage: 3-year-old Psalm, 4-year-old Chicago, 6-year-old Saint, and 9-year-old North.


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For any future disputes in relation to their four children, the former couple will have to go through mediation. If one of the two does not attend the mediation, the other party will have the authority to make decisions.


The couple has preferred not to take spousal support from each other. As part of their pre-marriage agreement, they have kept their property mostly separated. Also, they will pay their debts separately.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the nuptial knot on 24 May 2014 at a Renaissance fortress in Florence, Italy. The former couple was in a relationship since 2012 and had their first child in 2013. It was the third marriage for Kim Kardashian and the first for Kanye West.


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The couple initially appeared to part ways peacefully until Kanye recently started lashing out at Kim Kardashian and her family on social media. Kanye complained that he had been kept sidelined by Kim in parenting decisions. Also, he said Kim did not purposefully invite him to birthday celebration parties for their children.

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All Black On JLo’s Social Media Network



Even though there is no clarification for what is happening on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok accounts, the celebrity suddenly deleted all of her Instagram postings. As her 226 million followers saw, only her Instagram account did this; none of her other social media profiles did. Jennifer Lopez has vanished from the internet, and nobody has posted anything for everyone to see. Many of her followers immediately began to inquire as to why this occurred.


There are many reasons why a megastar like her would completely delete her social media accounts. Speculations are being made about an upcoming movie or an album. Nothing is confirmed yet, but there could be news soon.


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Her profile photo has also been changed to a simple black image across all her channels. Lopez has 226 million Instagram followers, 45.5 million Twitter followers, and 15.4 million TikTok subscribers.


Jennifer Lopez might be preparing for an upcoming project that is still unknown. This frequently occurs when a performer is poised to make a significant announcement about a project that demands the fans’ complete focus. It’s still unclear whether it has anything to do with music, movies, TV, or something else. All the fans want to know the real reason why Jennifer Lopez decided to delete her social media posts.


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People can still leave comments on the celebrity’s Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter profiles because they are still active. Many of her admirers are asking why Jennifer made this decision on Instagram. Three hundred forty-seven million people follow Jennifer Lopez across all her social media accounts.


The majority of those originate from Instagram, with 226 million Followers. According to the sources, Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions and Netflix recently agreed to a multi-year agreement to produce movies and documentaries. This may be connected to that.

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julesdrools: The “Lightbringer” Of 21st Century



julesdrools, latest single “lightbringer”, defines exquisite taste, class and a creative mind behind the legend in making.


When artists channel their passion into a source of entertainment and inspiration for others, the first thing they have to do is stand out. With a music industry brimming with artists from all genres, it’s the most tedious task to be different and do it with brilliance. But, julesdrools, the independent artist with a vision, defies those problems and stands out in the crowd with his new single “lightbringer”.


This new single is the installment in his forthcoming debut LP  “Catacombs”, that showcases his best talent in directing visuals and songwriting. He’s had a creative fiber since he was born. After doing some modeling, he made his EP in 2021. He entered the music industry by learning how to mix and he’s been working incessantly since then to succeed and entertain the audience. His new music video, “lightbringer’  is directed by Jules and Sophie Coltellaro. Showcasing his modeling talent in this video, Jules keeps you on your toes about what elements will surprise you next.


Vividly Enticing Video

The video starts with beats that are shrinking and expanding in their tempo to create an eccentric effect. The name of the song is “lightbringer” but the video is set up in a mixed tone of black and white and vivid colors. With a dark and grunge tone and the unique voice of Jules, this song is one of a kind. 


Gradually picking up pace, the song transforms into an upbeat anthem in a jiffy. With hints of techno and synth, it makes you sway with each beat and uplifts the mood. 


Since he was a kid, he was always into music, art, fiction and fantasy. He was always in a fantasy world and used to dress up as super villains, lip sync songs, write stories, and fuel his passion with creative energy. He’s a soul with a knack for experimenting and trying new things. When the time finally came, he started making music and creating his name in the music industry. 


“I want to carve out my path and space, and show others that they can do the same, despite adversity, despite their demons and insecurities and struggles, and not adhering to norms or putting themselves in a box. You can do and be whatever you want.” 

– julesdrools


He inspires people by giving them a home, where dreams do come true. He wants them to never give up and keep going, no matter how many hurdles are in the way. To listen to his new single, visit here. 

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Shawn Brown: Raining Down The Sparks With The Rain Parade



 “A good friend can be the root of all your success”, Shawn Brown, a singer-songwriter from Portland Oregon showcases his talents on his new EP “The Rain Parade” and talks deeply about how his friends continue to be a big part of his story.


Recently named one of the “Top 5 Indie Folk Artists in Portland”, Shawn Brown is having a moment, and he is quickly becoming iconic. He is an artist with unfathomable talent and one who challenges his boundaries time and time again. He loves to create music that is immersive and offers an experience to the listener – not just a 3-minute combination of words, tunes, and beats.  


He grew up in the Pacific Northwest, was born in Seattle, and moved to Boise after some years. He was brought up in a religious household which made for a challenging upbringing at times, but he preserved and took it as an inspiration for his career in music moving forward. Though music was not a big thing in his house, a number of records inspired him to start his journey. Albums by Glen Campbell, John Denver and the Beatles served as his creative jumping off point. While the internet and cell phones were not yet around, he started writing songs and sharing them the traditional way. He released his first EP in 2000 which kicked off a season of about 10 years of recording, creating songs, and touring. 


“I think my inner world was always wanting to express feelings through music. In middle school, I  snuck into a Soundgarden show in downtown Seattle (they were still a local band at the time), and picking up a guitar after that mind-blowing experience just seemed necessary.” 


Shawn Brown’s Spotify Artist page.


Shawn’s music inspires people to be vulnerable, soak in the world’s ups and downs, and observe things in the present. He believes that people put up a few too many walls that stop them from appreciating each other and wants people to be more keyed into their surroundings. Go out, meet a friend, grab a coffee, make a new bucket list, visit new places, and make the most out of life. Turn up the tunes!


This charismatic artist uses his experience to write songs and loves to sing them live.For Shawn, everything is a new lesson that we can choose to take on with a smile. “The Rain Parade”, the title track off his new EP, speaks to exactly that. It turns out that the whole reason he got back into music is because of a friend, bassist Rafa Cirne Lima. Rafa coaxed him back into doing what he loves and connected him with other key contributors to the project.The results have created tremendous momentum, as “The Rain Parade ” EP continues to build massive steam on streaming services around the world.To follow along with this exciting artist – visit here. 


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Jodré Is Bringing R&B To Europe



Jodré, a rising artist, brings R&B to Europe—giving major mellow vibes.


Artists who bring a new perspective to the music industry are rare. While genres like pop, rock, EDM, or house have broad representation in the industry, R&B is still underserved in Europe and other regions. R&B stands for rhythm and blues, which originated in African-American communities in the 1940s. Artists like Usher, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner and more, are the OGs of this music, and Jodré, a passionate new artist, is taking their legacy forward. 


Jodré’s music is unique; he’s been featured on multiple Spotify editorial playlists like Chill Total, Relax en Casa, New Music Friday Portugal, and blogs like We Write About Music, Pop Passion, Sistra, The Sound Cafe, FLEX, and Music News. He’s still at an early stage of his career, but his music has made its way around the globe. Music is a revelation for him, an escape to a better world and a way to entertain people while honouring his passion. His breakthrough came with his first single, “conversation”. He experimented with different sounds until he stumbled on his mix and sound. 


Music Is Therapy

Music is the essence of happiness. It makes people happy and sparks a connection. Jodré feels his unique relation with music as he was a troubled child who needed comfort and validation, and music was there for him. Music makes him feel heard, and he can express himself openly through candid lyrics and by putting his thoughts into words. 


“The creative process for me is what excites me the most for now. I love being in the studio, creating with people I trust and letting the musical universe speak through me when I do it. Finishing a song is an unmatchable feeling but also the fact that I have my own space and time to create.” 

– Jodré


Jodré aspired to be the soundtrack of people’s lives. He wanted people to indulge in his songs and decipher the meaning of their lives. With his lively aura, the audience lights up with glee and feels every word of his music. 


This charismatic man inspires people to stand up to challenges, take them head-on, and defeat the demons of fear and hesitance. Jodré feels the best way to cope with new things is to stand up to them and not be intimidated. There are so many problems in the world that the best way to fight them is to lead by example and reach your full potential in whatever you decide to commit your life to.


He aims to bring the best of R&B to the world with his tours and shows in the future. He’s working on multiple ideas and tracks, which will soon be available on all streaming platforms. He wants people to remember him by his name and his compassion towards his dream, how he committed to it and never looked back. To learn more about this new and fantastic artist, visit here. 

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Margot Robbie Became The Youngest Actress To Receive The BAFTA Tribute



On Tuesday in London, Margot Robbie hit the headlines by becoming the youngest performer to receive a special “BAFTA: A Life in Pictures” honor. BAFTA appreciated the 32-year-old multiple Oscar nominee to its London offices in full recognition of her accomplishments since spreading out in 2013 for both About Time and The Wolf of Wall Street, recognizing that she had surfaced in almost 30 movies while also establishing an extremely prosperous career as a producer. The event is typically reserved for performers and moviemakers with decades of work under their belts.


Robbie’s 2017 hit I, Tonya, in which she portrayed disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding, which was one of the films highlighted in a discussion that covered the breadth of her career to date, beginning with her early teens on Australian iconic TV drama Neighbors and concluding with her most recent film, Damien Chazelle’s Babylon (for which she’s expected to receive her third Oscar nomination).


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I, Tonya, Robbie’s first significant production under her own LuckyChap Productions company, which she founded in 2014. It also represented a significant turning point, she acknowledged. She told the crowd, “I, Tonya, was the first time I watched a movie and thought, ‘OK, I’m a competent actor.” After coming to this conclusion, she claimed she felt “good enough” and “ready to reach out to my idols,” among them Quentin Tarantino. 


This action ultimately led to her landing the role of Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She claimed that collaborating with Tarantino has long been on her “wish list item,” even though she was unaware that he was preparing the film at the time. Ultimately, Robbie was the director’s only option for Tate.


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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood received criticism after its debut for Robbie’s limited screen time and dialogue, which she said “did not upset” her. She acknowledged that some of the recorded sequences had been removed, but after watching it, she felt the message had been conveyed.


Robbie also said that she imitated a sequence from the movie in which Tate attends the screening of her film at the same theater where Tarantino’s main feature was playing. On a random Tuesday afternoon, she went there to watch it, sitting in essentially the same spot. “I had a similar experience to Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, right down to the ticket seller asking me, “But you’re in the movie,” to which I replied, “I know.”

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This Avenger Star To Take “Break” From Acting



After finding that he had a hereditary tendency to Alzheimer’s disease, Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, announced that he would take “time off” from performing. The Australian actor said that after filming an episode about death and mortality, he realized the value of sharing time with his family. 


The actor is presently promoting his Disney+ docu-series “Limitless”. He wants to spend more time around his family, sitting and being grateful. 


‘And then you start talking about kids and family and going, ‘Oh my God, they’re getting older, they’re growing up, and I keep slapping another movie on top of another movie.’


“Before you know it, they’re 18, and they’ve moved out of the house, and I missed the window. It triggered something in me to want to take some time off. And since we finished the show, I’ve been completing the things I was already contracted to do,” Hemsworth said.


The APOE4 gene, associated in research with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease, is present in two copies of the “Avengers” actor. He emphasized that it is not an official diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and that he is not sure if he contracted the illness, but it is nonetheless a reason for concern.


With his wife, model Elsa Pataky, the 39-year-old actor has a 10-year-old daughter named India and twin boys named Tristan and Sasha, who are eight years old. He declared that he would go home immediately after the “Limitless” press tour.


Hemsworth learned that he had an 8–10 times greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than the ordinary person when the show was being filmed.


“There was an intensity to navigating it. Most of us avoid speaking about death in the hope that we’ll somehow prevent it. We all have this belief that we’ll figure it out. Then, suddenly, some significant indicators point to this as the route which will happen, and the reality of it sinks in. Your mortality”, the Extraction actor said.

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Mr. Red Carpet: From The Bars To The Red Carpet



Mr. Red Carpet, a music artist, came from federal prison and is now taking up millions of streams for his talent. 


Life is not the same for everyone. Some people are always gleaming with luck and money, while others see success as a result of hard work and determination. On the other hand, there are people like Mr. Red Carpet, a music artist who never fails in the face of adversaries, and rises as an inspiration for others. He came from the federal prison with a dream to pursue his passion for music. And his compassion was commendable because he did not back down even when he went broke 8 times after self-investing in music. He indulged in the process and did everything to get noticed by big players in the game. His hard work made him do showcases after showcases when he finally got a meeting with artist Moneybagg yo.


And all his work came to fruition after that day. He raked in millions of streams for “Wanna Be Me”, and now he works under an independent label “Way2real”. He built his fanbase on the foundation of his talent and gave his vision an outline through a plan!


Working The Way To The Top

Mr. Red Carpet won 5 showcases and one of them was the Moneybagg yo talent search tour. He’s also been featured on blogs and articles on “Thisis50” and “all hip-hop “the source”, and he was also interviewed by “dirtyglovebastard”(off the porch).


He has been passionate about his music since he was a child. But he couldn’t put all his mind and heart into it until his federal bid. It was when he saw the smile on his children’s faces while hearing their father on the radio, that Mr. Red Carpet decided to give it his all. He writes songs to motivate people, elevate their moods, and motivate them to follow their dreams. His favorite part of creating music is listening to his fans chant it with him and further motivating him to create new songs. 


He is a dexterous person who pre-plans his game and makes sure that other economic disruptions like pandemics through saving and investing. When the pandemic came, he felt its treble in his music career as well, and immediately after that, he started creating economic cushions to shield himself from any losses. 

His vision for the future is to create a business for his kids and be the best rapper, creating lyrics that are not just entertaining but also meaningful. His motto in life is to “Listen mindfully, and speak slowly”. This enhances the power of observation and gives an insight into the world of music and inspiration to write more. He’s a talented person who gave his life a makeover and is now strutting on runways, making his family and friends proud. To listen to his songs, visit here. 

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Healing Is MÚZSA’S Cup Of Tea



MÚZSA , a music artist, business woman as an Empowerment Mentor, Somatic Healing Practitioner, Energy Worker & Oracle, talks about juggling and succeeding at multiple businesses. 


“Believe in yourself” is a phrase that’s become a cliche, yet many people are still not able to incorporate it into their life, they doubt, self-deprecate, and give up on the first instances of failure rather than see those experiences as lessons. To amuse the idea of a dream is not daydreaming, but working on a vision that brings it to life. Madi Barton aka MÚZSA  is the true picture of how self-confidence can inspire millions and help find passion. 


Madi’s not the one to fit in a single box. She likes to try new things and expand  her mind with the knowledge the world has to offer. She frees her mind from the norms of society and creates, inspires, and transforms ideas into expression . People see her as a pillar of love, and she has the vision to use her music and empowerment skills to heal and bring people back to love . She mediates her energy and musical talent to express her feelings most vividly. 


Never Giving Up 

Muzsa MÚZSA* spent years chronically ill & suffering with PTSD, leading to the point of disability two years ago. She was unable to work  and felt helpless in her circumstances, causing suicidal thoughts & ideation of death due to illness. . It was at rock bottom, she realised she could only go up from here. 


She learned the hard way that if she ignores internal pain or suffering, it would only intensify her illness and lead to more pain & suffering.. That was when she embarked on the path of healing and helping others.


Through her healing, she looked her fear of failure in the face & decided to pursue her dream as an artist.  She worked diligently, fueled by her passion between July, 2021 – October, 2021 to create an EP and synthesize all her experiences into a life-changing career. She had a goal – to write,produce and release her EP, all in 3 months, and she achieved it through the most liberating journey in her life. 


“I started my business as a breathwork practitioner in April 2022 & by July I had expanded it into mentoring, energy work & so much more. I now run events & retreats on top of the 1:1 work. This is my full-time job & supporting people to heal themselves is my purpose. I’m extremely grateful to be able to do what I do. It gives me the freedom to create music from a place of love & joy to keep the creative juices flowing!” – MÚZSA 


This  charismatic soul has transformed her life and brought it from downhill to the peak with her extraordinary efforts and self-realizing journey. She’s a creative soul at heart, a reason why she was able to expand her horizons and follow not just one path, but also help others heal themselves & move into a space of freedom & power. . To know more about her work, visit here. 

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EP’s Canceled By Naga Brujo Is Punk And Rock Lovers’ Haven



Naga Brujo’s love for music entertains punk lovers with the new EP “Canceled” including  singles like “Sick Sad World” and “Black Magick”.


Boundaries are meant to be broken and bands like Naga Brujo prove time and time again that the more you take up challenges, the more new things you stumble upon. They’ve come up with several new singles like “Sick Sad World” which acquaints us with the morbid post-pandemic situation, “Black Magick”, and the remainder of the EP “Canceled” which is the voice of the angst-ridden masses who believe in punk and the impact it has on the world. 


If the name of the song “Sick Sad World” doesn’t give you a clue, the lyrics and the bass-driven, eerily satisfying beats evoke many emotions as you listen to the song. The rocking voice with a deep message. The songs all have a message buried in them that is hard-hitting and sometimes sarcastic, which is the eccentric element of it. The rapid fast lyrics and power-chorded guitar riffs make you rock out to the jam while listening to monologues like “Wake Up” prompting you to take some action. 


Started In 2013

Naga Brujo started in 2013 and has showcased its talent at the Austin and regional Texas scene. The pandemic was hard on them like everyone else, but rising above was a challenge they took up happily. They’re releasing an EP and have also had the honor of playing for three local Austin festivals including Hot Summer Nights, ATX Queer Music Festival, and Blood Nasty VIII.


Their rockstar vibes with gothic aura are a plus that comes with their enigmatic presence. They have many festivals like Austin Free Week and scouting a few more festivals in the South. The band members have their different energies which brings new age music to life through different sounds, lyrics and riffs, which gives exclusivity, originality, and dramatic essence to their songs. 


Working Towards Success, One Block At A Time

Success is a fictional concept, some consider it as the measure of their growth, some measure it with money, and others have their own ideas. But for Naga Brujo, their hours of practice, writing, and recording came to fruition and that was the true indicator of their success coming to life. 


They focus on evolving with the changes and streamlining their creation process with performance, distribution, and promotion. They recently also played an ACL afterparty sponsored and hosted by Grav Labs and have played benefits for Ashwell, a central Texas sexual health and wellness provider, and RAICES, an organization that provides legal services and education to immigrants and refugees. They’re a brand with the goal to revolutionize punk and rock and with each EP, they surpass their level of genius with the messages embedded in the lyrics. Their EP “Canceled” is coming on January 6th and after that, they plan to do many shows and tours. To satiate the rock enthusiast inside you, listen to their songs here. 

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